Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogger Break & Sneak Peek

Did you miss me this week? It's the end of a long day, website design is in place (but not up yet)and I adore it. Now comes the fun part. Matching up gift wrap patterns with ribbon, tag, and embellishments for The Wrap Room. My intention of opening A Gift Wrapped Life is to offer anyone a complete gift wrap ensemble (gift wrap/ribbons/tissue/tags/embellishments/silk and paper flowers) so all the work is done for you. A gorgeous, tasteful variety to cover any gift in gorgeous splendor. As you know by now, you really can't wrap badly if you have the right materials at hand. No more running out at the last minute and settling for anything. Well ladies, the right materials and 24 unique collections are on their way. The gift wrapping impaired will be able to suddenly dazzle everyone with their creative presentation. and I can tell you this....... it makes for the most wonderful gift for any woman. You'll see.

I thought I would give you a small showing of some of your new gift wrap patterns. These two bright beauties are going to be in the Versailles Collection

The Eiffel Tower in Hot Pink and Black.Tres chic and this is going to be so much fun to wrap.

Something a bit bolder and I think I will add a series of ribbons with this one.
Bright yellow, Hot pink, and Kelly Green.

Here's a hanging ladder sample of new gift wrap on it's way. I am mixing these up with others for a variety package. You know how I love mixing up patterns in wrapping. Love the Blue Greek key pattern.

~ The Bergere Collection ~

More Eiffel Tower pattern in a feminine Paris pattern. Fabulous for a birthday(all girly ages), wedding shower, or for anyone who loves Paris and that whole Marie Antoinette look.

I will show you our gorgeous Versailles gilt collection next week, wait to you see the gorgeous ribbon idea we came up for this series. Our linen fabric wraps are being made and Exquisite Paper Flowers in larger sizes are on their way. This one will be like the icing on the cake.

Thank you for all your lovely support and comments this week!

All photos from A Gift Wrapped Life ~ Oooh la la Cadeau product sources


  1. these papers are absolutely gorgeous

  2. aw, I love the Eiffel tower ones and the one with the chairs! So pretty! I don't think I could actually wrap a gift in them.. I'd rather keep it for myself! :)

  3. Oooooh! Sande! I love it all! I especially love the graphic Blk/Wht print and the Zebra! Cute! I can't wait to see the finished product. What a fabulous idea. We are missing you! Try not to work to hard :) I am waiting in anticipation to see the ribbons!

  4. I just may have to move to canada.

  5. Gorgeous! I will definitely have to mention your wrapping services on our blog-- you do such a beautiful job!

  6. All your new papers are beautiful! Don't know which I like best...Fan-tab-ulous idea taking all the guess work out of wrapping for us.:) Can't wait!

  7. Sande-I was hoping you'd do a post. I've been so missing the inspiration you give me. These are incredible. I adore them all, especially the hot pink and black Eiffel Tower. Wow!

  8. Sande,
    It all looks so beautiful. I love the print with the chairs and the print with the chocolate brown damask pattern (in the picture with several rolls). I am anxiously waiting the opening of The Wrap Room! How exciting!

  9. How exciting, Sande! I cannot wait to see it all together - thanks for the sneak peek!

  10. Sande~
    I positivly CAN NOT wait!! All this is So
    B E A U T I F U L! Your website will be like walking into a Frech bakery or should I say tea salon(Laduree)!!! I love the blue greek too! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!!!

  11. Stunning & spectacular. The blue greek key grabbed me first but everything has me wanting more.
    Miss my fixes of wrap redisn but will wait for the great goodies to come.

  12. Thanks for the sneak peak. Everything is gorgeous but I expect no less from you!! It was a less beautiful week without your regular posts!

  13. This is truly an amazing concept. As much as I love making flower arrangements and working with beautiful things, you would think I would spend the time to wrap my gifts with a little more care. Interestingly enough, I really appreciate receiving a well-wrapped gift. You may be the answer to my problem! Beautiful wrappings!

  14. Sande, Just wanted to let you know I wrapped a graduation gift for my girlfriends daughter yesterday after being inspired by your lovely blog and all the ideas on it. It didn't matter what was inside because everyone loved the wrapping. I am still getting comments today. By the way I told them all about your blog and I am sure you will have some new visitors soon. Thankyou for the wonderful inspiration!

  15. Thanks again ladies for all your wonderful comments which I have missed this first week of fewer blogs. This concept I hope will bring you the pleasure of beautiful gifting in one lovely package. You do know I am trying to make you all gift wrap goddesses!

  16. Greetings Sande, I will never be a gift wrap goddess but will have fun trying! Your ideas and the wrap room are superb!

  17. Hi Sande! These are some wonderful choices! I am loving the pattern of those chairs and all the bright colors! Thank you for the sneak peek and I am so excited to see everything!

    xoxo Noel

  18. Sande they look gorgeous.

    Can't wait.


  19. sande, you are fabulous. i've been lurking around here for awhile, and i so love popping in on your beautiful wrappings and fra fra! i'm going to follow you! i am dying over the pink chair paper!


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