Saturday, January 22, 2011

A very stylish envelope for gifting

Tell me this colour combination doesn't make you feel all cheery and bright. Loving this striking green stationery and the yellow Cloth Envelope made from excess curtain material. How clever.

It makes me feel positively summery and made me think of this inviting setting where Vicki Archer ~ French Essence lounges during the languid summer months. Should we ask her if she leaves that animal print chair out all summer? And those gorgeous pillows? I bet she does. 

You can order these Cloth Envelopes here and the graphic stationery set (along with that cool ink stamp)but I also think these stylish envelopes would be perfect for gifting wedding cash, event tickets, travel vouchers, gift cards, or a spa certificate. Order a bundle, so clever for gift presentation.

1 and 3 via maemaepaperie/2 via French Essence


  1. What a stylish and beautiful way to present a gift!

  2. First image is cheery indeed!! I'm sure I would be very happy to lounge at Vicki's year round. Off to check out those wonderful cloth envelopes!

  3. Sande how incredibly unique and chic these envelopes are. I adore the idea. As for Vicki, cannot think of a more gorgeous of a place to while away the summer hours...dreamy!

    How's your new baby? xo xo

  4. Love the richness of the pattern and color. I would feel special if I were to receive one of these. Wishing you a lovely weekend~

  5. Sande,
    I LOVE the fabric envelope idea! I've made a couple of my own envelopes for special letters before, but these envelopes are over the top!
    I also love the colors!
    Can you just imagine relaxing in Vicki's back yard in those chairs with a wonderful book???

    I hope little Daisy is still being a good puppy!


  6. Hi Sande!
    oooh- I LOVE those cloth envelopes! There's something slightly "Raj" about them. Going to go check them out.

    Have a wonderful weekend and THANK YOU so much for taking the time to vote for me over at "The Homies" You're a doll!

  7. When are you going to come and see for yourself???? xxv

  8. Ooh how dreamy to lazy away the day sitting on that couch with a good book!! The envelopes are such a great idear love the colours too!! Have a great weekend Sande!

  9. This is indeed a very stylish envelop!

  10. Stunning blog, wow! I could stay for hours. I'm a new follower from Maine. We Well to Do girls would be honored to have you guest blog sometime... I will email you!


  11. Clever indeed, this idea!!


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