Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something pretty for Mother's Day

Sometimes when I see a craft, often from Martha Stewart, I wish I was good at crafty creations. Wish I was patient and precise and could painstakingly work until the craft at hand was perfect and finished. But I am not a crafty gal and believe me I have tried. All manner of sewing, glueing, cutting, and I never finished one darn thing. I am too impatient for results and I lose interest quickly but I will spend hours and hours gift wrapping a gift...........so go figure.  But if I really was a clever crafty gal I think I would challenge myself with these beautiful jewelry boxes I found on Martha Stewart here with a full tutorial. I think they are quite lovely all nestled together. If you go at a nice leisurely pace, you have just about enough time to get this elegant set of velvet-lined keepsake boxes done for Mother's Day. You clever craft gals have my full admiration. And won't your mother be impressed?

photo via Martha Stewart Living.


  1. The heart-shaped one is a darling ! i just had a look at the how-to and although i'm a crafty girl...yes..patience is needed ! :-)

  2. These are indeed lovely. You are certainly somewhat crafty to be able to wrap so elegantly - but I can see the difference. I have zero crafting skills or patience so unless someone is making these for me, I'll be admiring them from afar.

  3. I agree... you are most certainly an artist of your own craft... and you are so very brilliant with what you do. I could look for hours on end at your lovely packages... I took a small attempt at gift wrapping, your style, this Christmas... for my daughters. It added so much more fun to their opening their gifts just by simply adding colorful tissue paper! And they loved the ribbons. {As did I!!!!} I tied some up with candy canes...some had jingle bells.. and inside of my neices gift box, I lightly dusted her tissue paper wrapped book with fake snow... it was fun to watch her giggle as she watched the "snow" fall from her gift... Thank you so very much for the beautiful inspiration. It is such a joy to have found your blog....

  4. i can't do any of it either... very often.. and i wish i could spend a day learning how to wrap beautiful gifts... i really stink at it. i admire you for your amazing talent. xx

  5. Oh so beautiful! What a good idea! I file this!
    Thank you!!

  6. Sande ~

    I discovered your wonderful blog a little while back, and have to tell you I absolutely love it. I am a huge fan of beautifully wrapped gifts, and through you I have found some delightful ideas for my own gift wrapping. I'm not very good at wrapping the paper part, but I do fairly well with the embellishments. Thank you for sharing your marvelous, creative ideas, and inspiring us to make every area of life beautiful!

  7. Sande~ if you don't like craft stuff, you more than make up for it with the perfection of your gift wrapping...love the sweet little boxes; thanks for the reminder to think of Mothers Day.

  8. Oh wow- I have been looking for inspiration and this just might be something I could handle!
    Love Martha! Love your blog!

  9. Those really are gorgeous Sande!
    It is surprising that you're not the crafty type... are you sure?


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