Friday, January 14, 2011

A couple small addictions.....................

For the past few weeks while my new puppy Daisy was napping I would stay pretty close by her sleep quarters which is located during the day in our kitchen sitting where all the household activity takes place. So besides a surprise cooking and baking binge (much to the guys delight) I also got to know what people feel like when they have a online poker addiction. I became addicted, or perhaps I should say I became well-acquainted with the photo sharing site Pinterest. All in the interest of intense puppy-bonding and work inspiration of course. One of the things I learned about myself through blogging the past few years was how much I enjoy looking at photographic images. I know I am not alone in this visual pastime, photo sharing is the foundation of blogging. Without images, whether original or borrowed, most of us could never get a blog off the ground.

As you know, busy puppies nap quite a bit so I made a good dent last weekend in creating my Pinterest photo boards. I now have 14 categories and these images shown today are from the category that I titled Inspiration for Gift Wrapping, many of the images had me thinking " I would never have thought of that". This is a good thing, gets the gift wrapping mind working in all types of new directions.

It took me awhile to "take" to Pinterest, I couldn't quite get the drift so to speak. But once I did, I found I look forward to viewing new photo "pins" each day. In building your "boards" you simply "re-pin" a photo you like, the "pinning" in Pinterest. The site works as multiple inspiration boards and since each photo is linked you can always trace it back to the original post. Handy when it is a food shot and has a recipe attached or when you will use for a blog post and want to properly credit the source.

I am still figuring it the system out, apparently you don't "pin" your own photos but I got over-eager when I started and did in a board titled My Gift Wrap. I guess if you want to display your own photos you head over to Flickr or Tumblr. Finding new photos also leads to finding new blogs, new products, new Etsy shops, all sorts of inspiration. You can view my Pinterest boards here.

Speaking of puppies............Daisy and I are in a lovely groove and she is one behaved little lady. She is all paper trained, playing fetch, sits pretty, slept all night, loves to shop, and kisses us a million times a day. Too sweet and totally addictive.

Photo 1 to 4 via Pinterest/Bottom photo by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. You always have such amazing inspiring gifts. So glad daisy is settling in. Puppies bring so much joy, but they can be so much work.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Ohhh that puppy is precious. So good for you !!

  3. Sande this is wonderful, however I had not really checked it out or seen a display of the boards like yours! Very cool.

    I will have to try this when I am home and have some time for my own insppiration!

    Come and join my gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  4. Hi Sande,
    First of all, Daisy is gorgeous. I am sure that you are loving having a little puppy in your home.
    I know exaactly what you mean about gettng a buzz out of beautiful images. I never would have thought that I would enjoy finding beautiful images and it has made me persue my own photography. I will pop over to Pinterest ASAP.
    Here's to 'puppy love'. XXXX

  5. These images are just gorgeous Sande! Really beautiful wrappings and your puppy is adorable {still! - pity they have to grow up although I suspect her cuteness may live on into doghood}. I got a good chuckle out of your lovely descriptions of enthusiasm on pininterest! Greetings from a soggy Melbourne, Australia

  6. She is so precious that I've been sitting here oooing and cooing. I'd be smothering her in kisses all day. I just discovered pinterest yesterday after the site kept showing up in my stats. I had no idea. Glad you had more toy for everyone to play with!

  7. OO! How exciting! I am off to check it out. And I am LOVIN the little chalkboard tag!!!

  8. Lovely little Daisy so smart to learn so much in short time. Thanks for info on Pinterest I will look at it for my blog.
    Marie Arden

  9. Thanks for the tip and info...I had no idea! And, I definately love all these images, especially the last one!

  10. Dearest Sande,

    LOVE the photo from your cute 'Daisy' and the 'Pin'terest parcels with the real safety pin (luxury edition) on that black ribcord! Also the very first brown paper parcel looks so elegant in its simplicity!



  11. I too found Pinterest this month. Though I have not taken the time to create my boards yet, I am enjoying looking at others. Thank you for sharing yours. Not that I need more excuses that keep me away from painting. I am inspired and have new compositions racing through my mind.
    Your pup is adorable.

  12. So cool, Sande! I'm afraid to look because the last thing I need is another internet addiction! I love the photos you show here. So pretty and simple!

    Speaking of pretty, I showed my husband your Daisy photos. He loves her nose, too! xo Gigi

  13. Oh she is too sweet! What a face! I'm loving pinterest too! All the things I would save to my folders are now on there. I love it.

  14. Sounds interesting I will have to check it out. that jar of cookie ingredients was so pretty (and got my hungry) and of course that puppies face melts my heart..too cute!

    I passed my stylish blogger award to you today! I love your blog and think you do an excellent job...please take a look

    Enjoy your day:)

  15. You have such a beautiful blog!! I'm so glad that I found it! I am for sure a follower!! PS, such a sweet dog!!

    please feel free to follow me! @

  16. Sande - how timely. I had signed up for Pintarest a couple of weeks ago and am still in the "can't quite get the drift" mode. I need to spend some time learning yet another new technological system. Love your boards!! And of course Daisy is delectable!

  17. Oh my goodness HAVE been busy! I love this idea, a great way to keep all you like close at hand! Love your precious puppy!

  18. She is so sweet looking! I cannot even figure out Flickr...but I do need help with sorting and organizing my images.

  19. Bonsoir Sande, isn't it fantastic to find new places of inspiration?! I love that first gift wrapping idea, simple and pretty. Daisy looks so sweet, you must be completely in love. Wishing you a lovely week ahead, Love from London xo

  20. Hi Sande ~
    Daisy is so adorable! You can post about her any time you wish...I love it!

    And as for addiction here. Love how easy it is to organize everything I come across and adore!


  21. Sande I joined pintrest and did not get the hang of it, so now I will perservere thanks to you. By the way I love DAISY Kathysue

  22. you could post miss daisy every day and we would all be happy... my sister is home sick today and so i am sending your blog link to her so she will have some cheer... xx

  23. Sande- you need to print gift wrapping paper with that photo of Daisy!!


  24. Sande thank you so much for sharing Pintrest, I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago, but didn't know what it was, thank you for explaining, what a great idea!

  25. Sande,
    Thanks so much for explaining it all to me! I'm going to give it a try since I'm such a visual girl just like you!
    Oh I knew that sweet baby would behave for you and quickly learn what a giftwrapped life she could lead. She is lucky to have you.
    Miss you. xoxox


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