Monday, January 17, 2011

The Golden dress awards according to me

Eva Longoria in a Zac Posen dress.............She is working her new single status don't you think? Darn right.

Ok, between you and me I think Scarlet Johansson looks much better as a blonde and could attempt a less-serious smile, but that sparkly Elie Saab dress was a perfect fit in my books.

TV correspondent Maria Menounos showed up some of the actresses in this perfect silhouette of pleated pink. I want this dress.

Hot mama! Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara always brings sexy and fun to any show. And it's not easy to bring sexy to Vera Wang. Elegant yes, but sexy no. But she did both beautifully.

The dress of course................ but that hair is perfect.
Who is this woman?
* The woman is Juliette Hough, dancer and former winner on Dancing with the Stars and girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest. 
Thanks readers!

For young actress Sarah Hyland of Modern family, I thought this Max Azria gown was sweet and sophisticated a the same time. The jewelry looks pretty good too.

Fits like a glove and Anne Hathaway may have singlehandly brought back shoulder pads in this backless Giorgio Armani Privé gown. She does have the height (and the back if you caught that view) to carry this off doesn't she?

Photos from InStyle 


  1. Oh I loved having a look at your fashion picks ... I really like Anne's look, so fab and Eva looks fantastic...and Sofia, wow!

    Thanks for the great round-up!
    xoxoxo DJ

  2. Anne Hathaway looks amazing!! Never misses a beat when it comes to great fashion!! Love it:)

  3. Gorgeous!! Oh to wear one of these dresses and feel like a princess ---or a movie star x

  4. I completely agree, these women are most definitly the best dressed of the awards, such stunning dresses ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  5. OOh Sande some great dresses, I love Eva's she is certainly a gorgeous lady & that dress simply stunning! :)

  6. the woman in the black is Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest's gf and professional dancer... sad that i know these things! Love your blog :)

  7. I love Marias dress the most above, Sophias dress to me looks a little cheap, the shiny satiny look (not a fave) but I love her and she is so full of life and energy that she can carry it, not loving Eva's dress, the black looks a little heavy, she could have gone with something more fun, sexier, let her hair down,etc...not feeling Scarlets look at all, its a glamorized little house on the prarie getting married..yuck! Anne looks great, very Hollywood. Just my opinions..Maria wins here, agreed, I want her dress too! Nice post.

  8. All beautiful Sande....I only wish that I went to events where I could wear such beautiful creations. I thought, predictably, Angelina looked lovely in green as did Catherine Zeta Jones. There was a young girl who presented an award ( I didn't know who she was !!) and she was wearing the most beautiful brown, glittery number. I even liked Helena Bonham-Carter in quirky Vivienne Westwood although many will not agree with me !! XXXX

  9. The unknown woman is Julianna Hough from Dancing with the Stars (dance pro) and she was just in her first movie Burlesque which was so good and fun. She is also the love interest of Ryan Seacrest. I hope they get married. She is nice and very talented.
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  10. Such beautiful gowns, but Anne Hathaway's...amazing!!

  11. Anne and Eva re my fave of the night!! just gorgeous!!

  12. Great re-cap Sande, I only wish two things, I had an event to wear a gown and I was thin enough to carry it off!!!Loved all the blush/platinum pink that I saw,Kathysue

  13. It begins!
    The parade of gowns.
    The best brightener for the wintery season.
    Merci Carolg

  14. It begins...
    The parade of gowns to brighten the wintery season.
    merci carolg

  15. Dearest Sande,

    For me, Anne Hathaway looks the most elegant and style savvy. She knows how silhouette, proportion and fit work BEST! Of course shoulder pads do minimize the waist and draw attention to the shoulders. That looks far more elegant in many cases than all the cleavages with their sillicon investments. Guess that chapter is getting ready to exit.

    Have a great week!


  16. Anne Hathaway was my favorite from these picks - and I would have liked it even better without the puffy shoulders. I also loved Claire Dane's simple elegant gown - I think she always looks lovely.

  17. I always love to see these works of art!

    Yes, Eva is quite the vixen! And Elie Saab, bestill my heart, always uses the softest colors in his creations;however, the cut of this dress is not one of my favorites-maybe it is the sleeves. Thank you for putting this together.
    This was my first glimpse of the Golden Globes.


  18. Love the pleated pink number on Maria! Thanks for sharing this. Fun!!

  19. so fun sande... you showed us a few i missed.... always fun to watch...xx

  20. Such well-wrapped ladies! I like all the dresses, but some of the palest pinks on similarly pale ladies seem a bit washed out to me. I love Eva's black number!

  21. All the women at the award show seemed to be impeccably dressed ---some very modest dresses as well were made to look sexy!! Annette Benning needs a new hairdo--she has had this messy look too long!! Thanks for your wonderful blog that I look forward to always.

  22. I just discovered your blog & loved it. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own
    I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a minute.

  23. I agree with all your picks except Scarlett Johannsson. It came off a little frumpy in my eyes but maybe it was because of her hairstyle and facial expression.


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