Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate Spade..............makes me feel positively haplish

Of course haplish is not a word, I just made it up. I love clever people and it is no secret that I think Kate Spade New York is one clever retail concept. And I know I am not telling you anything we don't already know. But why do I think that? I figured it out..............she brings "happy and stylish" together for me in one great visual package. Her website, her ads, her products, and her branding always make me feel positively energized. I love feeling haplish this time of year...............enough of cold and white, bring on some colour please.

I got a big dose of haplish this morning when I noticed this clutch-sized book named Things We Love on Pinterest. It's a bound curated version of the popular feature on the Kate Spade website, sort of a ongoing inspiration board put together by the creative Kate Spade team. I was ready to order pronto but it seems you can't buy this limited edition book but you can feast your eyes on the virtual edition on her website here. It will make you feel positively haplish in a Kate Spade kind of way. Worked for me on this cold and gray day. 

Speaking of perky visuals, my Pinterest boards are growing along with my impatience with winter weather (there does seem to be a direct link) so if you need even more of colour come over and visit by clicking here. It is a happy place.


  1. She makes me feel haplish, too ! Her store design is divine and I love her shoes and tights.....cheerio from grey Berlin, Frollein

  2. Okay Sande, what a great book! I love Kate Spade's "Things we Love" more than their actual products. Looks like a fun book. AND, off to check your pins!

  3. 'Haplish' is the cutest word....have a 'gorgeiful'...(gorgeous and beautiful) day....xxv

  4. Perfect word!! I tried to purchase the book before Xmas for my girls - obviously to no avail. I so don't get what I'm doing on Pinterest - I need a tutorial. And I must be doing something wrong because it seems INCREDIBLY time consuming!!

  5. Yes I think that "Haplish" is now official and I agree that Kate Spade is all things bright and pretty and haplish!

    Must check out your pininterest!

  6. Oh, Sande!
    I can see why you love Kate Spade so much! These vibrant colors are so beautiful and also sophisticatedly (not sure if that's a word either) executed!
    I LOVE the stripes. Definitely inspiring!
    Hmmm,I foresee a gift wrapping challege for you!


  7. Oh Sande,
    You have made me want a little bit of Haplish in my life now ..... with a capital 'H' !! I must get into the mood with Kate Spade myself now !! XXXX

  8. Haplish! Brilliant. I love invented words, and I love the people who invent them. You are fabulous, and I agree with you about Kate Spade. I also agree about winter. We had yet another storm last night, and I am so completely over this cold weather that I could cry. Instead I've been buying armfuls of flowers and filling my house with them.

    Just went over to your Pinterest page. It looks like sooooooo much fun! It appeals to all my magpie tendencies. :) xoxo Gigi

  9. I got her Iphone case that looks like the back of the easy to find in my purse. Makes me haplish!
    Mary Ann

  10. One of my BFF's works at Kate Spade here in ATL and just for no reason she gave me a beautimous bracelet! I love all the's indeed 'haplish' and splendid!

  11. You are always finding the greatest stuff! I love the visuals here Sande!
    I'm almost afraid to go to Pinterest, it sounds addicting & haplish!
    How is your sweet pup doing? Minding her manners I hope. I would love for you both to stop by TLPC for a little gift wrapped nod.
    xo Lisa & Gracie

  12. ooo this book is fantastic! They should create an inspiration book app, so everyone can walk around with their favs in their pocket!

    Love your blog btw!

  13. Loving all the color, and Haplish does seem to really sum it up! Very cute!

  14. Haplish - you nailed it! I have the exact same feeling when I view anything Kate Spade. Bravo!


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