Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The romantic and artistic story of Missed Connections

When I ran across this story this morning, I just knew I had to share the clever inspiration behind the work of Etsy artist Sophie Blackall. Watching the charming video and following her artistic story and where it has lead kind of gives you that warm and cosy feeling...............sort of like what Valentines Day does for the hopeful and unattached. That something wonderful can happen if you just look up and make a connection. Anyways, I am telling you too much and I will send you over to the blog Miss Moss to watch the video and read the post about artist Sophie Blackall and all those Missed Connections. Simply charming.............and romantic I think. 

Photos via Sophie Blackall-Etsy


  1. How wonderful Sande thank you for sharing and sending us to Miss Moss! Delightful!

    Art by Karena

  2. that was wonderful, sande. thanks so much for the tip...donna

  3. Headed over now.
    Have a nice Wednesday, Sande.

  4. Hi Sande,

    So clever and so adorable~ I love her work.. thank you for sharing such a sweet story. Btw.. those boxes from your other post are so cute!

    I hope that you and your family are well!! If you have a moment, I'd love for you to enter my Giveaway~

    Lots of love,

  5. Merci pour le partage, c'est très joli
    Bonne journée, Agnès

  6. Speaking of missed connections...if I hadn't checked to see who my latest followers were, then I may have never found your beautiful blog and if I hadn't discovered your blog I may not have been led to Miss Moss where I discovered Sophie Blackall...But I did and I am so grateful to YOU! She's quite brilliant and I would agree her illustrations are charming and romantic. I just ordered my NY loving daughter the book for Valentine's day and will wrap it up with a bit of red and white checked fabric with an old MTA Subway token looped through the strip of fabric. (I only added the wrapping part because of your blog title). Have a lovely day!

  7. Hi Sande, I have enjoyed your blog very much for some time. I especially could relate to your anniversary post. I have experienced so much of the same since I began blogging, but have continued on my merry little self aborsbing and narcistic way, benefiting from brilliant, caring and exceptional women from all over the world! Your beautiful ideas for gift giving, along with your insightful observations keep me coming back. Thank you, Nxo

  8. Sande,
    This is too weird! I just discovered Miss Moss yesterday and cannot believe your post today. Unreal! I clearly didn't get in too far to the site and am certainly going back to see Sophie. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I love this! They're so romantic and perfect for the Valentine's day spirit!

    XX Kathryn

  10. Thanks for sharing these, so charming !


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