Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gift Wrapping...............with 18th century romance

When this gorgeous 18th century French engraving print was given as a gift to readers of French Essence, many of us went over and eagerly followed the instructions to download our own printable size file copy. The personal engraving was generously shared by David Terry, a most amicable reader of French Essence and has a wonderful history and story attached which you can read here on his website. It will be absolutely gorgeous when printed out on high-quality paper and framed to enhance it's lovely nature. The pampered pet subject certainly fits in this household and it really does look like Daisy with her little hair pouf and all. I have the perfect spot for it. But in the meantime............I just couldn't help but see it as a most fabulous gift wrap. Do you agree? 

While I was at the printers with my handy flash drive and romantic gift wrapped notions in my head, I had them print out quick working copies of some of my favorite images strictly for personal blog and wrapping use as I am immersed in developing a few gift wrapped "notions" which I hope to share soon. The base paper is a aged image of antique letters which I printed on a larger 11" x 17" sheet, a perfect base for the smaller top image of a faded but most beautiful dress trimmed in the style of the last century, it appears to be on a wooden mannequin. Unfortunately, I do not have the source for this image so if anyone does please pass it along so proper credit can be linked. Isn't it lovely?

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh, I do like that gift wrap - a lot! Stunning photo and colours. Unfortunately I don't know where it's from either... xo

  2. Dear Sande,
    What a wonderful way to use that looks wonderful and will also look wonderful on your wall in your home.When I saw the second image, I first thought that it was a little corset in a box and wanted one !! You give me so many brilliant ideas...thank you !
    You will be pleased to know that my sister and I always try to wrap our presents as beautifully as we can....her present to me for my birthday was wrapped in a page from an old black and white comic from our teenage years. It looked really good.
    ....and, many, many thanks for your kind birthday wishes. You are a lovely blogging friend. XXXX

  3. Beautiful! I really enjoy your blog.

  4. I love both! And I love that you see everything as gift wrap. That is exactly why your packages are so glorious! I have to tell you, I was wrapping a gift for my sister last night (today is her birthday), and as I made a little gardenia blossom for the top out of tissue, I thought of you and the attention and care you give to each of your creations. Just wanted to thank you for always inspiring me. xoxo Gigi

  5. That corset gift wrapping is absolutely fabulous!

    XX Kathryn

  6. Can't wait to have mine framed. Love how you have used the paper here.

  7. The gold bow just adds the finishing touch to the pampered pet paper - lovely rich colours. You are so very creative.

  8. Looks fabulous Sande... What a great idea... I might have to follow suite... Thank you for your lovely wishes...xv

  9. Sande,

    Well, that's what I get for being behind in visiting everyone's blogs! I totally missed Vicki's last several posts and the one with this charming download!
    It's funny how poufy pups have been so chic over the centuries~You're quite in vogue to have such a pretty pooch of your own!

    And that corset image...I had to save it to one of my inspirational files-it is exactly what I've been searching for!

    Wishing you a happy week! (Oh, and I'm looking forward to your new giftwrapping notions!)


  10. J'aime les deux, mais une préférence pour le corset

  11. Yes, I was one who hotfooted it over to Davids for that gorgeous generous of him.

    I just love how your mind works Sande, so creative,looks great.
    hugs dj

  12. Beautiful. Love the way your creative mind works.

  13. Wow...just looked at the comment above and see that we dust jacket and I were thinking the same thing!

  14. So creative and beautiful! This package is the perfect marriage...A Gift Wrapped Life + French Essence = Magique!!!
    Hugs to you Sande Chase!!

  15. I'm your newest follower. I'm a designer and lover of beautifully wrapped presents!

  16. Just adore these!! So clever and beautiful!

  17. I can't tell you the source of that image but I can say that it's a robe a l'anglaise from the late 18th century, probably the 1780s or 90s (although I'm wondering if it was altered at a later date, as the lace looks a bit 19th century...). If you do find the source of the image, please let me know, as that looks to be a very interesting piece. Also, just in case you'd like a date for that beautiful print (thanks for sharing it, I can't wait to print one out for myself!), I'd guess somewhere in the 1810s.

  18. Thats really lovely Sande I must remember to down load that image, looking forward to seeing your paper design :)


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