Thursday, February 23, 2012

Other embellish

It's a free form necklace, no a belt. We weren't too sure but I guess it should be either but as you know I tend to see everything as a gift wrapping embellishment, in this case something braided with flowers to wrap around a bottle of gift wine. It is no wonder my husband thinks I have the most expensive shellac manicures in the world, my salon happens to have a lovely array of very affordable accessories which easily make their way into my invoice/purse on a bi-weekly basis, whether they be to wear or wrap in today's case. Anyways, back to the wine. Is it just me or is there a lack of cool wrapping choices for when a nice bottle of wine is your gift of choice? What if I wanted to give a bottle along with a gift of money to a bride and groom? A bottle that would perfect to open on the night of their first anniversary? How would I wrap it? I think I would use that romantic braided belt/necklace just as I have shown and there we are.........a special presentation.

Photo by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life 


  1. PERFECT! thanks for sharing and have a terrific Thursday

  2. That's a great idea, I like it! You're so right about the lack of presentable wrappings for bottles. One great one I found (can't remember where though) for Winter was to cut off sleeves of old woolly jumpers, sew one end together and put the bottle inside it. Looked great too, but maybe not for a Spring time wedding... Have a lovely day xo

  3. So unique Sande , and I agree perfect for a bottle of nice wine.

    Art by Karena

  4. Sande,

    I totally agree. A fine bottle of wine is always a great gift, and the shape of a wine bottle is so odd that wrapping it completely in paper seems impossible. Fabric looks to be a good choice and yes something to wrap around the fabric to keep everything tight and pretty!
    I would love to see some other ideas with wrapping bottles of wine!


  5. Sande-
    Only you would think of this genius idea. My imagination stops at wine bag!
    Happy Thursday.

  6. How darling Sande! Leave it to you to create a giftwrap someone can actually wear:)) You are the best gift wrapper I know! Have a good day and keep these uber chic ideas coming!

  7. You're making me rethink everyday items. Thanks for the creativity boost.

  8. Of course...why didn't I think of it!
    big hugs xxxx dj

  9. I love that pearl-centered flower....a wonderful embellishment that can be transformed into a dozen uses that I can think of!

  10. It looks beautiful Sande.... such a creative idea.I alays think that bottles are so hard to wrap and disguise. Do you buy all of your accessories or are they things that you've had for years ? A wonderful idea that we can all put into practice.
    Enjoy the weekend Sande. XXXX

  11. pearls are always magical
    greetings from brussels

  12. So pretty, Sande!

    Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend...



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