Friday, December 3, 2010

quite simply........i want this dress

Do you know I actually keep a photo file labeled "DJ's fashion" as in the blog Dust Jacket Attic, we already know no one does styling better. She showed this floral-laden creation yesterday and I really can't get this pleated splendor out of my head. Nor picturing the shoes that would go with it. Have you ever seen anything so exquisite? This is my Princess Dress or my Mother Of The Groom dress for when that day comes along. Quite simply..............I want this dress. And the chocolate taffeta skirt with the gorgeous overlay seen in the same post, don't look too long at either of them, this fantasy is all mine. 

Happy weekend and a peachy welcome to new followers. 

Photo by Tamer Yulma via Dustjacket Attic


  1. this dress is stunning, and you would look brilliant in it.

  2. Id be the date for any woman who would wear this dress. Sadly, they are few an inbetween.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. You may like this dress (and it is pretty), but I think the model's hair is gorgeous!!!

    May you have a precious Christmas Season,
    d from homehaven in Kansas

  4. SO CUTE!!! I know YOU would look positivly AMAZING in it too!! And I know this would make Mr.RR smile for a very long time.....
    Hugs today!

  5. I can see you in this gorgeous number.....heaven....xv

  6. Dearest Sande,

    ALL those dresses are like a dream and that Polish model's hair is gorgeous!!! What elegance; that does my heart good...
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  7. It is gorgeous! I have never pulled off the "fluffy" kind of dress. I went to her page and I'm much more suited to the "little black dress" or that stunning chocolate skirt...but that doesn't mean that I can love the look of this one!

  8. I am going to take your "I want this dress" and raise you one...

    Oh my goodness. I might have to see if "my girl" can reproduce this for me... it is simply amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  9. Oh Sande I SO hope you get your hands on a dress like would look beautiful in it!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words...made my day. I didn't know you had a file..!

    love DJ ;)

  10. It's drop-dead-gorgeous. Maybe when I lose the weight... Thanks for the support.

  11. Oooooh, I can see why. Exquisite.

  12. That is a DRESS!!!! Love fashion that sets our heart on fire!


  13. Lovely.

  14. Sande ~
    This is one stunning dress, and I can definitely see you wearing it with such style and grace!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. That dress is so gorgeous...

    I'm sure it will look amazing on you:)

  16. Dear Sande,
    I know that I have never met you but, going by your photo and your style, this dress has your name written all over it. You must really seek it out and buy can always save it until it is your moment to be's the sort of dress that would never date.
    Our wonderful friend Deej (as I call her) is always posting clothes that I must have !! She is so good at it. XXXX

  17. How exquisite - and my color!! Love everything about it - the sleeve length, the wrap, the pleats - just spectacular!

  18. I agree and I too have a 'DJ file' on my hard drive. Ms DJ is fantastic and I love her to bits.

    Loving the dress too...!

    xx C

  19. You are so cute!!!
    I can see you looking totally fab in it.
    It's all you!!!

  20. would be perfectly "gift-wrapped" in this dress..go forth and find it now! It's you!

  21. Oh wow...wish I'd seen this photo before I became Mother of the Groom in my only beloved son! maybe it'll have to be a Mother of the Bride creation...but was that in April as well!! Two children wed in one year is one too many! so don't think any more will follow suit anytime soon...besides...need time to save for THAT DRESS!! :)
    thanks for fabulous!!
    jessie nelson nz

  22. Hello, and good taste in blog! Congratulations and thanks for the pictures


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