Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pink Paxil.........and a surprise gift wrapped series you will love.

If you don't read the blog Slim Paley, are just plain missing out. She took this shot of her late-blooming roses from where she lives in Santa Barbara. And in great style too I might add. You know that ultra stylish and cool friend, the one who always knows everything cool? That's Slim Paley, with a wicked sense of humour too which makes it all the more fun. I still think she is pulling my leg on these roses though.......................Slim? 

Some blissful pink images from Absolutely Ladylike, a most ladylike and dreamy pink blog by the talented Evi. Keep scrolling and see the gorgeous white dresses by Hungarian designer Marta Makany.

How gorgeous is this interior rendering by British designer Nicky Haslam? Have you been reading his entertaining blog? Well I certainly have and I have the most wonderful surprise for you this week. I interviewed Nicky via email with some gift wrapping questions and not only did he graciously answer my questions, he and his staff did a fun gift wrapping video to show us how he wraps for all those rock star friends of his! Stay tuned this first blog video and I promise you some stylish holiday entertainment. I have a surprise list of stylish people gift wrapping for A Gift Wrapped Life over the weeks ahead and............ is this fun or what?

Top photo via Slim Paley/Middle photo via Absolutely Ladylike/Bottom photo via NH Design


  1. Oh Sande this will be so wonderful and perfect timing!!! I love anything to do with pretty gift wrapping and you always do the most beautiful packages. Can't wait!!! Merry Christmas dear Sande,

  2. Can't wait to see all the wrappings...I have not even started to think of my gift list, let alone the wrapping...I will probably do the final touch on Christmas eve.

  3. Chanel No5 and pearls, two of my favorites and the rose photo is stunning.

  4. Dearest Sande,

    That looks very elegant! The rose is almost too pretty for being real...
    Love the pearls and Chanel is my brand, though I go for Allure.

    Looking forward to your next blog!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  5. Dear Sande~
    Beautiful post my friend! Inspriational as always and gets me thinking about everything wonderful!

  6. Loving that pink Sande....What a brilliant coup to have NH on 'A gift Wrapped Life'....I have just been reading a chapter of his very entertaining memoirs....can't wait to see his wrapping....xv

  7. Such gorgeousness dear Sande...and those Thanks for introducing these fabulous new sites, they are absolutely inspiring.

    Happy Monday, cheers: Evi

    Ps: the middle collage is actually from my blog...the Chanel NO.5 via the Alternative Wife, the beautiful pink ribbon via Haute Design :-)

  8. Hi!! Love your blog! Congratulations!!


  9. Hi Sande, thank you very much for the kind mention of our blog, and i am also a fan of Slim Paley...Now tell me, is that newsprint photo plain ol' newsprint or is it pink as it appears in the photo? Im doing a great newsprint post shortly you see!! Anyway love from Nicky and I, and we look forward to seeing his wrapping segment here. X from your fellow native Ontarian...Colette

  10. For some reason, this post makes me want to go to a spa, be rubbed on, lathered in lotion and dive into a thick pale pink terry robe.
    Can you's cold here and it's ME time!
    Thank you for this gift this morning. I am so looking forward to what you have in store for us. I already know it will be a always is. xo Lisa

  11. I love Slim Paley too! Huge fan of her and her roses! And I will definitely pop over to the blog you mentioned. xoxo, Stephanie

  12. Sande, LOVE the pink...can't wait to see your blog video! Sounds fabulous. You must be busy wrapping like crazy. Wouldn't pearls be pretty on a box. Faux, of course. Heck, real would be okay too ;)

  13. How fun, can't wait to see the blog video!

  14. Sande - also a fan of Slim's blog - the flowers are indeed incredible. So excited for Nicky Haslam's interview and video - I do read his blog - he is so urbane and entertaining!

  15. Sounds like it will be a very fun video. That package with the newsprint and pink ribbon is so pretty!

  16. Sande, you always have something cutting edge for us; can't wait to see the Nicky Haslam video; I'm a fan!

  17. These are all beautiful photos. And I love Nicky Haslam but had no idea he had a blog! Thanks for the info :)

  18. Sande,

    Thank you for sharing these new blogs. I haven't been traveling blogland much lately, but I look forward to more perusing after the holidays!
    Looking forward to your interview and video!

  19. Loving this pink. I can't wait to see the video. There's always a surprise over here...I can see why 'gifting' is your thing!
    I'm off to visit your blog suggestions...Don't want to be the only one who hasn't met Slim.
    Enjoy the season,
    Catherine x

  20. Wow. I've been missing out lately, obviously! All your posts are wonderful! Ps. I love your profile pic. You are SO gorgeous and photogenic.
    I hope you have wonderful Christmas Sande.


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