Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let the holiday wrapping begin.......

I feel like a Christmas elf early this year...................wrapping, wrapping, and more wrapping. 
Gone to get my scissors sharpened and our Christmas tree.
Our son will be home on Friday....................let the holidays begin. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Hear, hear Sande......the countdown to Christmas has begun.
    ..... and what gorgeously wrapped gifts. I adore that coffee coloured ribbon. XXXX

  2. Love the silver and brown combination. Bet you are so excited to see your son!

  3. I wrapped all last night...I could barely move when I was done. I'm using all silvers and golds this year. I love that brown ribbon!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Chocolate and frost. Yummmmmmm.

  5. love love love the rich colors!!! what a perfect combination! you have inspired me to get going on some wrapping my friend - merci!

  6. It's all bought and ready to start wrapping. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love the excitement in your words/voice?!
    Bring on festivities!!!

  8. Dearest Sande,

    Love the thick satin ribbon you show here... to run your hand through and dream of luxury!
    What a joy for having your son coming home, that's so special for this time of year.
    A propos, I wanted to ask you if your baby-sister did ever visit you in your lovely home? Remembering just that you stated for both the time frame of 11 years ago... Let's hope she did!
    This time of the year is also about memories! Memories in silver and gold but forever.

    Lots of love,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  9. The countdown has begun....I just need to buy some gifts so I can start all that gift wrapping!! xxv

  10. Beautiful! You must be in your element during holiday season!

  11. I can almost smell the festive season, thanks you all ladies for your inspirational words <3

    Sending you all God's blessings,

  12. I just bought some gorgeous chocolate and burnt tangerine satin ribbon yesterday. People were looking at me like .....What??

    One girl asked, for x-mas???

    I replied; why yes, it matches my decor and are 2 of my fav colors.....they had never considered alternatives of red & green.


  13. LOVE the brown with the silver. I tried to find wide brown satin ribbon this year to no avail - your presents under the tree must look incredible!!

  14. Beautiful Sande! I bet you cannot wait to see your son too! Happy happy happy holidays!

  15. The holidays really begin when our family comes in too...beautiful packages!!

  16. Nothing like being reminded that Christmas is round the corner.

  17. I really need to learn how to tie bows like these!

    Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways

  18. That ribbon is gorgeous. Wrapping present is one thing I love most about Christmas.


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