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British designer Nicky wrapping live from London

Not only do I greatly admire the exquisitely-detailed design work of Britain's talented design star Nicky Haslam.................but he is also an incredibly good sport to say nothing about providing the most gorgeous gift wrapping backdrop. No wonder he gets invited to all the best parties (and is know to give smashing parties too), in my book he is a wonderfully gracious man. When his fabulous team suggested a gift wrapping video to go along with my Q & A interview for the Gift Wrapping Holiday 2010 series, I was honoured, thrilled, and intrigued to say the least. I would suggest you read the interview below before viewing both videos to see  why Nicky wraps the way he does, a few tricks, a simple but exquisite signature touch, and Voil√°..............his new book Redeeming Features stylishly wrapped up in Nicky Haslam style.

Nicky provides a surprise gift wrapped finale and wraps it up with a disarming smile. A personal request for my readers, please head over to his NH-Design blog and tell him what jolly good fun his gift wrapped video was to view, showing you how to do two things that will help you this season. How to do a quick ribbon measure and an proper technique for easily tying a simple bow. Multiple links for Nicky Haslam are listed at the bottom of this post so you can read more about the designer life of Nicky Haslam who really does do his own gift wrapping. 

The Interview
Nicky, you are the rock star of the interior design world, you party with the who's who around the globe, design for the rock stars, pal around with Mick Jagger, and hang out with Kate Moss, so the big question would be "what will you give Kate Moss for Christmas this year?"

As well as a huge kiss, a jeweled frog as she admired one I have.

The Evening Standard recently named you as one of London's most influential people because "he gets invited everywhere because he's the best company". Besides your good company, what do you consider a fabulous hostess gift?

Well, you can't go wrong with "fois gras!

Your creative lifestyle is evident in everything you do, design, and wear. Does gifting and it's presentation demand the same attention to detail?

Yes! Either wrap up well (or warm) or not at all!

What would you consider to be the best gift wrap paper style? Are you big on ribbon and bows? Or do you have another way to add your own gift wrapped style?

I like gold or white paper and a simple ribbon, and I always use tissue paper before wrapping. It is very luxurious to add tissue paper. 

You have to be the person to ask "What should someone give Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding gift?"

Even a princess can never have too many hurricane lamps and candles!

If Oprah called and had you on her show to plug your juicy new memoir Redeeming Features what would you send her as a thank you gift?

I'd send her the recording of my recent cabaret act at The Savoy (to help launch their new bar ~ The Beaufort Bar).

How would someone recognize a gift from Nicky Haslam? What is your gift wrapped signature?

Their initials on a white card which I tuck into the bow. 


My many thanks to Nicky Haslam, creative director Colette Van Den Thillart and Susan Moolman - PR

Links for Nicky Haslam
Financial Times-Diary of a Somebody
Redeeming Features by Nicky Haslam

YouTube videos provided by NH Design for A Gift Wrapped Life
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  1. Sande, this was so fun!!! I love seeing how others present their gifts. I learned something new in the way he measured his ribbon!! I can tell he has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. I like that!!! Great series. Now I off to see his blog. Have a great Sunday. WE are raining or should I say Pouring in Calif. I love it, good day to bake!!Kathysue

  2. I love Nicki and everyone should read his blog as well! Thank you so much Sande!!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  3. Very interesting, and I like the idea of underwrapping in tissue, but I think your's are prettier! Seriously.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family
    God's most richest blessings at Christmas and always.

    Please say special prayers for my Son and his wife in South Korea and all the people on earth in conflict of sort with world peace.
    Love you

    Stay Gorgeous

  5. This was great.I am looking forward to checking out his blog.

  6. Really enjoyed this - thank you Sande and thank you Nicki - a pleasure to watch. x

  7. Thanks for the fun post Sande! and the links too - we're fans!! x Colette and NIcky

  8. What a lovely post, Sande!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. London is covered in snow and the entire city has come to a standstill because of it! I say stay inside, wrap up warmly (or not at all...) and sip some mulled wine until it melts...

    Happy holidays,

  9. Sande - SO fabulous and fun. First of all - love the kitchen - those are my dream chairs!! The interview is terrific and love how he casually mentions that he's spending the weekend with Brian Ferry - really such fun - thank you!

  10. What a coup! I have followed Nicky Haslam for years. Thanks for this treat!

  11. I have long loved NH and the tip about using tissue with the wrap is fantastic, not to mention the foie gras!

  12. What a charming interview. Well done Sande. I learned two things from the video: how to measure for ribbon (which I often cut too short) and also to add tissue paper to the sequence. I've already wrapped everything for Christmas, but next year, I'll know what to do!
    Merry Christmas Sande. And btw, I have looked into making my pen and ink shoe drawings into cards. If it happens, you'll be the first to know!

  13. Bonsoir Sande, That video was a hilarious treat, very funny and very British ;-) The other posts (I'm a bit behind and had to catch up) are lovely too. I have decided to go for the "vintage-lace-cream/white-and-brown-paper" look this year...will have to see how that works out.

    I hope you are well and enjoying the festive season, thank you so much for all your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated.

    Wishing you a happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas, Love from London xo

  14. Sweet - do you know the name of the pen he uses to make the initials he writes look so very lovely?

  15. I never thought of wrapping with an under wrap of tissue. So pretty. Thanks. Off to go check out his blog.

  16. I suggest a glue gun for wrapping.... It is quick clean and looks a lot better. Glue on decorations and tags too!

  17. Between your interview with NH and his videos, and listening to Vicki Archer on podcast today, I must say I've rarely had such an entertaining day in the blog world. Little gifts! Thanks, Sande...this was really fun.

  18. Your beautiful blog is featured in my latest "Un paquet de cadeau" post.
    Best wishes!
    Mary Ann

  19. Great interview, Sande. Nicky certainly has amazing style, as do you! Wishing you and your family the very best of Christmases and a New Year loaded with Peace and Joy. XOXO

  20. so delightful and the video such an added bonus! pgt


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