Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Christmas Tree Red.............and orange

We have a perfectly good tree, actually quite a beautiful one. Trouble is no one wants to put it up anymore. It's not that we are disinterested, lazy, or grouch, but it's too big, too heavy, too many days to fill, too many lights every year that don't work.  I am a believer in adjusting to life as it changes and so off I went and bought one of those mass-produced pre-lit fake trees to get us through a time-crunched year and you know works, it works just fine. Just don't look too close at the branches.

For various reasons, we haven't put "the" tree up in two years so I forgot all about these handsome ornaments, my very favorite. Isn't that the fun part of decorating a tree, finding all the stuff you forgot about? I wish I could get more of these, especially since I dropped and shattered two of them today. 
This tree is much smaller so we didn't pull out all our ornaments, I am hoping there is another box of these dandy elephants and deer. I just adore their sparkly attire.

We obviously love dog ornaments. Forgot about these too.

Our Shin Tzu ornament. we all went "ahhhhh............" when this one came out.

I promise to put away my addictive iphone in the New Year for better photo clarity but right now it is working quick and easy. Is this a dog too? Or a wolf? A fox? Obviously, I should watch less HBO and more Animal Planet.

I thought I might change it up this year but you know what? 
I still really like this red and orange tree.
It will do just fine.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Beautiful, Sande! I love the glass ornaments. Have been collecting them for years.
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Hi Sande, thanks for your visit to my blog today. I couldn't do a post on wrapping without including your blog, it is the best resource around!!!
    You know I am not an orange gal, but I can totally see this in your warm and elegant home. I love these ornaments. They are so whimsical and charming. I know what you mean about pulling ornaments out of the box I cry every year, too many sweet sweet memories of my little boys that are now all grown men. Oh how I miss those little boys!!! Don't get me started I will start crying again. now back to your wonderful tree. I love it and I would love to see it in the room!!! more picts. please.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend,Kathysue

  3. Oh Sande I love your ornaments especially the Shih Tzu and the other doggy one! They really are special and I love your colors too.

    Happy Days,
    love DJ

  4. Your decors are really lovely! I'm loving the Christmas balls! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  5. Dearest Sande,

    Too bad you lost two of the elephant ornaments; they're unusual and very pretty!

    Enjoy your fake-fir tree this year. Indeed we have to adjust to changes in our lives. Your red baubles are gorgeous too.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  6. Stunning Sande....your ornaments are gorgeous....I can't wait to get started on my have made me impatient! xv

  7. It looks great! Some people change it up every year, and some keep it the same. If it works for you, then it works, period. Mine is the same this year. I am trying a few new little touches, but no major change. Have a happy healthy holiday season!

  8. Merry Christmas, I love your red tree. How beautiful. Helen

  9. Sande,
    I knew your tree would be chic,love the orange and red unique!!! And, that little fox dressed in his holiday finest...want him!

  10. HI Sande, your tree is divine.. I feel a little guilty I guess I should get the tree out. Love the dress on the babe below. Beautiful. You would look so gorgeous in that. Maryiln meets Kim Basinger, in Javier's words... Carla xx

  11. Sande~ the tree looks fantastic; I love the combination of red and orange, the dandy ornaments, and rediscovering the ornaments each year. Have a wonderful weekend; I will email you tonight.

  12. I love your red and orange tree Sandee! I agree about the best part remembering and rediscovering what you have. I also love getting Christmas cards with photos. I've been saving them in albums for years and love bringing them out and going through them each year marveling at how everyone has changed, especially the kids.
    By the way, I switched to fake trees years ago. Yours looks great :)
    Lots of love to you this December Sunday!!

  13. stunning... rich and elegant... as you always do so well... xx

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, love it.

  15. One of the wonderful things about a tree is that it can be whatever YOU want, and beautiful, without being what anyone/everyone else wants. I love your colors, really love them.... but would never choose them for me. It's so much fun to see and appreciate all the differences.

    I am white lights and ornaments that I have collected traveling. A friend is purple and turquoise balls only - no "real" ornaments, but I love her tree, too.

    The same, and yet so personally different. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Bonjour Sande,
    Love the red, it looks beautiful. Enjoy

  17. Dear Sande~
    Of course you would add orange to your red! No one could pull that off but you! BEAUTIFUL & RICH! I love your home and your tree! I think Mr. RR is a very lucky man to have you there making everything so wonderfully special~
    Big Hugs!

  18. What a gorgeous, warm colour combination- who even needs a fire going, with that tree blazing in the room?!

  19. I am firmly of the whatever works school of thought - and if your lovely fake tree is it (and I'm sure it must be lovely otherwise you wouldn't have it) then so be it. And no matter since everyone will be focussing on all your beautiful ornaments anyway!!

  20. No, no, it's stunning -- the colors are beautiful and so rich... I do not recall whose blog I was visiting last night, but I fell in love with a room decorated for Christmas with deep red and orange. They had velvet chairs in orange -- which looked stunning. Such a nice little shift from the regular, yet it feels just as festive!


  21. I love seeing people's Christmas Tree ornaments. And yours is truly lovely~!!! And I see an animal theme!


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