Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Chics of a Feathery Nature

No, I am not getting chickens but I do think they are incredibly beautiful creatures. Have you noticed that they have become the coddled pet of choice lately? I am sure there is nothing sweeter for a young child to nurture along with adult hands than little chicks, how they fit perfectly into tiny hands, how soft and fluffy they are, and then surprise, surprise when they mature..............they lay eggs! The ones we eat on Sunday mornings, the ones we use to make birthday cakes. I imagine children are magically and responsibly transformed by the experience of cuddling, feeding, cleaning, and grow quite attached. Probably the most difficult part of raising chicks is telling your children that "no, they can't sleep in your bed". You should go over here and see the "highfalutin" coop mobile that Mandy's husband from A la Parisienne has made for their feathery family, meet the adorable Phoebe. Even though I have limited rural experience, I never imagined there were so many colourful breeds of chickens and since it is Sunday morning, I though I would show you a well-dressed parade of feathery friends. You know.......they really are quite chic these days. And quite sociable I hear.

Is this beauty wearing a Sunday hat. Or is that a fascinator?
Want to see more Sunday morning sweetness?
Go here and meet Donatella, the stylish one at Velvet & Linen. 

Happy Sunday. 

photo 1, 2, 3 from Pinterest here/ photo 4 here


  1. Love this post. I like chickens too. Would love to see that coop, but the link is not correct... however, the one to see Pheoebe is ok. :)

  2. There it is... what a cool mobile coop!! Yay for carpenters. :)

  3. I've been wondering about this recent chicken fascination. What's up with it? The history of fads is so interesting.

  4. Sande, Like, no LOVE, the chickens. Hope to have some someday. I paint them all the time! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this!
    We had dinner last week with friends who keep chickens. They had to drag me inside, I couldn't stop marveling at how beautiful those birds are! And, bonus of bonuses, they give us the tastiest eggs! Funny, I posted about them just yesterday.
    Happy Sunday and thanks for the lovely post!

  6. Sande,

    The more I'm around our chickens, the more I understand why people have been fascinated with them for so long! They are indeed beautiful.
    There are so many ornamental breeds of chickens, and while I would have loved to have one of each, I had to select my few chickens with two things in mind: how well they lay eggs and how domicile they are.
    Have you ever heard of Polish chickens? Do a search on those. They are quite fancy! I love that illustration in the first image--only you could find such a glamorous image of a chicken!

    Thanks for the mention on our coop. My husband has really enjoyed all of the positive feedback!
    And, yes, I've actually had to tell Amelia that she couldn't bring one to bed with her. How did you know???


  7. I love seeing the feathery birds! I have been mesmerized by Brooke's chickens!
    I love the first one with the jewelry.
    Hope that all is well with you, Sande.

  8. Music to my eyes to see a post from you Sande girl! Love these very pretty fancy Dior chickens:))

  9. The image of the last fine-feathered-fowl is nothing to cluck about. Sorry, I just couldn't resist a little chicken humour.
    {I do love the exotic look of the last bird}.

  10. Beautiful indeed.

    My Son and his wife have had their baby.

    If you care to visit my blog you can see the sweet Prince.
    Love to you and yours

  11. I would like to have chickens.

    As a little girl a rooster was one of our pets he looked something like the second photo. When the sun would catch his feathers it was beautiful.
    He was quite a character and our alarm clock too.

  12. Sande, the chickens are really looking chic!! When we first moved to Jordan, in the mid 70 's one of my friends decided to raise chickens, before it became posh to do so.....she totally amazed me then with her knowledge and expertise, which she gained in the process. I think she started with guinea hens?? I hope this current obsession with the feathered girls will not become something of a nightmare for some, I do think it is not all fun and games! I suggested I might like some white pea hens strolling around the garden, some time ago and my husband who is normally obliging, declared it was not going to happen!! So funny! Great post! N.xo

  13. Love the first bejewelled chick! They are fascinating and so many breeds that last one in the black and white with hat/fascinator is too funny.
    Carla x

  14. I saw Mandy's post...amazing! Yep, chooks (that's what us Aussies call chickens) will be on the to-do list for us come summer ;)

    I know what you mean by the weeks flying's crazy fast!
    lots of love D xxx

  15. I adore our four much like a pet and they make my breakfast too. :) We turned a child's playhouse that had been built by their grandfather into our Romantic Roost. Time to repaint it this summer. Just found your blog and love it. :)

  16. My Mom grew up on a farm and had such a great appreciation of chickens. She loved the exotic looking breeds.


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