Thursday, June 14, 2012

Max Mara................and maybe me again

This is my life. One week I talk about buying grocery store couture along with my lettuce and yogurt, the next week I am immersed in the hushed cocoon of a Max Mara store like a giddy schoolgirl with a limited allowance trying not to giggle with pure lust and act my age. I do know I should not have taken one step into Max Mara for a number of reasons. The first being I already wore jumpsuits many decades ago and you know what that obvious disconnect between what I would like to wear and what I should. But isn't it divine?

My clothing budget might be much leaner than it was in my hard working, Max Mara wearing days but these two outfits got me re-thinking my strategy in a number of ways. Maybe I need a job? Obviously. Maybe I need to cycle even more? Most definitely. Maybe I need to stay out of Max Mara? Duh. One touch of the fabrics on both these outfits and I was a goner (though I wish the sleeves on the red ensemble were just a tad longer). How I have missed wearing Max Mara.

But look at those plush sleeves and leather buckles! There isn't enough Spanx in the world for me to wear this dress but that silhouette is incredible isn't it? I have always adored their fabrics, the way Max Mara quietly nudges style into the simplicity of their cut. 

Canadians can have severe winters, at least that is what we tell ourselves when purchasing winter coats. Any expenditure is worth it when it comes to keeping warm. Totally justified. 

No Spanx needed...............just that job I mentioned and a hearty Canadian winter. Anyone want to see my resume?

iphone photos via Max Mara catalogue


  1. Sande, I think your writing talents should land you a column with one of our Canadian publications.

  2. I still own my first classic camel Max Mara coat...I too remember wearing the jumpsuits...and I agree with you ;-)
    One of the best fashion houses...season after season, year after year...I love the top photograph; my style of yesterday!
    Your blog is wonderful..I've really enjoyed reading it.

  3. The first outfit and white dress are just divine!!! They are like a cocoon of happiness and bliss. I must admit, I've always always had a soft spot for MaxMara elegance and fabrics. Having a MaxMara camel coat is still a dream, but I hope it will be mine one day. I think if you have a tiny chance of getting one of those pieces, you definitely should. They last for years and never get out of fashion. I still wear a dress bought back in 2004 and it looks just as fab now as it did then, with a change of accessories.

  4. Sande,
    I agree with Katherine on the writing a column...Maybe something you could look into.
    One thing I've had to really convince myself about is that I don't need loads of clothes if I'm not in the working world. (Amelia's not going to say "Mom, you wore that two weeks ago!" Or at least not now anyway.) Dressing up for work was always one of my favorite parts of working--sounds superficial, huh? But it's the truth. And it sounds like I'm not the only one who felt that way;)

    I would justify a dashing winter coat, though. That's a total necessity!

    The cut of that white dress is so flattering. I love the line of the sleeves-great detail.
    And although I've never worn a jumpsuit, I don't think I could bring myself to do it, even if it looked chic, I'd feel like I was in a tailored onesie.


  5. Sandi, you could have written that for me, I feel exactly the same way about Max Mara, it's my favourite label. Their clothes are so timeless and classically elegant and worth the investment.

  6. Hi Sande, I too did the jump suit thing some tome ago! Not to be repeated! ! Max Mara is definetly timeless and exquisite fashion sense, and I too need a real job, to be able to justify it in my closet...I love the sheath dress with the cuffs and leather straps, gorgeous and of course the coat! Great post, your commentary always so entertaining ! N.xo

  7. Jump suits-never again-(for me that is) been there done that! adore Max Mara clothes + your blog.

  8. Oh Sande you make me smile...jumpsuit's and gold bikini's...whoa girl!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous fashion. Even at my over 60, I love good style and dream. Still so much fun to admire...

  10. Gorgeous white dress! I might be able to get it on...but the result would be very different from the picture.
    I agree, their fabrics are fantastic. Jumpsuits ...not so much.
    I try to justify my coat purchases here in California :-D. A girl needs to be warm after all.

  11. Ahhhh, the Italians. Max Mara's fabrics, fine tailoring & sleek styling makes their apparel wearable forever...well, almost. I love those trouser outfits, Sande. In Texas our winters are very mild, but it doesn't stop us from wanting coats, once it drops down into the 50's we pull them out. Just beautiful, however, I'm completely taken with your Fresh apparel too.

  12. I'll give you the job... send it over!! Great outfits Sande... xv


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