Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'll have what they're having

photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Everyone has to have a mental image when working it in the exercise department. This is mine. Once you get rolling into whatever exercise method you choose, you end up doing it because it just darn feels so good and productive. Something nice we have done for ourselves, mentally and physically. But getting to that point is hard, and being the frivolous gal that I am I use fashion images to get me motivated. I keep fashion photos of things I know I can wear better when I trim down and then I keep some gowns that I know I will never get to wear in this lifetime but would like to be ready if Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang showed up at my door with a few frocks. For the most part, road cycling is a summer sport in our climate so each spring I must get super-motivated and the older I get the harder it is  come by and I have had a late start this year. But, recently I have been visiting my Dad in a nursing home while he does a 8 week rehab for a fractured leg and I never come out of that facility without telling myself " You silly girl, you get on that bike without complaining even if it is snowing outside". I realized I tend to think of cycling as a way to trim those hips and pounds (and it does, believe me), a novel and pleasant weight loss program and not what it should be.............a way to hopefully keep my old age happy and healthy. Right now that image is working better than a Vera Wang dress. You should see me cycle now.

Photo of Johnathan Horton and Karlie Kloss here


  1. wow. annie leibovitz brings it every time, doesn't she. I did a program on her for a study group I'm in and now I'm fascinated by all her work. Funny you should bring up exercising/healthy living today. I'm just trying to set my mind that way again. Yep, so much harder as we age. I have been cycling for years but am now out of the habit. I cringe to think what my kits would look like on me now. But getting back to cycling is a major goal for me now. Isn't that funny, outta shape - need to ride - won't ride cause I can't fit in my gear. vicious cycle, no??? Pun intended!

  2. Sande...come cycle with me! We had a good ride tonight, I slowed down considerably to ride with some new girls and the heat didn't bother me as much. Imagine that?

  3. A beautiful photograph - I attended a photographic exhibition of Annie Leibovitz' work a few years back, it's incredible her photos are just mesmerizing...yes and I totally get you - when I see others on mobility scooters it makes me want to get out and cycle even more just to keep those joints moving! Old age is beckoning us all, but we can try stave it off for as long as possible! Have a great week! Sharon

  4. Great image! I keep thinking I should get out my bike again - no doubt about it being excellent exercise but lately we have had too much rain here in the UK to think about outdoor activities! I do feel good after my aerobics class though and I'm trying to go every week.

  5. I absolutely adore your motivation for being fit, and I just know that if I hang that Dolce & Gabbana dress on the doorframe, it'll do the trick! I, too, am finding it harder and harder to stay fit as I age (just hit 5-0 this year), but I still feel just as wonderful after a good workout as I always did...off to Pilates for me and, as you said, no complaining.

    Very best,

  6. Sande, that image is motivational. I love the dress.
    It is in the high 80 and 90s here this time of year, which is my least motivated time of year. I have to crank the air to 65 and go for it inside.
    Happy Wednesday.

    Sande- would you let me know what breed you beautiful puppy is. I lost my Lady two weeks ago, and I have been checking out breeds and breeders.

  7. Glad to read you're motivated by the dress, not by the short chap next to it... ;-) I tend to do the same thing, have an image in my head to keep me motivated. A dress like this helps (though I don't think Vera or Oscar are going to stop at my door any time soon either) and also the way I feel after some exercise. I wish I was brave enough to cycle in London - the traffic here is simply too scary...

    Thanks for your lovely comment, it made me smile when I read that you were thinking about the same thing :-)

    Have a lovely evening xo

  8. Annie Leibovitz sure knows how to take a photo. the dress is amazing and those bodies...wow.
    Why can't we keep our the same bodies we had when we were younger? I am your newest follower. I do hope you pop in for a visit.

  9. Sande,

    Besides swimming (which I rarely get to do) cycling is my second choice for exercise, and to be honest, I wasted our precious spring hours away and did not ride my bike as much as I should have.
    Over a month ago, I told my husband that I would start waking up extra early to beat the heat and ride my bike for 20 to 30 minutes a few mornings a week. Knowing that I am not a morning person, he scoffed "I'll believe it when I see it." The next morning I sprang out of bed bright and early and took a great bike ride...It's the only morning I did it---I sure showed him:)


  10. Sande such a challenge isn't it! I had to give up my bicycle because of balance issues. Love pool exercise!

    Art by Karena

  11. I need to get back on that bike!! xv

  12. Both my husband's father and mine will be ninety this year. One can barely get out of his chair the other (who has had two hip replacements) walks at the mall everyday and works out at a gym...thanks for the gentle reminder...

  13. I try to think of running after my toddler as exercise but we all know that doesn't count.. if only it did..

  14. lol great post! easier said than done (working out). nice to meet you and happy 4th!

  15. SO TRUE!!
    btw- that dress....oh...my...GET IN MY CLOSET RIGHT NOW!!


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