Saturday, May 5, 2012

Non Disturbare..........from everywhere

Yesterday when I picked a new theme for my purely indulgent Tumblr blog which I notice is mostly girly girl gowns I ran across this great travel idea and a most wonderful story to share in case you didn't see this. The grandfather of Michael Lebowitz, the founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, a very successful digital and marketing communications company in Brooklyn, collected hotel door hangers whenever he traveled abroad. When he passed away, Lebowitz brought his grandfather's travel keepsakes memorably together which you can see on his Tumblr here. It is fascinating to see how the hanger designs so perfectly capture the place and if you are thinking what I am can expect a run on Do Not Disturb in any language as travel keepsakes. Wouldn't they be fabulous as a framed collection? Off to Rome to find the red tasseled one. 

link found on Tumblr here


  1. What a wonderful collection Sande.....when I see things like this it makes me wish that I had started a similar collection when I was 10 !!
    Enjoy the weekend. XXXX

  2. How wonderful Sande! I agree with sister has collected silver and gold charms from all of her travels!! You should see them, the latest from Peru!

    I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  3. I wish I had done this too! Fantastic... xv

  4. These are just divine.

  5. So much more interesting than collecting snow shakers from every corner of the world. My favourite door card hanger I have ever seen said 'DO NOT DISTURB' on one side and "DISTURBED' on the other.

  6. What an inspiring idea!
    Thank you...wonderful post!

  7. These indeed would be great keepsakes. I could imagine putting them on my guest room doors!

  8. What a wonderful collection! I've saved some over the years, but I never thought of framing them. I love your blog and your tumblr!

  9. What a wonderful keepsake from his Grandfather, be lovely framed!
    Carla x


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