Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bespoke Post.............boxes of awesome just for Him

I have no problem when it comes to gifts..............for women, girls, and babies. For men, not so much. There I admitted it. Perhaps because the response and receipt doesn't include girly squeals, or maybe because I tend to underestimate how much men like gifts in general. Possibly both, which is exactly why I think Bespoke Post is such a stylish and unique way to impress the men in your life. Especially with Father's Day and Graduation season right around the corner. I know I am weak when it comes to selecting male gifts but as I scrolled through the past monthly selections of this bespoke gift service, I thought the gentlemanly nature might suit my son's maturing taste and so I asked him his opinion. His answer? "Cool, really cool, when do I get the first one?" Which is the equivalent of a subdued guy squeal if I ever heard one.

Bespoke Post based in NYC has a unique concept. They curate cool products from emerging brands and offer one Box of Awesome each month for whatever term you select. Subscribers receive a sneak email peek of the upcoming Limited edition box and have the option of saying yes or no to the current selection and can cancel at any time. Fair enough. SHAVE, shown above is the Box of Awesome for May. With a clever Cigar Box presentation, it includes a badger brush, considered to be the ultimate material for this popular and retro shaving technique, a chrome brush stand, and three shaving products from eshave, the award-winning shaving experts.

Bespoke Post offers a reasonably-priced concept at $45.00 per month and 100% NO shipping charges. More than fair wouldn't you say? My son really liked some of the past monthly selections here and especially the Box of Awesome sent out last March. The Canvas Mason's Bag included Aesop skin care products imported from Australia and a limited lounge pass for the American Airlines Admiral Lounge. Past selections are Sold Out but they give you an idea of the stylish variety to be expected in future shipments. We liked them all. 

Did you know that ice cube dilution is the enemy of whisky? Neither did I but if you click here you can see the clever solution which was included in Bespoke's November's Whisky themed Box of Awesome. It strikes me that each delivery comes with a bit of gentlemanly education into the fine art of living. What woman doesn't want to send a little style education along to the males in their life in such a subtle and giving manner. I'm just saying. 

Stylish guys may want to subscribe themselves but what about the presentation if this happens to be a gift? Bespoke Post says "Because each month is different, we don't always use the same method for wrapping and presenting, but we do take pride in it, and want each person to feel like they're opening up a gift each month, whether it was actually a gift from someone else, or just from and for themselves." Just one more thing.............I really do think guys like to receive cool gadgets and gifts. Especially the ones far from home. 

Photos from Bespoke Press/No conpensation received for this post.


  1. I like this idea. I purchased a couple of sets of the whiskey stones last Christmas. They were liked very much.

  2. Sande this is a really wonderful idea for men. The products look so high in quality and very special!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  3. Oh Sande,
    Men are SO difficut to buy for, aren't they ? Thanks SO much for some great ideas. I shall have to go and look at Bespoke Post. XXXX

  4. I love the soapstone ice cubs!! Have intended to pick up several classes full.
    Hope that you are having a wonderful spring, Sande.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Wonderful concept for the boys!! Thank-you Sande and have a great weekend
    Carla x


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