Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fifi.................strikes my fancy

~ Holly Golightly Breakfast II ~

~ Reading Fashionable Friday In Paris

~ Paris Hotel Chair

~ Holly Golightly Breakfast I ~

You can't have a blog and not know Fifi Flowers. It just isn't possible, her whimsical drawings are as colourful as they are frequent and that is the part that strikes my fancy. What Fifi sees is what Fifi draws, whether it be a Paris balcony, a stylish fashion photo or my blog header (click here to see 2010 post) and I got to thinking that it must be so much fun to have a direct line and immediate line between seeing and creating. She often does a drawing a day, maybe more, and you can't help but think that if you are an artist what a wonderful dose of inspiration to introduce to each and every day. You can see Fifi's drawings at her Etsy shop here and though I am personally drawn to her stylish drawings that use black (my favorites being the Holly Golightly I and II), Fifi is best known for her Parisian subject matter, a love of fashion and her use of exuberant colour. Most of her drawings are 5" x 7", perfect for framing with extended matt sizes and her reasonable prices mean you could consider building a collection of Fifi drawings to group in a fabulously fun arrangement. Fifi recently introduced a series of handpainted bookmarks to go along with some of her favorite reads, a thoughtful and colourful addition to any book gift. She truly sees inspiration everywhere, and I mean everywhere..........really, how much fun is that?

All Copyright Images via Fifi Flowers


  1. I love these Holly Golightly illustrations...actually I love all of Fifi's paintings.....xv

  2. I am crazy for all of Fifi's work! Love the Holly Golightly I and II!

  3. Her drawings are very pretty and stylish - of course I know her blog ;-) xo

  4. Dear Sande~
    Aren't we the pair today! Fifi does such fun pieces...I would have loved to have watched the wedding with you:)
    Big Hugs!

  5. I love her illustrations! I need to check out her etsy store :)

  6. Hi Sande,
    Fifi is great isn't she? I won a giveaway from her and it was a drawing of Paris, of my choice, made into notelets. They are beautiful.
    I love it when she does a post with her 'friend' Petunia. They are SO funny. XXXX

  7. As a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and, of course, Breakfast at Tiffany's, I just love these little sketches; simply wonderful. I shall go and check her site. xx

  8. I am so amazed at Fifi's artistic talent, energy, and enthusiasm. Of course, I also love her subject matter-Paris and fashion-two of my favorite things!


  9. To be able to draw like this would be simply divine!

  10. I didn't know her, but thanks to you, now I do!
    What fun.... those sketches are amazing!

  11. Amazing her work!!

  12. Oh lovely....have been wishing for sunshine for you, hope it's working :)

    ps Dying to see more pic's of Daisy....pleeease.

  13. Such a pretty drawings, googled Fifi directly!
    Compliments for your blog, it's lovely, such a inspiration, i am your latest new follower number 1477 ;)

  14. fifi is fabulous... amazing talent... xo

  15. I have two of her works of art and adore her and her style!! She is so fun and fresh always!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Great Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

    You will love it!

  16. These drawings are just simply wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Best wishes for a sunny Week-end and
    Greetings from the Perigord,

  17. Love her very stylish illustrations! Must visit her Etsy shop. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Sande.

  18. love this illustrations ;)

  19. Merci Beaucoup... J'adore painting!!!

  20. So so pretty, I just had to link to this post last week... how could I not? You always feature such wonderful things to appreciate :)


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