Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad weather..............and genetics

Isn't there some sort of deal we have with Mother Nature? It doesn't seem fair after the long, bitter winter we had this year that sunshine and warmth would take so long. I don't know how much longer I can hold this umbrella. But I am waiting impatiently, the ground is so wet, the air so cool, it has delayed our tender plantings, our welcome burst of annual colour. Normally, I am a bit behind schedule anyways but our outdoor veranda is being screened this year and we are eagerly looking forward to bugless dining and evening reading, perhaps even an outdoor sleep so I was hoping to be ahead of the game this year. 

The weather has been so dismal, I am way behind on my cycling schedule as well. No cycling, no bathing suit attire.....I suppose it is too easy to blame Mother Nature for that one though, isn't it? Probably best to point the finger at the matriarch of them all..........genetics.

Hope you are planting in your part of the world. 

Top photo by Fabio Bartelt/Bottom photo via Pinterest 


  1. Even here in California the weather has been bad...really rainy. But at least we may be out of the drought conditions. I hope you get on that bike soon.

  2. Bugless dining sounds wonderful. We would love to dine on our front porch, but the mosquitos are already out and about and they love me, unfortunately.
    I hope your new screened in veranda goes well-and a night "under" the stars with a glass of wine would be nice...


  3. Sande, Oh I would love to get my bicycle out...my body needs it!!

    Art by Karena

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  4. Hi Sande,
    Well, here in the UK, we never put tender plants out until May is out, but, we have had the warmest April for 400 years and everything is ahead of itself. They reckon that Wimbledon will be low on strawberries this year as they are all ripening far too early !!
    Here's hoping that the rain stops for you Sande. XXXX

  5. The weather here is just impossible too. What can we do? We'll just have to appreciate the warmer weather when it finally comes and try not to complain that it's too hot!

  6. Hi Sande ~

    We are also experiencing some cool and rainy weather, but the garden seems to like it. At least there were a few weeks of warm Spring temps., so I cannot complain.

    My father has a screened in porch, and whenever I visit in the summer months, I spend 95% of my time within it's glorious quarters. I know you will love yours.


  7. Oh Sande that is just not on....come on sunshine :( Fingers crossed my dear. My MIL is growing to start planting flowers for me shortly, I'm not blessed in that area..or is it that I'm just too lazy, not sure :o
    love DJ

  8. Hoping to beging planting this weekend. I have been thinking of gardens and picnics and flip flops.


  9. Hang in there friend...hopefully you'll have a blast of warm air soon. Come to Atlanta! We've had some unseasonally cool temps the last few days but it's warming up later on in the week.
    I took a spill on my bike today...banged up a bit but ok for sure!


  10. lovely lead image.
    we need rain down here in hot florida.
    we are already approaching the drought stage...
    and that means your neighbors can report you for watering your flowers during the day.
    nice right??

  11. Salut Sande, I feel nearly guilty about my constant boasting that the weather here in London has been so beautiful over the past 6-or-so weeks - apart from today where it's a bit cloudy if that's of any consolation... I hope it cheers up soon for you and you'll be out on your bike enjoying Spring. Love from London xo

  12. Rain is still abounding here. The poor rose bushes already suffering with signs of black spot.
    However, the peonies are about to bloom!


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