Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coveteur................the most stylish closets

Karla Martinez
Fashion Market and Accessories Director ~ W Magazine

Jane Keltner de Valle
Fashion News Director ~ Teen Vogue

Joanna Hillman
Senior Fashion Market Editor ~ Harper's Bazaar. New York

Fiona Green
  Associate Fashion Editor ~ FLARE Magazine Toronto

Mary Kate Steinmiller
Fashion Market Editor ~ Teen Vogue NY

Mona Sharf
Director, Communications & Celebrity ~ Theory and Helmut Lang, NY

Peeking into the closets of the high-profile tastemakers? I'm in and so are you if looking at how the fashionable style their look and their closets feeds your harmless voyeuristic tendencies. Can you ever see too many good closets? The recently re-launched new Canadian website suffered through a bit of controversy last month over their original name (which wasn't that original so it seems, click here to read the scoop) but they graciously and quickly pointed their stylish Blahnik's in the right direction and The Coveteur is now on it's way to the best cyber parties, hooking up to Vogue for fashion week. Personally, I think their new name is much more original anyways and so is their website idea so go take a need to feel guilty, these tasteful closets have lots of company right now.

Photos via The Coveteur. Photos by Jake Rosenberg


  1. Thank you for sharing this new site. I'm off to check it out. And, if I owned an $900 pair of shoes, you can be sure that it would be on display in or out of the closet.

    Have a great day,

  2. Totally agree - new name much chicer!! Love Joanne Hillman's style - in and out of the closet. Hoping to get a glimpse next week!!

  3. I do favor the revised name as well. Much more chic. Truly a fun idea for a website. Thanks Sande for the sneak peek!!

    Houston hugs x

  4. Oh must check it out....mmm think I'll take the first three and that gorgeous red dress sketch..I'd frame that!

    much love to you and little diva :)
    ps I must email you the pic I was going to post for your bday...he he

  5. They all remind me of a beautiful chandelier that you can slip on your foot with lots of dazzles & jingles! If I owned any of these, I would put them under a glass dome for decoration. They are Amazing! I'm off to see the website now:)

  6. I Love those red shoes.. I want them.. ugh!!

    Erika :)

  7. Fabulous! With shoes like that...I say leave them all in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath! Let everyone see them- they look to good to put away! Cheers to you and love your blog!

  8. All I can see is shoes, shoes and more shoes - swoon ;-) Will have to check it out. Have a lovely weekend xo

  9. I adore this site! I have to say, I wasn't fond of the issues that were floating around, but am happy that all is resolved and back to normal... as for these images? Beautiful! I love this style and the pieces, of course!

    Hope you are having a great week, Sande, xoxo

  10. wow - wow - wow! love all this gorgeousness! have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I little window, a gorgeous chair and beautiful shoes are the stuff dream closets are made of!

  12. Hello Sande,
    This is such a fabulous site...whatever the name! Have been playing there for ages.... Love it....xv

  13. Wonderful! What a spread and I do like their website. Thank you for the link. x

    Have a fabulous Valentine's and hope you get spoiled and wrapped up in love.

    xx Charlotta

  14. All fabulous! I'm off to check out the new website. thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh your images today Sande are delicious! I think I need a new room in the house devoted to some of these gorgeous shoes! x

  16. Great post! Love anything with shoes! Especially from the gals you have chosen!
    Thanks for always bringing interesting topics!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  17. Thanks for the introduction to the Coveteur. Love it!!!!!

    What could be better than to peak into stylish closets? The shoes are just fab.



  18. Sande,
    Looks like great fun! I feel like I'm running late to the party so I'll make my way over now.
    Thank you for filling the rest of us in!
    Xo Lisa

  19. Such pretty and feminine details...I'm off to check this out.

    Happy Valentines Day dear Sande!

    Cheers: Evi


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