Monday, February 21, 2011

Best New Puppy Gift............and Daisy update (because you asked)

When a friend, who is a cat lover, told me that puppies might like bubbles too, it made perfect sense as our Daisy certainly exhibits cat-like behavior. And rightfully so, Daisy is a Mi-Ki, a rare toy breed known for their cat-like behavior at times, the Mi Ki breed is a combination of the Japanese Chin, French Papillon, and Maltese. The breed was developed 30 years ago to be highly intelligent, affectionate, lovable, mild-tempered, and non-shedding. Their most social, gentle, and well-behaved manner  is well-suited to therapeutic hospital programs. Something I may look into when she is a bit older. I get asked so many questions about Daisy when she is out and about with me that it actually ran through my head to get her a set of her own business cards.

Watching a puppy who likes to hop instead of walk, swat her paws like a cat is a sight to behold when blowing bubbles into the air. This got me to thinking how a simple thing like bubbles and other puppy items would make for a thoughtful new puppy gift. Something to earn you puppy kisses ( if you like that sort of thing) and the appreciation of the new family who is delighted with the canine addition to their family. Puppy gifts are simple, balls, chew toys (Martha Stewart has good ones), a bag of organic treats, and don't forget the easiest of all...............bubbles. I was going to say that puppy gifts don't require gift wrapping but I have a princess here who absolutely adores ribbon so I could be wrong.

My husband tried really hard not to fall in love with Daisy. Not another dog, we want to travel more, the usual excuses you have when you have had 30 years of dogs. But Daisy has captured his heart too and I find him whispering lovey things in her ear when he thinks I am out of the room. To me, dogs are a gift of pleasure and love and Daisy has already brought a bundle of it to our home in this short time

My daily routine now includes bringing Daisy along for my daily latte run. I will admit we are a covert pair and her diminutive size makes for easy camouflage (we aren't in dog-friendly Paris after all). She now knows to lay low in public places but she quickly pops her head out to say hello to all the cafe girls who watch for her visits. When I missed a day this weekend, guess where we found her waiting at 1:00 in the afternoon? In the hallway, waiting to go visit her new BFF's. 

Photo 1 and 2 from Pinterest/Photo 3 and 4 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh Sande,
    Who couldn't fail to fall in love with your Daisy.....she would make anyone's heart melt.
    Sorry that I've been AWOL....have been living it up in London !! Hope you and your family are well. XXXX

  2. Daisy is beyond adorable - I agree with Jacqueline - who wouldn't fall in love with her. Love that you catch your husband whispering sweet nothings to her!!

  3. Daisy is seriuosly too cute! Makes me want to get one more! Amazing how they become such a huge part of our lives and our everyday routines, huh?

  4. Dear Sande,
    Adorable!! What a perfect present for Miss Daisy May:)
    floating everywhere~~ for her to little mind to wonder & to chase or catch~~
    She is so lucky to have you for a Mommy Sande!

  5. what an interesting breed! non-shedding is a great virtue - am trying to find ways to contain my puppy's excessive shedding at the moment - and yes they all look up at you with those innocent eyes - melting hearts look!

  6. Dear Sande,
    Daisy is too cute for words. I'll bet she makes you smile every day. If you ever want to go on a holiday with her, they accept dogs at some of the chicest hotels in Aspen.

  7. These pictures are beyond cute. What a sweetie! This was such a fun post to read.

  8. Daisy is a little dolly!
    My cousin keeps telling me that Amelia needs a puppy to play with. Zena, our cat, just doesn't have the energy or desire to "play."
    A Mi-Ki puppy sounds like a wonderful fit.

    Wishing Daisy lots of bubbles to chase and many visits to the coffee house this week,

  9. Your puppy is the sweetest thing ever!

  10. Oh Sande: You have really found yourself a treasure! Lucky you to receive puppy kisses....enjoy!

  11. Oh Sande....I would not be able to stop looking at her, she is truely so gorgeous! You are so right, dogs are a gift of pleasure and love. Actually our dog is trying to make friends with our horse...she lays in it's hay and they touch noses sometimes...I always have a smile on my face when I watch them.

  12. Ohhh how cute! I've been looking for a toy dog for ages now. Daisy seems perfect!

    Rhiannan xxx

  13. Your adorable Miss Daisy is growing up too quickly! When our Frenchie's were babies, the kids and I would sneak them into stores ~ Sam's Club, Home Depot, and the like but now they're no longer a size that will go unnoticed. Did you know that Saks and Neiman welcome them in their stores? I'm sent to go shop while Coco and Bogie are the center of attention.
    Wishing you a lovely week!
    xoxo, B

  14. Daisy is a darling -- what is not to fall in love with?
    Yes I do believe the men fall and when they do they fall hard. I often find my man acting all gooey and lovey dovey - although these days he does it blatantly towards our pooch.
    Bubbles is a perfect idea and I have some - even when they are a little older - 2 1/2 they still love games. x

  15. What a cutie! I am having a real crush, all the way from Sydney!

    The bubble idea is so adorable. I wish I could see it in real life.

    Enjoy this lovely time.

    xx Charlotta

  16. What a delightful and charming post. Your puppy is honestly one of the cutes little tykes I have seen. We have a french papillon over here and he is very fun and cute. His prissy-ness is always making us laugh. The bubble tins would be super for a group of teen girls as party favors as well. That is what my daughter would think.

  17. Sande,
    She is such a little cutie! It's so true having a dog brings so much joy, love, and happiness to a home. We have our little Shih Tzu who is also named Daisy and she is a member of the family and such a bundle of love everyday. Your Daisy is too adorable with that gorgeous little face, how could the hubby not fall in love!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Can't speak.....she is just too too toooo gorgeous....bubbles....I say she needs diamonds......xv

  19. I adore Daisy and my Maltese and Maine Coon Cat all love bubbles. The MiKi is an interesting breed and so cute. We always love to see photos of Daisy.
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  20. Beyond adorable....I wonder what she will weight when full grown? More photos soon, please!

  21. Hi Sande...i just found out that i had been living under some rock all this while...or else i would have discovered your gorgeous blog a long time back..i'll keep coming back for more have me hooked!! xo Meenal

  22. Adorable! Such a contrast to my 9 month old Great Dane puppy.

  23. what a beautiful little friend you have. those eyes could melt any heart....


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