Friday, December 11, 2009

Romantic Gift Style at a la parisienne

Gift Wrapping ~ A la Parisienne

If you haven't met Mandy at her blog A La Parisienne by now, I hope you will today as she shared her Holiday ~ Romantic gift wrapping . Look! She used one of those store-bought bows but in all the right ways. Mandy is one of my incredible friends who I have met through blogging. Over the months she has become one of those blogger friends I really would love to meet in person, I know she would be even more wonderful in person. We could wrap together! She is gorgeous, sweet, adorable, generous, supportive, and full of talent and her Parisian taste just keeps evolving. As a stay-at-home mom bursting with creativity, Mandy really is inspiring and I hope she knows this. I watch her explore, design, and create and I think to myself.............boy, do you remind me of myself in my younger years when I too was a stay-at-home. Except I didn't have blogging and Etsy to keep my creativity so well-nourished. I am going to love watching her talent grow and blossom.

Mandy blogs, designs fabulous blog headers, blog embellishments, and Etsy shop banners for a growing list of admirers and her latest creation is her newly-launched Etsy shop. Gorgeous fabric layered flower brooches with exquisite fabric choices and perfect details. I love how she tucked this gold fabric pin into this Versailles pocket for her Etsy shop photos. I meant to order these as gift toppers (how fabulous would that be?) but I didn't act act enough because I noticed this style is sold out. Not to worry though.......

......I found this vintage-faded creation and this will do beautifully! You can wear it (on a denim jacket as Mandy suggests) or in your hair, but I have to say if you are giving one of these creations, attach it to the top of a wrapped gift and you have one breathtaking presentation. Buy as many as you can (this one is 16.95) because I suspect Mandy is working to save for a trip to Paris. We really have to help get her there as I believe she must have lived there in a former life. Next door to me I think. I am sure of it.

Mandy used seam binding (very affordable ribbon by the way) and cut offs from her floral brooches to make these exquisite and sparkly hand-stamped gift tags. Mandy emailed me a few days ago and wrote " do you do this wrapping thing everyday". Oh Mandy didn't you know? I get all my inspiration from other bloggers. You included.

Which reminds me, I better get back to my own gift wrapping, the helper elves are back.

All images from a la parisienne


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the talented Mandy with us!

  2. Love the vintage packaging.... just beautiful... as is your blog.

    FYI: I am giving away some of my papers vintage/handmade/decorative in a little give away next Tue. Hope you get a chance to stop by and add some Joy by signing up...


  3. Bonjour Sande! Such a lovely post about Mandy and all her beautiful creations. She was my very first follower and left such a kind comment it really encouraged me. The two of you would be quite a pair wrapping together!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Sande,

    Thank you for this post and for all of your support and encouragement over the past year.You are ALWAYS an inspiration to me.
    Yes, if I get to return to Paris any time soon, I hope to meet you there!!!! I have just enough fabric to make another Souvenir de Versailles brooch for anyone interested, I will relist it. Now...if I could just find some little elves to help...
    Bon week-end, my friend,

  5. A beautiful post in tribute to Sweet Mandy! She is an inpsiration, and her lovely soul shines through in everything she touches!

  6. How beautiful Mandy's work is, Sande..... and how kind and generous of you to do a post about her work. I will go over and introduce myself.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  7. Those are stunning! Thank you for sharing~

  8. Dearest Sande,

    It has been quite awhile since I visited last since I have been exceedingly busy!

    ~ Yet I must say that whenever I am able to visit it is like a 'breath of fresh air' to me!~ Your delightful blog is just so thoughtfully composed, so very exquisite and artistically presented and just plain 'lovely' overall!.., Sigh!

    What a lovely and befitting tribute to dear Mandy! I adore her blog and beautiful creations as well!

    You are most warmly invited to pop by for visit to my blogs anytime my dear lady, where you will always find a warm welcome and a cup of tea with a few treats awaiting you!.., It just so happens that this week is my 37th, 'Tuesday Tea for Two' and also my 28th,'Wednesday Tea For Me and Thee'..,

    I guess you can tell that I am an affectionado of all things afternoon tea!

    Have a marvelous Canada day and July the 4th!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
    @ The Plumed Pen and also @ Silken Purse


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