Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I want for Christmas is French Essence ...........and I can't have it!

It wasn't that I didn't try. All I wanted for Christmas for myself and my website was Vicki Archer's new book French Essence, all the way from Australia. I simply thought it would be the most fabulous book gift ever. But like the rest of us in North America, I will have to wait until the New Year to get this fabulous book back in hand. I repeat, it wasn't that I didn't try, in fact in talking to the Australian publisher I knew ahead that shipping might be a tad high. But a large heavy book shipment coming across the Atlantic? You can imagine........but the minute that book lands in North America in January you can be assured it will be on my website. But I do have plenty of readers outside of North America so let me just say that if you live on the other side of the pond this "this is the best book gift you can buy for any woman this Christmas". Now you are supposed to ask me "How do you know this"?

You can ask me a million times and I won't tell you how I came to have one copy of this magnificent book but I can tell you it is simply the best book a woman could ever want, maybe even need. We all need to be transported at times and Vicki Archer has the remarkable gift of graciously and beautifully transporting us to that exquisite and beautiful place we all want to go..............that la Mas Guest Room for Christmas. Just kidding, but that would be 2ND on my list if I still actually believed in Santa Claus and his sleigh (wink, wink).

I would like to say that I still have this exquisite book in my possession but I do not. I know, I know..........but it was the best gift for the best person and off it went in October though I did hold on to a few minutes longer than normal when handing over a gift. You are darn right I thought about keeping it for myself but I truly was trying to be a better and giving person that day while listening to myself think of other possible gift options. Anything but this one glorious copy of French Essence. But absolutely nothing was better than this and I knew it.

I did give it up so to speak and felt quite good about it in the end. It was the gracious thing to do. But not before I took a few photos of some inside pages and how it looked as a wrapped presentation. I have no doubt Vicki could do it better, in fact the gift wrapping in her 2ND book is as stylish as you would expect from our favorite author and blogger (you will adore her feather detail). All I am going to say is if you are lucky enough to be giving this book this Christmas I do think it should be gift wrapped in red. Don't ask me why, it just feels right.

If you or a friend doesn't have Vicki Archer's first book My French Life what on earth are you waiting for? Impress yourself with your own self-gifting ability and then your friends with your impeccable gift style, follow it up next spring with French Essence. They are equally captivating and inspiring. Once you have read the first one, the second will be irresistible. My French Life can be ordered online {click here} or bookstore-bought on both sides of the pond. And you may have just enough time.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Hi Sande
    Well you will be high in Santa's esteem for parting with this delightful treasure. Both of Vicki's book are on my Santa list. I'm pretty sure I'll be rewarded as I'll be the one in the red coat!

    Love your blog.. Julie

  2. What a wrapping - so gloriously....RED! I wouldn't want to unwrap something so beautifully wrapped! Incidentally I did some pre-Christmas gift wrapping myself this weekend and enjoyed making use of the bits and bobs and odd pieces that I save from other wrappings, old string,ribbons and string from clothing tags, old buttons... anything and everything to compose the special wrapping with as little expenditure as possible - it's an adventure and a challenge every time...

  3. Love the first one, A second would be wonderful too!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. love everything about this post, thank you

  5. Where have I been ? I never knew Vicki had a book coming out ! I will most definitely be on the lookout come the new year. I bet you are busy as can be wrapping up magic for the holidays ... how I'd love to get a gift wrapped by you. I would never open it though ! Merry Merry Lisa

  6. Hi Sande,
    I have Vicki's first book and will be getting the second one.
    I was going to say that I would get you the second one but, you think that the postage will be too high ?
    Your wrapping is glorious and makes the present even lovlier.
    Enjoy your week. XXXX

  7. Oh Sande...you are such a darling and your words so touching. Thank you for writing this thoughtful post....you have made my Christmas, xv.
    PS I adore the way you wrapped it and you are so right it should be red. xv

  8. Yes I have French Life and French Essence, Vicki just does a SUPERB job on her books. So sorry you had to part with yours and have to wait for a replacement honey :(.

    I just adore the wrapping, you wonderful generous girl.

  9. Sande,
    I know, I tried my hardest to get a few copies, and I failed! Sadly. A few Christmases agao, I gave My French Life to everyone, and they loved it! If only I had such a grand gift to give this year! Maybe Valentine's Day will be my Christmas! :)

  10. I tried to get a copy of French Essence when Vicki first made the announcement, but sadly found that it was not available. I have it on my Christmas list, but mostly I will be getting a gift card from the book store. I'll be counting the days until I can get my hands on the book.

    The 'presentation' is fabulous...you have such a talent.

  11. I love her blog and wish I had her books too!! Love your pretty blog,going to go have a look around,Chrissy

  12. I cannot believe that you let your one copy go. What an extraordinary generous gift that was! I can hardly wait until the book is available here.

  13. I can personally attest to the fact that these books are both incredible and the best kind of eye candy. They are treasured pieces in my library from Vicki. I hope that you and your family have the very best Christmas ever, Sande! Lots of love to you. xo

  14. Sandi -- you and I are like to peas in a pod :)

    This book looks wonderful. I certainly have to look into ordering it. I hope you enjoy...


  15. Could not resist stealing one of your irresistable pictures from this post to add to my RED post! I little mention to Santa about my favorite gift wrapper!

  16. Thankyou soooo much for the note on this book. I was inspired to purchase a copy (my hubby bought it for me). I live in Sydney, Australia, so it is not difficult to get a copy here. The most wonderful book place online is Fishpond.com where they list all the books and the best bargains. I picked mine up for less than the recommended retail - wow! P.S. I have a link of A Gift Wrapped Life on my blog! I love popping in from time to time to see your latest GORGUSness.


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