Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Kate Spade Christmas Gift List makes me smile

There I go in my last post somewhat snickering about those pre-bought bows. Darn that clever Kate Spade for taking what the rest us know as tacky and somehow and making it suddenly cool and stylish...........downright fun too. You know how those keyless car keys never have to move from the bottom of your purse? Where they get lost and impossible to find? This vibrant patent bow and 14 karat keychain is easy to spot and will bring a smile to her face, even the smug ones that originally thought this type of bow was tacky. $60.00 at

After the past 4 weeks spent recovering in my pajamas and robe, I have a new found respect for pre-bedtime casual apparel. Anything that keeps me warm and cosy. Colourful is even better. That these combine one of my favorite colour combinations and have those fun little bonbons on them just makes me want them all the more. $95.00. Yes, I would wear these Zoe (what are these these called anyways?) around the house, even at my age. They would make my feet very happy and make me smile, maybe laugh out loud. So adorable.
Give this woman who wears far too much black a pair of these "Guest" suede platform shoes with pleated satin (a more sophisticated bow style) and I am going to party somewhere. soon. with a smile. $398.00. I love these shoes.

I have the first versions of these Kate Spade earrings, the shorter version, gold with sparkly clear crystals, and boy do I wear them. Lots of compliments too. Add in all these colours that go with just about any outfit and on my list these Marmalade Ball Dangle earrings go. Great glam and keepsake gift for that special friend. And I think they gift box them in their so-fabulous petite round boxes (see Kate Spade box re-gift post here). I would ask if they can put their petite box in a slightly-larger square one so you can gift wrap in all these colours. Another pair of Kate Spade earrings........real big smile, especially since I get another little box too. $98.00
The biggest smile of all. Are these Guilia suede shoes with their peep toe and jewel-encrusted clasp the absolute best.? I feel another party coming up. Maybe I will invite that clever Kate Spade. $325.00

All photos from Kate Spade


  1. the shoes with the pink bow are to die for!!!

  2. Oh I love everything Sande. The hilariously funny key ring (it actually does make that bow look cool !!), the pink boots, the earings but......give this woman who always wears black those black shoes with the pink bow. Gorgeous. XXXX

  3. Bonjour Sande!
    Oh I adore those Guilia Fuschia peep toes - I have just the dress! And I'm with you on the pink bon bon booties. I can envision these styles inpsiring your wrap room!
    Have wonderful day!

  4. I love Kate of course but as I am scrolling down I see that blue clutch. My heart raced and then sang a little tune named "I have to have that".

  5. Great selection! I'd be thrilled to receive just about anything from Kate Spade for Christmas -- she's just SO spot-on right now.

  6. Gorgeous glimpses and splashes of pink! I LOVE then all.

  7. Great list, Sande! Love all the pink. Hope you have a terrific weekend. xo

  8. WoW Sande! This is too funny!! Every year, I say, I hate those bows in a package and pretty ribbon is SO MUCH more quality... but you are so right! This cutie bow puts ribbon to shame~ I think I may even have to go get one of these. Love your bonbon booties and the amazing heels! I think your Christmas list could be mine too! It all makes me smile BIG! Super great post little buddy.

  9. That pink is Sooo hot. And to think that just yesterday the news said that some feminist said it should be abolished from girl's stuff. what's so bad about having a special special colour just for us ladies? I mean we wear baby boy blues, but very, very few men wear baby girl pinks - only the ones with class... so there!

  10. The Kate Spade colours are just delicious! They make me smile - even when I wouldn't chose them for myself.

  11. Your Majesty!!

    I am drooling over the shoes!!! I may not be able to sleep:)) They should be illegal! Wonderful selection and color! Great article:))

    Royal wishes,

  12. I love all of these pieces, Sandi :) Lovely...


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