Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy Wrapping

Will be back. Busy wrapping.
I like this idea, petite gifts hanging
from a bedroom door. A special something
on Christmas Eve~ just for them.

Photo by Daniel Farmer ~ Sarah Kaye


  1. A brilliant idea, Sande and, I just love Daniel Farmer's photographs. XXXX

  2. I love this photo those little gift i love to wrap gifts.

  3. Sande, you must be wrapping like crazy! Would love to see all of the beautiful packages!! Have a very Merry Christmas! xo Lynn

  4. Lovely idea, a little surprise at the end of a long day. I bet the wrap room is humming a very pretty tune!
    Happy wrapping and a fabulous weekend!

  5. Great things come in small packages! These are darling.

  6. Genius! Since Santa no longer comes to our house, I've been looking for ways to replace the magic. I was thinking treasure hunt, but I am totally going to incorporate door presents this year! Loves it!

  7. Sande, This photo is so simple, artistic and appealing--it invites you to open the door and peek inside. Would love to peek inside the wrap room this time of year and see you. Your advice and inspiring gift wrap ideas are creative and brilliant!!

  8. What a wonderful idea! I should be busy wrapping but I've not even done the shopping yet! I've never left it this late....

  9. Meeee tooo! Boy do I miss the quiet days where I got to visit daily with you and my other bloggy friends!
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well and enjoying the holidays too!
    xo Lisa

  10. I do the tiny boxed gifts for the Christmas breakfast table, but I like your idea...maybe a small box of chocolates on the bedroom doorknobs.

    Happy wrapping...Please take pictures of your favorite to share in a future post.

  11. This is the most fabulous Blog!!! I love this! I am so glad I found it!!!

  12. That is so cute ... "will be back, busy wrapping". I'll bet you are. You just take it easy, cheers darling.
    I'd love to have a little gift on my door handle too, how sweet.

  13. Hi Sande,
    I just noticed your comment on my Mom's house and was so delighted that you came by. I read her your comment and she loved it! Thank you:)
    I adore your blog. It's amazing, delectable, and oh so inspirational!! Blogland is lucky to have you in it!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Your newest follower,

  14. Hi Missy!!
    I LOVE these pretty wrapped boxes on the door tied with ribbon!!! Thanks for ALL the inspiration as always to make gift giving even more special & fun!!
    Thinking of you everyday~ I wish I could be a little Christmas mouse in your house right now, because I know it would be the most magical place to be! I would make a nest in all your Christmas wrap!! I would turn into an elf and help you all day and we could have Christmas tea when everyone went to sleep...

  15. hi Sande! as always, it is a pleasure to hear from you! thank you so much for your kind words. you are just the sweetest person! i am happy to have met you too this year! your blog has been such an inspiration to me. your beautiful gift wrapped boxes are to live for, absolutely beautiful work! and your just fabulous yourself!! i am wishing you and your family a blessed holiday! keep inspiring and i look forward to seeing what new creations you come up with for 2010. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

    God Bless,

  16. ok I am so right here with you on this perfect blog! Love the idea of gifts hanging on the door! Must get busy!! findy that special little something to hang!! Merry Christmas!

  17. This is lovely! A little surprise to wake up to Christmas morning? Oh yes please! Add a cup of Italian coffee and you've really made my Christmas...

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Sandi, and happy wrapping :)

  18. So sweet. Good things do come in small packages!
    I am sure you are a busy little elf this time of the year.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~

  19. Hi Sande,
    i haven't stopped over in a while and i wanted to say "hi!" and wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday seson!
    ps i love the little gifts hanging from the door!


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