Monday, November 23, 2009

My kind of prissy store......

By the time I was 6, my mother had likely relized she had created a prim, but polite little fashionista. I insisted on wearing white gloves to go along with my long blonde ringlets (it was the 50's) and little handmade princess dresses whenever we went socializing. As the only daughter with 4 brothers, I was a willing girly girl all the way. At 7 yrs. old we moved across the border from Michigan to Canada and right next door to a rambuctious Irish family of 4 girls. They took one look at this fussy and girly import and pretty well told me to lose the immaculate white Keds, flowing hair, and princess attitude if I had any illusions on joining their club. I must have wanted new friends and new adventures (being prissy was getting boring) because I lost the tiara real quick, got a pixie haircut, quit cleaning my white Keds and joined in all the fun. I got to thinking of this recently (not that my old friends have ever let me forget it) when we happened upon this exquisite store in Cannes recently.

Another illusion that I operate under is that I am the detail person in my household. I was so busy absorbing the window display seen at I Pinco Pallino that I failed to notice something and I still can't quite believe it. It was my husband who casually said "did you notice the hem?" Wait, this can't be happening, that the logical, non-creative one in this marriage would notice this exquisite detail and I would miss it? My reply " Yes, of course I did". I have to preserve my reputation.

I Pinco Pallino is an upscale and Italian-based chain of children's clothing stores. Which means you can usually find one in major cities during your European travels. It could only be princes and princesses of royal or celebrity lineage who could actually buy and wear these clothes, but what exquisite detail, style, and craftmanship. It is a not-to-be-missed store for anyone who appreciates beautiful things and truthfully it is more lovely than this interior web photo suggests (love the floor). I could have bought that ivory window display outfit just to look at and admire, it truly was that gorgeous with the lace skirt, fur jacket with embroidered crest, and suede boots! But I did mention my husband was the logical one didn't I?

A hearfelt Thank You to all the readers and fellow bloggers who commented or emailed me directly with thoughts of lovely support during my poorly-timed recovery. I haven't forgotten the seasonal countdown has started ........and we have some Christmas wrapping and gift ideas to get going on so I am resting and getting there slowly but surely. PS. Pricey bed linens are worth every penny.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I used to buy all the girly girl dresses and outfits for my daughter when she was little. I used to wait for this one particular catalog to have their pretty dresses on clearance and then I'd get a few for her.

  2. Dear Sande~

    I CAN NOT wait for a Grand Daughter someday!! I will take her here for sure!! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous shop. I bet the gift wrap here is adorable:)

    I can just see you in white gloves and being the little lady you were and I know that you still are today... Time goes by so fast. Doesn't it seem like yesterday? I feel like I must have known you then...

    I hope your all better. You are an Elf that I have a feeling that Santa counts on~


  3. What, your sick. Okay, now get well soon.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Sande,
    My logical husband will hopefully put his 'logic' on the shelf the day we decide to find this store during our next European jaunt! The little crumb will look divine in something so extraordinary!

  5. So pleased that you're feeling better, Sande.
    I love the French window display and the childrens shop.
    I am so looking forward to your Christmas gift wrapping posts. XXXX

  6. Oh my goodness, that outfit and store are DIVINE! Isn't your husband the clever one :)

    That was so funny Sande about your childhood, I was picturing it and having a giggle. You would have been a gorgeous 6yr old in that sweet getup for sure.

    Take it easy honey and looking forward to the Christmas wrapping.

    love and hugs DJ

  7. Hello Sande,

    What a beautiful blog you have, thank you for sharing. I just happened upon it tonight and became a follower right away.

    Reading your profile I smiled when I read you went to Queen's. I was born and raised in Kingston. Thanks for the smile.

    Am looking forward to reading all your posts.

    Until next time ...


  8. Love the outfit in the your husband pointed out....especially the skirt's hem. God...why did you not bless me with a daughter? I have 2 sons, one who just started college in LA and endorsed the " is swell" dressing style, and the older one in College in Connecticut who is living up to his bet to test how far will a pair of "4 Seasons Hotel" bathroom slippers will take him...We are on 4 months and winter is upon us.
    I hope the shingles are past...Francine

  9. Sande,

    This post has definitely peaked my interest. It's a good thing that I have never seen this store in person because I would undoubtedly make a fool of myself admiring all of these beautifully made jackets, dresses, and boots!

    I just love cream/winter white on a baby/toddler (although the older they get, the harder it is to keep that color clean).

    I bet you were the cutest little Miss Priss! I am not surprised that in your your early years you were a girly girl.
    It's so funny how children can so easily change their ways for the sake of making new friends!

    And, Janet, I can only imagine how you will be so giddy in these stores!!!

  10. Oh, I would LOVE to see that shop! I fantasize about little girls clothes, decor, books, toys as I live in an all testosterone home with my lovely boys that I would not trade for the world...that floor is unbelievable...I wonder how they keep it clean?
    I hope you are feeling better,

  11. Prissy and pretty indeed. Cannot wait for your shopping and wrapping tips. Also, I agree 100 percent beautiful linens can actually change one's life. Well, you know, context, context

    They are definitely one of life's greater little luxuries.

    Hope you are feeling well.


  12. Sande thank you for sharing your delightful childhood story (had to giggle) and the enchanting French shop. Thank goodness I did not see that in person as I would of stayed put until a granddaughter had been produced. Bravo to your husband. I know there's no doubt my husband wouldn't even slow down in order to even take a glance. So pleased you are getting well and my best to you and your family for blessed Thanksgiving. Looking forward to your Christmas greatness! xx

  13. Somehow, this struck my inner "priss pot" self. I loved winter white and still do...that outfit, the details and your husband spotting the hem, priceless. Tell him he has exquisite taste!
    Feel better dear!

  14. *Sending hugs your way, Sandi! Best advice? Be good to yourself.

    This is such a lovely shop -- a girl's delight, of any age...


  15. Wow what a lovely dress!

    My almost 16 year old granddaughter only wears a dress once a year to the winter formal. Her 12 year old sister dresses up but never in a dress. They had lots of very pretty dresses when they were younger.

    Granddaughter number three loves to dress up when they go out to eat. She will wear a party dress, dress shoes and a wrap if need be. She has done this since she was about three. The rest of the family will be in jeans and nice tops. I call that having a mind of her own.
    Once when it was just her Dad and her Grandparents with her I noticed her Dad did a good job of instructing her on proper manners with out being critical.

  16. What a sweet little story.. Now I get to dress up my daughter, it is so much fun! This store is precious !!

    Glad you are feeling better..

  17. Bonjour your Majesty,

    I too am so in love with the little white Jacket!! I wish I were a little girl again so that I can wear one:)) It is heavenly, and the boutique is divine! Wonderful article Sande. I am sure it have brought out the Princess in all of us that have read it.

    Royal wishes,
    La Petite Plume

  18. Bonjour! Such beautiful clothes - France has so many lovely children's shops. Sorry to hear about your bout with shingles on you trip, but glad you are on the mend now!

  19. How utterly divine! I must have been a princess in another life....
    Sorry to hear about your shingles. I've been there and know how painful it is. Hope you are feeling better.


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