Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lights, cameras......and real estate

In order to survive a case of the Shingles (which I realized I had about halfway over the Atlantic 10 days ago) you must take liberal doses of very hefty pain killers. You need to rest, a exceptionally good and lengthy ipod playlist, non-depressing Oprah shows, and you need to stay away from commenting on any other blogs while laying about in a pain-medicated state. Otherwise, people might take you serious and as we all should know............sounding serious and ingesting pain meds do not mix. You probably shouldn't blog either although I have checked and my previous travel post reads relatively normal considering my necessary consumption that day. I didn't purchase that apartment in Nice I mentioned but it did lead me to leave a glib comment on a one of my favorite blogs last week while in said pain-medicated state and that led to another email which I will get to in a few minutes.

First, if you wanted to get a bunch of friends together and rent this gorgeous Provence farmhouse named La Goutte D' Or (named after a local variety of figs) for a week, you could do so for 1,525 - 2,300 Euros per week depending on the season. It sleeps 8 so you do the math as I am not sure I am capable yet of doing it for you (even though I have reduced the pain meds). I find these enticing offers of rental properties on the Provence-based blog The Provence Post. As a freelance and travel writer, blogger and expat Julie Mautner has lived in St. Remy since 1999 so she knowledgeably shares local travel information that future travelers or homeowners would find helpful when heading to this region. Traveling aside, I find her blog highly entertaining as she blogs about the food, wine, and happenings of her adopted home. Julie posted this past week (click here) on the show House Hunters, the American producers of the hit show House Hunters International on HGTV are looking for homeowners looking to relocate or buying a second home outside of the US. You can see where this is going don't you? No, I am not moving to Nice and cannot participate in making myself an international TV star but if you know anyone from any country who is "lively and interesting" and is lucky enough to be seriously searching for a property in France or anywhere outside the US and who would like to be featured on House Hunters International, then you should tell them to quickly contact producer Holly Schwartz. Lights, action, a camera crew and some funds for your time........could maybe cover some foreign moving costs. The camera-ready buyers must be seriously planning to buy and be available for filming for 3-4 days in early 2010. The Pietown production is also looking for "animated and engaging" English-speaking real estate agents who sell property outside the US. Call me if it works out for you, I am so going to need another vacation when I recover and anywhere international will do. Visit the website or contact Holly Schwartz at for more information.

Both photos via blog ~ The Provence Post


  1. Oh Sande, poor you, shingles must be horrible, I really hope you are recovering.

    Your cruise sounds wonderful....loved your comments on Rome....the Trevi fountain is absolutely beautiful, albeit always busy.....and St Peters is an amazing place to visit, very spiritual, I totally agree with you, it has a very special atmosphere.

    Take care,
    Simone :)

  2. I am soooooo sorry you're sick. Not even fun sick (defined as too sick too work, not too sick to read magazines). Hope you get better SOON - especially in time to celebrate the holidays!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you have got shingles Sande....not a nice thing to have. My friend had it a couple of months ago, so I know what you're going through. Make sure that you do rest.
    We are meant to be going to France for New Year but I'm not thinking of buying anything !! Take care Sande and get everyone to spoil you ! XXXX

  4. Dear Sande,

    I'm ready for another vacation too right now too! Gosh too much work coming home, especially if your sick.. You poor baby girl. Are you still not feeling better?

    You can count me in for sure! Sande, Wouldn't it be just the dream to put a blogger event together and all meet at a farm house in Provence for the first time? We will probally need Dr. Phil there but maybe Dr. Austin would come:)


    I am sprinkling you with some magic dust that sparkles to help you get better right now~


  5. I would love ur advice to build downline!!!!

  6. Pity I am already in St Remy...I could have been on TV...;) xv

  7. poor mother had a terrible case of shingles while visiting me in Connecticut. she went to doctors, specialists and back in France even went to a "guerisseur" sort of french version of witch doctor who had her climbing on his back and running around the dining table chanting...shingles go away while holding a live chicken...would you like his name??? it worked.... I am looking for a house in Provence...still speaks some french and english, camera experience after my Showtime stint...perhaps i should apply

  8. Sande - my heart goes out to you for having to endure shingles. My father has fought them for years & I know they are incredibly painful. I admire your great sense of humor. Your pictures have been stunning and it's been fun to tag along. I still love how you pertain to your husband as "that romantic man of mine". I seriously need to rethink this selling real estate thing in the U.S. Hmmmmm....
    To well times my dear xx

  9. Sande, I love reading your blog. So witty!
    I do hope you are feeling better. Nothing worse than shingles and being away from home not feeling well ~ but what a place to not feel well in! :)
    Sending well wishes~

  10. Sande,

    A very close friend of mine got shingles from being way too over-worked and stressed...It sounds like all of your magnificent work has taken a toll on your body. (Okay, I know, I am sounding like a mother)
    I hope that you will slow down a little and recover before the holidays. You are doing a great job-your blog is outstanding; your online store is exquisite; we all love what you do; it's okay to rest when you need it.

    And I agree with Janet. Can you just picture a blogger meet-up in Paris? in Provence? It would be something we would talk/blog about for years!

  11. Sande, I am glad you are feeling better. I'm so sorry you had the shingles on your trip. I know they are soooo painful. Take care and slow down. Shingles are a sign that you need to stop and smell the wrappings and bows a little more often!!!

  12. While you are resting Sande, I highly recommend reading Muriel Barbery's book " Elegance of the Hedgehog. If you have not already that is.

  13. What a rotten bit of luck while you're traveling. Hope you're feeling better. I think you make perfect sense while your on your meds.

    Sublime house. The only problem would be trying to find just the right group of people with whom to share it.

    Take good care of yourself.


  14. Oh you poor thing. Not a fun way to spend a vacation. speedy recovery!

  15. i cannot seem to locate how to get to the house info... can you please email me if you have a minute? thank you so much... feel better... x pam

  16. sande, i am not sure if you received my first post. i just hope you feel better very soon... very sincerely, x pam

  17. Sande,
    Excellent idea of a Provence blogger escape!

    Hope you are better!


  18. I totally sympathize! I had shingles about 5 years ago. I didn't take pain killers, so I couldn't sleep for a week. Only someone who has had them can wholly understand. I hope you feel better really soon.

  19. I stayed in one that was painted the exact same colours! Hope you get well soon!!

  20. Darling Sande, that's just not fair! I hope you're feeling better. The pics from your trip are amazing!

  21. I hope your son is able to come and tend to his Mommy.
    Feel better, rest, and wrap elegantly in your dreams!


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