Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interiors Series - Kitchens

If you have been a reader for a long time, back when I started this blog, you will remember this kitchen. It is my absolute favorite. Something to do with the room height, the cabinet finish, and it reminds me of Flamant, a favorite home store in Paris. It is utter and perfectly understated perfection. It would make me cook on a deliciously grand scale

I tend to analyze the design elements in any room I admire. I have always had a "thing" for upholstered banquettes in a kitchen and this one I find particularly appealing. It is an more inviting type of seating that suggests a conversational meal. Banquettes have become popular in kitchens lately. I think it is an attempt to fashion a more leisurely, restaurant vibe at home. Why I like this one is that it doesn't have that high-fashion restaurant look, especially when used with the wood table and hardwood floor. Look a bit further and there is one design stroke that makes this room so sophisticated. Not the antlers, though I love that quirk, but look to the charcoal black doors. Now picture the room if those doors were painted white. Not nearly so striking is it? Sometimes one designer decision can turn a beautiful room to fabulous.

If I could committ long term to a painted cabinet finish, this wouldbe it. I may have shown you this one before by desinger Elaine Griffin simply because I find this particular green finish to be more sophisticated than most. One I could live with for years. The colour of hardwood with the copper hood, the wall paneling wrapping around the room, this room would be beautiful in the natural light of day or as the day moves to evening. and it has one of those side butler pantry I always wanted, I can't believe I didn't fit it in.

Wouldn't this start your day with glorious colour and perk up those sleepy eyes? Designer Suzanne Tucker also takes green cabinety but plays it againest a lucious pumpkin (apricot?) for a more exhuberant effect. I love inside window casings painted in that french green. I have always wanted to do that somewhere. I once had all the window casings, baseboards, and doors painted in a almost black in a open kichen/family room for a client. With all the ivory kitchen cabinetry, ivory walls and furnishings, it was spectacular (if I do so so myself) and the black window frames actually framed their spectacular wooded view much better than a standard white of ivory would have. My point, look at your room openings as something that can provide a whole new turn-of-events inthe colour scheme of your room.

Another view.

Remember me showing you the work of Canadian designer Brian Gluckstein? The curved library-bathroom a few days ago? Everyone wants to copy his work, hence the logo across every photo. Here is one of his kitchen designs fromback aways, another I am sure plenty would just like to say " I'll just take that one" . Those open shelves, the blackboard hood, then the blackboard wall? Pure genuis.

Makes me want to cook again.

Can I go this petite and simple when it comes to downsizing?
In a minute........ if it has all that light, that celing, those windows and that view.
Absolutely charming by designer Jill Sharp Brinson

Design 1by Baden Baken-UK/Photo 2, 4, and 5 via House Beautiful/Photo 5 via Canadian House & Home/Photo 6 from Gluckstein Design-


  1. As an absolutely kitchen girl myself, I must tell you I spent the entire post with my jaw dropped. What FABULOUS spaces! I adore the chalkboard as a range hood - cookbook holder included. The sheer size of some of those spaces was absolutely delicious~
    What a wonderful eye you have for finding such jewels my friend!

  2. As many say, "the kitchen is the soul of the home", and I couldn't agree more! I adore the
    upholstered banquettes~ a definite must for our next home!

  3. oh how i love green wood. i'm printing it off to show hubbs now! thanks!

  4. I love kitchens and these are wonderful to look at!

  5. I have been in a lighten and brighten mood for some time now. I love how inviting those kitchen appear ~ I could see myself preparing dinner in them!


  6. I could live with that particular green... and I could move into that kitchen in a blink.

  7. I love the photos and especially am charmed with the green painted walls and cabinets...tres chic! And I love your website...so much so that I've mentioned it to the editor of Romantic Homes magazine :-) Gift wrapping is an art and expresses one's thoughts of the fortunate recipient, beyond what is in the box!

  8. I just love your taste, Sande. All of these kitchens are so elegant. Grandpa is feeling better, thanks for asking. I hope all is well with your family! xoxo

  9. I can see why that kitchen is so great, and I agree, the green painted kitchen is exactly the shade I'd go for if I were to choose a colour!!
    Great post!


    I cannot believe you have that ... so not fair. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a gorgeous comment. Thinking of you, talk soon.
    ps i thought i'd left a comment on your gorgeous kitchens - i'm probably just losing my mind .... #1 for me for sure.

  11. you just made me hungry.
    you also made me want to light a match to my current kitchen.

  12. All the kitchens are too much. Just divine.


  13. It's time I stopped lurking and come right out and tell you how spectacular I think your blog is. Your taste is extraordinary. It is an absolutely joy to see what you're creating.

    I was born just across the water from you in Niagara Falls, NY.

    What is more thrilling that seeing a beautifully wrapped package, the excitement begins with the first glance.

    I'll be back often.

    Warm regards,

    P.S.: Your picture tells me you are extremely elegant as well.

  14. Oh my goodness! They are all wonderful. Beautiful post Sandee, just beautiful.

  15. Beautiful choices. Especially love the banquette.

  16. Sweet Sande I hope you told that couple about your amazing blog. So that even though they are back from holiday they can come here and escape.

    Hope you are feeling well and the shingles are gone.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. Your blog is never disappointing. I love all your kitchens. Have a great Sunday. Blessings, Martha

  18. I just wrote an entire post dedicated to the first kitchen. It really is amazing! I've never seen something so perfectly matched to my taste.

    Thank you so much for posting it (and I completely agree that it is very Parisian!)


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