Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am so jealous of your turkey....

Mr. Poultry ~ Dutch Touch Art

I am actually quite envious of my American readers and friends this week. I much prefer the date of your Thanksgiving. Our low-key Canadian Thanksgiving is a much earlier (October) and much more sedate. Yes, the turkey dinner, but really that's about it, one big meal. Your timing is better, having it a month before Christmas is much more exciting, sort of a prep for the biggest holiday coming up as it opens the Christmas season. You get the added benefit of Christmas decorations in stores and streets which makes your celebration all the more festive. And you keep all the men out of the way with all those football games....genius! Even though our family lived on the Canadian side of a border town, my Dad worked in Michigan. We always celebrated American Thanksgiving so it was a day off school for us as we headed over to see the Thanksgiving parade, then headed home back across the bridge for turkey and pumpkin pie. For one day a year we pretended to be Americans (actually half of my siblings are) and we were always awed by the American way. You just seem to know how to have a party! You know, I can be ready at a moment's notice.

Mr. Wild Turkey ~ Dutch Touch Art

To all my American readers and friends, have a safe, warm, and wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

I shall be thinking of you all.


Both hand-painted oils from Dutch Touch Art


  1. Half of my family is in Canada, and it is always so confusing! Why couldn't they keep it the same? Lovely pictures!

  2. What a lovelypost, Sande, to all of our American friends.
    We don't have any Thanksgiving celebration in the U.K, although I am very thankful for all I have.
    A very kind and thoughtful post. XXXX

  3. Sande,
    I have a seat and gorgeous place setting with your name on it...come on over!

  4. That is so neat that your Dad worked here in Michigan!:)I think we have a special bond with you Canadians...when I lived in Australia SO many people would ask 'Are you from Canada?' which was so funny...must be because we are just a stone's throw from you guys here in the Detroit area. Looking forward to some quality family time, food, & fun :)Have a great weekend!

  5. What a lovely post. We don't eat turkey in my family on Thanksgiving; we eat ham (no one likes turkey unless it's deli slices!).

    Beautiful photos.

  6. Sande ~ I can add a calligraphic seating card to a place setting with your name on it. :) I know it would be great conversation and fun!
    Thanks for all the inspiration you bring to us.

  7. i once spent thanksgiving day in canada. it was our 10th anniversary. the hotel made me a special pumpkin pie. i heart canada! thanks for thinking of all of us! xo kitty

  8. We definitely are lucky for our Thanksgiving celebration. It my favorite holiday of the year because there's no pressure to buy gifts!

    I hope you can celebrate tomorrow at least a little bit. Buy a big turkey and make some stuffing!

  9. Thanks Sande,
    It's my absolute favorite of all our Holidays. I have a friend from Vancouver, who moved to California, and I was completely amazed that she and her family make the American Thanksgiving meal to the letter each year. I didn't realize this tradition was so coveted by others. I treasure it even more so now.

  10. Dear Sande~
    We for sure should make it a tradition that you come here every American Thanksgiving! We will set a place setting for your Aunt & Uncle too! We can start our Christmas shopping & of course our wrapping on Friday! What do you think? For this year I am Thankful for you more than you'll ever know.
    Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving even if you are in Canada~

  11. Hello Sande!
    What a thoughtful post! I'll set the table for two more, come on over :) I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and a beautiful weekend. I am so thankful for all of the beauty and kind words from you always!
    Warm Wishes from your friend,

  12. I agree. I miss it. I love your way of celebrating with art -- very refined, very sophisticated. Who could expect less from you.

    Happy Un-Thanksgiving.


  13. What a sweet post, Sande. Your posts are always so beautiful, but then what else would they be? Thanks so much for the wishes. I'll let you know how the tree setting up went with mr. grumbly later.:)xoxoLidy

  14. I just want some stuffing and gravy.

    Love Renee xoxo

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  16. I keep forgetting you are no turkey for us. Have the best weekend ever!

  17. Oh that was so funny Sande that you pretended to be Americans for the day, so sweet. I would too, Thanksgiving sounds great.


    Hey guys I can be ready in a flash too

  18. A lovely post indeed.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you did. I have been enjoying your posts for a while now, and well, since you are the Queen of Wrap and it's the Holidays.. I'll be here a lot more!


  19. hi sande ~
    just so grateful for this incredible community of blogging and all the wonderful friends, like you who inspire and share and 'wow' us all!
    i am so happy to say how thankful i am every day ... every day ...
    (mr. turkey and mr. poultry are very fine specimens, btw!)
    hope your weekend is wonderful ~
    prairiegirl xo
    ps. please do pop by, if you get a moment ... ;) ...

  20. I loved your blog! added the link there in my zucchini Brazilian! kiss

  21. No sweets I did not get my stuffing and gravy. Darn it you would have thought one of our American friends would have sent us some.

    Love Renee xoxo

  22. Hope you had a FAB Thanksgiving!
    BTW... You are part of my post...
    Hope it gets you a little biz!

  23. Wonderful post! It has been inspiring to see your pictures from your trip too.
    Thanksgiving was fantastic with a nice stroll on the beach at sunset to top it off!
    Have a great Sunday ~Kristine

  24. Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family dear Sande.

    Much love: Evi

  25. Thank you for the American Thanksgiving wishes!

  26. You are so sweet, Sande! Hope that you're having a great week. xo

  27. I'm so sad I can't buy on line from Italy :-((
    I'm in love with Tour Eiffel papers and stamps

  28. i had no idea you were from canada... i have met so many lovely people from canada coming into my store... this post was so delightful to read... and we feel it is too close to christmas... although it is one of my favorite holidays... it seems to get overshadowed by the spirit of christmas... it was truly wonderful though... i have such a wonderful family... i am truly thankful. and thankful to have found your amazing blog... x pam


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