Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Etsy Find........and my inner flower child

Jodi French ~ Etsy

I always tell my younger friends " I would love to be a 20 to 40 year old right now". Strictly in a fashion and style sense of course, fashion is crazy fun right now. There is benefits to every age (as you shall see) but the benefit of being younger is and always has been that you get to have total fun with exploring fashion. So if you are in the 16 and up group, I hope you are mixing it up big time and styling yourself to the hilt. Mixing vintage with new, playing with your hair like crazy, adding layers of jewellery, pulling on mile high boots, trying it all and seeing what works. I entered my teens in a most interesting time in fashion history. Parents were dressed in Mad Men style, teens were uniformly dressed in a boring frat style (which didn't suit me at all), but lucky me, the whole world shifted mid-way and I queued right into the Age of Aquarius so I did get to explore my inner fashionista (artsy, wild-child).......long wild hair, going braless (mistake) in halter tops, wearing granny dresses, capes, maxi coats, mini skirts, fringed leather vests, puffy tie-dyed shirts, platforms, boots , and bandanna style head scarfs, and what fun to see it all coming back and merging in it's current re-styled fashion. If I hadn't explored that hippie explosion of unrestrained style while I could, I hate to think how I would be trying to relive it now. I truly believe if you embrace the age-appropriate fashion while you can and should, you don't feel compelled to wear it again and for good reason. The rule is you don't wear a trend twice and I for one think this is true. That means no leggings for me in public. I did those in the 80's.

It was these fabric chokers with their ribbon tails that got me thinking about all this. I used to wear these in my flower child phase. A reader named Jodi French emailed me her Etsy shop link {click here} and I loved the idea that I could wear this gorgeous floral choker with a open shirt, jeans, vest, a couple long strands, tie this around my neck and feel like I am adding a youthful and stylish touch without too obviously trying to relive my past. I would love the look of these flowers on with an open collar. Just a small flower child detail. But if I was younger, I would so be wearing these a number of ways, but for sure with a strapless or one-shouldered dress for a night on the town. Or maybe even in some wild hair.

Wouldn't these make a lovely and affordable gift ( 29.00) for your stylish friend? I would buy her a lovely book, wrap it up in a pretty paper and tie it up with one of these floral chokers as a lovely embellishment. Two gifts in one.

I love these faded neutral flowers over this gorgeous wrap. Perfect over any number of clothing options and at any age. 85.00.

Love the fringe.

Feeling all cozy and warm. Jodi French made this cowl as a modern day version of the Irish Fisherman's sweater. 29.00.

All photos from Jodi French ~ Etsy


  1. Ooo, love the cozy looking cowl! And the flowers are gorgeous.

  2. Dear Sande~
    These are amazing! What an artist she is and quite the fashion designer!! I am so beside you with the age wishes~ I bought one of these, very close anyway at Anthropology. It's funny, I thought of you when I bought if for some reason. I love this orange and black one you posted~ I better go buy one for a trip I am going to take soon~

  3. I know of what you speak, about the age thing, but then I admire older women who seem to have the perfect style. I see a ton of ladies dressing like teens and looking silly. But these would add a touch of whimsy to my elegance.

  4. Sande,

    You are a woman of style and grace. I really enjoyed your post and love your insights. Thank you for attention, elegance is so important.

  5. I might just have to make a visit to Jodi.
    I love my age right now - about to turn 43! I have a little money in my pocket to spend on those must haves and still delight in the vintage.
    You know you still have it when your 14 year old wants to wear your clothes! x Suzi

  6. Hi my sweet,
    I just adore those chokers, your right they would look fab a number of ways. Your so inspirational my darling. I just love the gift idea.

    re comment, yes Sande, lets give Mel a turn .. we have to share now!


  7. Absolutely beautiful! I ran over to her shop immediately. I agree, there is no going back on some things...but these have just that touch of modern to make them "new"!
    Have a great week,

  8. Sande,
    Lovely, lovely! I must show my daughter her things. Taylor made one for herself to dress up a basic black long-sleeved t. She was blessed with a nice long neck, lucky girl. I know she would adore Jodi's beautiful designs!
    Thank you for bringing us another wonderful & talented artist.

  9. Lovely-you could definitely wear these.

  10. Sande the chokers are just stunning.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. Hey Sande.
    I was a teenager in the 60's and find it hard not to buy some of the re vamped '60's fashion...I think we can let a few little things in. These chokers are so pretty. Think that I must go and check out the Etsy shop. XXXX

  12. tee hee ... what a riot ... loved your description of your 'attire' in the hippie years! but isn't it exciting and refreshing to see how individual and creative the 'kids' are now? i just can't seem to pull of my black 'army' boots now ... although when my kids were wee, they used to have fun with that!
    fun post ~ beautiful images and creativity!

  13. I'm just glad people my age and younger are still crafting with their hands in such beautiful ways........


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