Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hermes Box Re-gift ~ Part Two

Two things happened this week that led to this second Hermes re-gift post. First, the storage room. With a few days left before he leaves for the next year, my son had promised to lend me his muscle in cleaning and purging my out-of-control storage room. It is busting out with gift inventory, remnants of my 20 yr. designer career, and way more personal things than we should have at this point in our lives. We walk in all ready to start, we survey the overwhelming task, then look at each other, laugh out loud, and then go find something else to do. For me that is this blog post, for him it's anything but starting this intense project. We have been doing this for weeks. The second thing that happened was that a lovely friend gave me a generous stack of Hermes boxes.........taking a second shot at re-gifting or re-cycling Hermes gift boxes is way more fun than purging my storage room.

You may remember my first Hermes re-gift post last spring (click here to read). I stayed quite close to the original colour scheme, just happened to have a stripe ribbon that worked. Note the difference in photography since I upgraded to my new camera, the Hermes orange is so much better in the new shots. For this 2nd try I knew I was looking to heighten the colour combination and as any interior designer knows, that means a complementary colour scheme.

While I was playing around with ribbon colours to do justice to the signature Hermes orange, my eye kept going to this fabulous card on my work table sent to me from another blogger in France. She did something incredibly special for me and I simply adore her so I wanted to do something with her elegant and tasteful note card. It just seemed to fit perfectly on this square and flat Hermes box. I layered and crossed two fabulous lengths of a hand-dyed chocolate silk and then did the same with sheer organza ribbon (moved slightly over)to the underside of the box lid, then secured the card. I can open and read the message anytime I want. I will use the box to store something special in my dressing room. I may even have a narrow filigree frame made to surround the card. These flat, shallow gift boxes meant for ties or scarves would be a great used in this fashion for a gift presentation. Perfectly shallow for a special poem or photograph..............or a great scarf. Maybe even homemade Christmas treats. I would love to open this box and find rows of those yummy walnut crescent cookies all wrapped in vellum.

I love the effect of the teal ribbon with the Hermes orange. My new orange velvet poinsettas have a faded, vintage quality and I think they are going to look fabulous with red gift wrap and ribbon for the holiday gift season ahead.

This vivid teal ribbon has a sheer edge has just enough of a brown tint that it worked with the distinctive Hermes brown edging and gave a brilliant contrast. I used a sheer organza ribbon in chocolate brown behind the oversized poinsetta. Sheer organza, especially in wider 3" widths has the unique ability of giving volume to your main ribbon. It can literally lift the heavier-weight ribbon so it pops up behind a larger flower that could easily take all the attention. I used a narrow duplex ribbon (a color on each side) in teal and brown to bring the vivid colour forward on the poinsetta. I am beginning to think that this colour scheme could work for a Holiday Wrap Room collection as well.

This teal ribbon is a new one for me and I am quite taken with this colour. I also have it in a platinum gray and magenta. It handles beautifully and as you can see has enough beauty that it can be used very simply as I have shown on the smaller box to the left. Ok, if you look really, really close I did tie in a amber crystal heart.

Do you think Hermes would send me a variety of their iconic
boxes to try out a few more ideas?
Have a wonderful weekend bundled up nice and cosy.
A big welcome to the all the new followers and
many thanks to all my readers for the lovely comments.
You inspire me.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Sande,
    Again, you introduce color combos that just make me swoon! And I promise, if I ever receive another Hermes box, I'm sending it straight to you!

  2. There is something about that coveted Hermes box that I would have a hard time re-gifting.

  3. Oh WOW.....these look stunning.
    Orange is a colour that I probably wouldn't choose as wrapping paper but, oh gosh, it looks fabulous. .... and the ribbon is so complimentary.
    You certainly know what you are doing, Sande !!!!!!!! XXXX

  4. I tell you I get excited just looking at a Hermes box. I mean just the colour alone.

    The way you have wrapped it with the teal ribbon and flower, I'd sit that on my dresser and just gaze at it.

    Now stern words, hightail it into the dangerzone, and start clearing out missy ... :o
    ps have a great weekend darling xx

  5. Absolutely lovely. I was wondering though, how do you wrap large gifts? The holidays are fast approaching and every year I seem to have at least one gift to wrap that is much too large to wrap properly. Is there a stylish way to wrap a large gift?

  6. Just beautiful. You clearly have a unique talent. Thanks for sharing it. If I ever get a Hermes box, I'll come back and see what can be done with it. Hope springs eternal - I want a Hermes scarf!!

  7. You know, Sande, I would send them a couple of your pictures and ask. I always live by "what's the worst they can say?". They are all gorgeous! I love how you used the notecard and glad to hear that you actually keep some of these lovelies for yourself.

  8. Sande-Love the orange and teal. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. those photos are just stunning - you have such a wonderful ability to create beautiful things. I would *love* a Hermes scarf so if my beloved hubby ever thinks of getting me one, I'll be sure to save the box and come back here for ideas. Thanks!

  10. Love love the color combo ! and yes...there is something definitely appetizing in a Hermes giftbox.
    Years ago, i visited the factory which manufactures the Hermes shopping bags, in the outskirts of Paris and the "chef d'atelier" gave me a few. I felt really spoilt!
    Have a great inspiring week end...

  11. Beautiful color combination. I save every one of my Hermes and Tiffany boxes..they are divine.

  12. I love how you add wonder to gifts.


  13. Beautiful, beautiful and again beautiful. Who wouldn't want a stunning gift wrapped like that? I would love an empty Hermes box, even! They are so gorgeous. Happy weekend, Sande,

  14. Oh, yes please! Whenever I visit your pretty blog, I want to go and wrap something. Such a lovely blog you have...


  15. Your complimentary colors with orange are so beautiful.

  16. Dear Sande~
    I would have never have thought of teal with Hermes! You must have eyes that are allowed to go places no one else gets to color heaven~ You truly amaze me every post you create my sweet friend~

  17. Sande its stunning, your the best, I hope Hermes send you some boxes you deserve it!! Elaine :)

  18. Hi Sande,
    I haven't checked your blog for so long, and the first thing I see is one of my favorite colour combinations!

    I remember being told by a "designer" back in 2000; "you will have a hard time putting it together with those colours."

    Nine years later, I still love it!

    Wow,I really need to order one of these beautiful gifts for myself!

    They are such a work of art!


  19. Hi Sande,

    What a fabulous friend you have to give you all those Hermes boxes. I have a friend who gives me all her beautiful boutique shopping bags and boy does she shop in some beautiful stores.

    I created a couple of large events for Hermes Australia about nine years ago and they were very protective over their ribbons and boxes then. I still have a roll of their ribbon stashed away for a special day. We (my husbands workshop) designed and made many Hermes planter boxes with the logo horse and carriage and the "H" lasered into the side. I have a sample in the workshop but I have no idea what ever happened to all the timber boxes. We also made some large timber horses with the carriage for the the entrance to the Hermes marquee.

    I have a few scarf boxes and a couple of very large ones and I adore them. I just can't understand how anyone could ever throw out an Hermes box. Wicked!!!

    From another crazy box & bag collector,


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