Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Diva Event........and Wrap Room Workshops

A few weeks past I promised I would show you some table piece creations I supplied for a Diva event for The Michigan Opera Theatre. If you look closely, you can see the word Opera imprinted on the series of satin ribbons that I ordered custom for this event. My only directive by the stylish hosts (who thought of this idea)was to make sure the centerpieces didn't inhibit any person-to-person visibility across any table. This idea of using gift wrapped boxes as centerpieces can be a effective and unique way to dress up your next shower or function. A Tiffany inspired wedding shower, what could be better than boxes wrapped in Tiffany Blue with white ribbon, it is the box after all that is the inspiration for this popular wedding theme. I would love to do a Burberry theme for a baby shower. Boxes wrapped in solid tan with Burberry plaid ribbons in blue or pink. Can't you just picture how stylish that would look?

My personal favorite is the orange and gilt damask with the purple ribbon. Two of my favorite wrapping colours combined. While at this Opera function talking to a few women about gift wrapping and their own ability, it became apparent that women can actually be afraid to wrap. They see it as a skill like interior design, some people have it, some don't. As a interior designer of twenty years, I can safely say it is not the same. I do believe interior design is a inate talent, but gift wrapping is simply a skill anyone can learn as long as they have the right materials. But it did get me thinking through another idea, gift wrap workshops. An idea my friend has been after me to do for some time (she loves any kind of party). So here is my latest project to get off the ground........groups of ten to twenty, great wrapping materials, a hands-on approach to technique, plenty of tips, some delicious nibbles, good background music .............Wrap Room Workshops by A Gift Wrapped Life. A lovely evening to indulge in the creative and relaxing task of gifted pleasure. Doesn't that sound like a bit of stylish fun? Tell me what you think.

Both photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Hi Sande
    The boxes look absolutely beautiful, what a great and very original idea for a table setting.
    And yes, I think the workshops sound wonderful....very fun and very stylish, I would definitely go along to one.....good luck!
    Simone :)

  2. I just love the idea and especially the opera printed chic !
    I wish I could join this wrapping evening but unfortunately I'm a bit far away...
    oh well, I'll follow it virtually!

    ps: thank for introducing Dustjacket attic a few posts before...delightful blog!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm not sure I'd ever be able to produce something as eye catching though ~ I must admit I use many a gift bags tied with pretty ribbon. I love the color choices.

  4. These look gorgeous, Sande! What a great idea, too. I gift wrap boxes at Christmas time to look like presents and put them in my indoor decorative sleigh, stacked in my foyer and one year I used plastic tablecloths to wrap boxes for my outdoor white wire sleigh {the light up ones that come with the reindeer}. I use the shipping boxes that the presents or whatever I have ordered come in. Then when I'm done, they go right out for the paper recycling pick-up.

  5. Sande-You must videotape the workshop so we can all see it.

  6. What a grand idea to use wrapped boxes as centerpieces! Your creative mind always amazes me.

  7. I love your wrapped gifts and the purple ribbon is lovely.
    I think that your wrapping party idea is a great one ....only trouble're over there and I'm over here !!!! XXXX

  8. that is a brilliant idea, sande! love the wrapped gifts as a centrepiece that could be applied to oh, so many occasions ... and even sweeter if there was a little treat inside one of the boxes ... very nice idea indeed!
    i too, love the purple and orange combo ... and i am a very big fan of monogrammed ribbon ~ a lovely touch.
    happy day to you,
    prairiegirl xo

  9. Fabulous idea Sande. You are brilliant.


  10. I think I would like to come along.....xv

  11. Oh how I love it when your 'wheels spin' - gret idea for the wrap workshops!

    And I'm in total love with the orange damask paper!

  12. What a fabulous idea - almost worth a trip to see you for a workshop. Thank you for your inspiration. I am noticing that I pay close attention to detail when wrapping now. x Suzi

  13. A beautiful place you have. One wrapped up with magic and wonder~


  14. I would love to go to one of your workshops. If you are ever in Australia...

  15. Now that's a workshop I'd love to attend!
    I can only imagine the toys and trims you have in the Wrap Room!

  16. Well Sande girl... If I had to choose, I couldn't. Every gift you wrap is would be a dream to be given... I try so hard to wrap this pretty and it never works out the way you do it. You truly truly have a magic touch~
    Have a good weekend my smart & talented friend!

  17. I can see something so pretty, so memorable wrapped and enjoyed by all, this sounds like a perfect party to me. A wrap workshop, or any other kind of workshops always sound good to me.
    My son has one ---coming up!
    See my post!

  18. Ah Sande, your creative genius at work once again. To have the ribbon imprinted with Opera is fabulous. I fancy the Burberry idea as well. Your blog is always such fun! Happy weekend to you my dear.

    Xx deb

  19. I loved that orange/purple combo! It's so satisfying.

    And, yes, do run with your wrapping workshop idea! What a great way to help women climb out of that 'not good enough' box and release the creativity that's inside us all.

  20. Love that Burberry lovely that would be!

    The Opera ribbon is a beautiful touch!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  21. stunning boxes!

    For all things fashion:

  22. Pretty paper... ooooh YOU mkae it look soooo easy... I will have to snap a photo of my wrapping for you one day... you will CRINGE!!!
    ENJOY your weekend!
    BTW... I hope you don't mind that I painted your header.

  23. Hi Sandra, its so good to be back blogging again, yes I think its a great idear, nibbles wine music & a talented lady to show the way, sounds like a heap of fun go for it!! Elaine :)

  24. I love the colour combo! What a fun idea for a centerpiece..
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  25. I think you are a gift yourself! Absolutely amazing job, keep your stunning, beautiful expression!

  26. Sande, I am sure that all the "divas" attending the Opera event were mesmorized when they walked into the beautiful room focusing on the stunning tablepiece creations you designed!! Only YOU!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Wrap Room workshop--sign me up. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  27. I've ventured back to October to read this post. The orange and purple is a wonderful combination. I would be very interested in a wrapping workshop and a look at your new chic space. I am collecting beautiful boxes from jewelery, chocolates, perfumes etc. to regift. John just shakes his head but it is so nice to have a beautiful box to start with when trying to copy your beautiful wrapping talent. Thank you for your post, love the emails I get. Take care! Joanne Trinca


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