Friday, July 8, 2011

simple summer gift wrapping

I so enjoyed your comments from my last post on style re-invention. It seems we all think alike, it is never too late to change your personal style thank heavens. Of course, keeping things simpler is never easier than in the relaxed summer month and this certainly applies to gift wrapping. In fact, overly-embellished gift wrapping can look too contrived this time of year when bringing along a gift for a poolside afternoon, a cottage weekend, or an impromptu dinner. With that in mind I gathered a few gift wrapping ideas of a more relaxed beauty. 

If I had to pick a classic summer ribbon, this duo in black and white stitched grosgrain would do the trick nicely. It is a classic pick and looks so instantly chic on kraft paper, a humble type of gift wrap that  shows it's simple charm so well during the summer months. 

Don't forget the natural beauty of twill as a summer ribbon of choice. Use it to gather a handful of fresh garden flowers as a gift embellishment, wildflowers will suit this type of gift presentation beautifully.

How sweet and easy. A bag of summer fun (bubbles, chalk, sparklers, movie tickets, ice cream vouchers) would make for a welcome hostess gift. The lace bag edge is made with scrapbook scissors. 

It seems we all love Pom Poms and they take on a crisp summer look when crafted from wax paper! Go here to see how blogger Slim Paley got tulle-inspired by my Pom Pom post.

Enjoy the weekend in a most relaxing way. 
Which includes your gift wrapping efforts. 

A warm welcome to new readers and followers. 
So lovely that you joined me this summer.

Photo 1 from trendtablet/Photo 2 and 5 from Pinterest/Photo 3 from here/Photo 4 from thepartystudio


  1. I love these wrapping ideas Sande...Have a very happy weekend....xv

  2. i love the tulle puff! It makes me think of hydrangas with the two leaves

  3. Very simple yet beautiful! Lovely!

  4. Great ideas! And I absolutely love the ribbons!

  5. I love these ideas! Simple chic perfection!

  6. This is just to tell you how much I love your blog. So inspiring, really!
    Re: your post on style re-invention - how funny that I'm just going through a similar process, at the age of 53! Maybe at a certain age you feel that you don't need that much "bling bling" any more. No more need to hide behind that, maybe...

  7. Lovely post Sande and really wonderful pictures!
    Yes, aren't we all glad it's finally summertime!!!

  8. Oh what fun... love those little lunch bag parcels!

  9. I've been looking for big rolls of red,black and white stitched grosgrain...gosh I must be hitting my stride if you think it's cool.

    how cute is the pom pom.

  10. Perfect - simple, classic and (as you said) not too embelished. I have a bit of a collection of those ribbons too, though I never have quite enough presents to wrap... ;-) Have a great weekend xo

  11. Sande,

    We speak the same language I absolutely love ribbon and summer wraps are really fun. Creative forms of expression are unlimited if you take the time to think about it. Fun post love the wax paper pom!

  12. I love the little paper bags! And the black and white ribbons are stunning!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  13. What simple and beautiful wrapping ideas. Adore the waxed bags with the pom pretty!! Hope you've had a great weekend ~

  14. Oh, what a great blog filled with lots of inspiration. J´adore!



  15. Perfection. I wrap nearly everything in either brown or white kraft paper because it can take on so many styles and moods depending on how it's embellished. I love that b&w stitched grosgrain! These ideas are, indeed, just right for summer, Sande. xoxo Gigi

  16. Love the gross grain ribbon so chic!! :)

  17. I found you on Pinterest and had to link to you in my blog today! I was very fond of the brown paper lunch sack idea (inexpensive but elegant), but this is just a fabulous concept for a blog in general! I'm totally smitten!


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