Friday, July 22, 2011

Nature Girl(s) Percy Lake

Just checking in to say hello from Northern Ontario and share a few relaxing pics of Daisy at my friends cottage because no one is enjoying this rustic setting more than Daisy. This group of 5 women (my friend, her 2 daughters, me and Daisy) are being exceptionally well-fed by my friend's son who is a gourmet cook, a culinary feast each and every night. My friend and her family are healing in this peaceful setting, they lost their husband and father a few months ago and being at the place where they enjoyed so many family memories is good and right.

~ Lovely Fiona with Daisy ~

We sleep in, drink morning coffee for hours, sunbathe on the dock, walk, girl chat, boat Daisy over to a stretch of beach, lake swim, eat a gourmet dinner, then boat over to the middle of the lake to watch the nightly sunset. That's it. None of us have gained weight by indulging in nightly ice cream sundaes and even if we did I don't think we would care. We also don't care about make-up, our hair, or what we wear. Nature girl(s)............times five. 

~ Snail Digging

We joke that city girl Daisy is going to need what we call "freedom re-hab" when she gets back home. She loves swimming, the no leash policy, following the girls, napping on the deck, boat rides, and digging holes at the beach, snails we think. We now call her "nature girl" and she might have a hard time adjusting to restrictions when she gets back home. Me too. 

As my good friend says " life is good at Percy Lake". And it is. Just ask Daisy. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Salut Sande, your break sounds so perfect - some friends, nature, chilling, nothing hectic...I'm glad you're (and Daisy of course) having such a lovely time. Love from London xo

  2. Sande ~

    These photos of Daisy make me smile ~ and miss my Ashton. Your lake getaway sounds like heaven!


  3. What a perfect time...for all of you. So glad, of course, that Daisy is having a nice vacation!

  4. So SO cute is that little vacationing Daisy!

  5. Oh Sande these shots are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing them. The beautiful Fiona has such style, love her scarf and the glamorous Daisy...well I could look at snaps of her all day.

    Mmmm I could so put up with this lifestyle and the meals, lucky girl.

    much love DJ

  6. Adorable pictures Sande...Your time at the lake sounds like bliss....Enjoy the peace and relaxation....xv

  7. Such a beautiful post...
    I love your Daisy!
    So happy you are in such a lovely spot savoring the beauty of nature with good friends...


  8. Sounds just perfect, for the dog and her people:).

  9. how fa - great images - wonderful break with the world as we know it - best le xox

  10. Sounds like a wonderful time!! And Daisy is clearly enjoying it as well!! I'm hoping they have ice cream sundaes here on the menu tonight - it's a tradition we indulge in every summer here!!

  11. Great post! So summer! Love the prior ones as well!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  12. Perfect....good friends, good food, girl talk,a simpler respite to heal...all is good. My daughter and I lost my husband several years ago, we know what they are going through. Looks like a wonderful place to find some beauty again...blessings.

  13. Sounds like you ladies are having a wonderful time! I think I would also need a little "freedom rehab" after returning home from a trip where I was served gourmet meals each night...
    It's always hard to get back in the kitchen after being pampered.

    Hope all is well,

  14. Dearest Sande, I can think of no better place for relaxing--and healing--than a lake. For me the only thing that equals it is the ocean. I love these photos, especially that first one of Fiona and Daisy!

    And I hear you about the no makeup, no worries joy of that kind of trip. It's good to just *be* sometimes.

    Big hugs,

  15. What a great getaway Sande, I am so ready for relaxation!! Your images are wonderful!


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  16. Life sounds wonderful in your little summer paradise, Sande! I'm sure Daisy will miss it...Love the freedom rehab concept and the no make up days, oh yes it's good sometimes :-)

  17. Looks & sounds just fabulously to see Daisy having such a good time in the sand~

  18. I've just been catching up on your posts about adorable Daisy. Who could resist that little face! We have a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua princess named Chloe and, don't tell anyone, but she's become a real "Daddy's Girl." Wrapped him right around her little paw - my husband who only liked big dogs before she came along! Shhh...he doesn't want his brothers to know about this!


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