Friday, July 29, 2011

Narcissistic reasons why I love the heat

 ~ Clare's Parisian Boots ~ 

Even though I was able to bypass the extreme humidity and heat last week by heading up north and going for sunset cruises, that only bought me some time. Like many of you, we are heading towards even more heat and that darn humidity in the week ahead. Our region and city (Windsor) which is located in the most southern point of Canada is actually situated below the City of Detroit, Michigan. So if you picture Canada cold all year long, think of our geographical location and you will surprisingly find we are Canada's most humid hot spot. Though Toronto beat us last Thursday with a whopping 51 Celsius (with humidex) we are still hitting triple digit temperatures this week and for the next week at least. We are breaking heat records so why am I not complaining?

Narcissistic reasons why I won't complain about the Heat

Humidity does wonders for my skin, makes it look dewy which I haven't seen for at least 20 years. 
It is actually a fine layer of perspiration but why be picky?

I can comfortably wear the Eileen Fisher gauzy linen items that I bought this season.

Hair maintenance has become non-existent, shower and and wet-slick it has become my style of choice.
What a time saver. And my husband loves it this way.

Because of slicked-back hairstyle, I wear all my summer hats more. Everywhere.

Because of said hairstyle, I wear my collection of earrings more.

 I finally have a tan this year. Not something I do on a regular basis but it makes me feel
like I am on March break. Mental perk. 

A tan means I can wear all my fun summer lipsticks in hot pink and bright orange.

Too hot, lighter dinners. A lot less cooking.

Makes me drink more water, something I forget to do.

You can lose weight just by sitting there. 

It is so hot you need nightly ice cream to cool you down.  Even Daisy gets a little bowl. 

Can't cycle during a heat advisory. Ok, that's not a good thing but I will make it up when it cools down.

My main reason? It's summer, it's supposed to be hot and that long, cold Canadian winter is just ahead. 

Put your feet up this weekend and stay cool.
A summery welcome to new readers and thank you
to readers who commented this week. Always lovely
to hear from you. 

Photo by Sande Chase ~ Percy Lake, Ontario


  1. sounds like pretty good reasons! you have to love those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sande I love all of your thoughts for loving the summer heat. While I can't take a lot of it.....all of your reasons will make it more enjoyable! Inspired!


    Art by Karena

  3. Well, while I agree with some of your "perks" and I really hate winter...down here in Illinois, this is just too hot. I have no tan because I can't stand to be outside!

  4. Great perks and point of view about handling humidity. I'm in South Texas not far from the coast so we are ALWAYS humid. It always amazes me how much I like my hair when I visit other places that don't have humidity. I'm a DIFFERENT girl....LOL! However, I have to agree that humidity does make Southern girls skin more dewey and therefore not age quite as fast. :) Happy Summer Ya'll! PS: I love the previous post about your sweet friends sounds wonderful!

  5. Summer is indeed my favorite season..and now, down here in N.C., it's hot and humid for months and I am LOVING it! Barefoot is my shoe of choice!

  6. Love your "house that Jack built" thought process!! Wish my hair looked good slicked back but have to agree with you about the skin benefits!!

  7. I'm with you! We were drenched all weekend visiting NYC and it didn't even bother me! Lots of sweat and I'm not hungry all the time! I like reading a book because it's too hot to do anything else! It feels like summer....

  8. Sande,

    Love the skin you're in this all sounds great and I agree humidity ceates a creamier look. I'm a naturally curly gal and I love it. Summer is the time to grin and bare it and it is time to take things lightly.


  9. Hi Sande,
    You have a wonderful positive mental attitude which is the best way to live life.
    Enjoy all of the positives especially the ice cream !! XXXX

  10. Yay for heat and summer!!! It's really refreshing to read a blog entry highlighting the positive and fun things about the season we're in. I feel like so much of the blogosphere is dedicated to "I can't WAIT for FALL!" posts right now....and then in six months, it will be "I'm so TIRED of this WINTER!". I'm glad to see someone living in the moment!!!


  11. I don't comment much but I do read and dream with your blog. But I must comment today - I live in the most humid spot on Earth - the Washington, D.C. area. British subjects who came here representing the crown, when we were still a colony, got paid extra money just to come here. It was (and is) that bad.

    So I must commend you for your post. You are, by far, the most positive woman I have ever met. Your post make me appreciate heat and humidity. Why can't I be as positive as you? This will I will concentrate on the positives of this weather and enjoy them.

    Although, I must admit, I haven't a lake or boat to sit and contemplate the positive aspects of this weather.

    Thank you Sande!

  12. I'm almost (but not quite, obviously) ashamed to admit that I LOVE LOVE the heat and even humidity. I never complain about it being too hot. I guess it comes from living in two extremely rainy, grey cities for so many years. Plus, you are right- so much better for the so much!
    But I'll take it over cold and dry ANY day!
    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday

  13. Couldn't agree more! Less food and slicked back hair! Just caught up on prior posts! Fabulous!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  14. Always read, don't always comment, love your blog and your attitude.

  15. I love these reasons, Sande, and I hear you about the long, cold winter that awaits us soon enough. I'll take the hot, humid days, too, and cherish every one of them!

    Here's to hot pink lipsticks and nightly bowls of ice cream!

    xoxo Gigi

  16. Just coming back from an incredibly hot, temperature breaking hot, trip to New York I particularly love your positive perspective on the triple digit heat wave you are experiencing. I only wish I had such a good attitude. I complained every 'step' of the way :/ Great post - love the image too! xo

  17. Oh Sande I think you are wonderful, this was just so funny and positive and yes, stylish (in that humidity a feat indeed).. I love it.

    hugs sweetie


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