Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Speaking of good design.........Paris hotel and Ice Cream

Every time I come across these photos I took of the Pavillon de la Reine hotel I want to book a return flight. The luxury boutique hotel is located in the chic Marais district, quietly tucked behind the Place des Vosges. You might remember how charmed I was in touring the lively Marais area of Paris and this hidden gem is on my hotel list for my next trip. On a personal level I have a thing for red, orange, and warm tones and so does my Taurean husband who loves our Chinese red and orange dining room. Not that he has been served any meals in it lately. But I am off track here, because I really want you to mark down this hotel if traveling to Paris anytime soon. Even visiting their website here is a nice cosy departure, even if for only a few minutes.

As a designer, I adore oil paintings and artwork with picture lights, the soft glow it introduces to any room, the way it pulls me in to see more. My electricians thought I was crazy when we built our house. We installed 18 of those recessed picture lights (recessed outlets so artwork hangs flat) and just about every room in the house, even the kitchen. Off track again, but this hotel must really remind me of home, a calming thing when traveling. Or should it be totally different? 

I once stayed in one of New York's most hip hotels. somewhere with a totally different vibe. The room was glam layered in white, nice look but the mattress of poor futon quality, the staff frosty and unhelpful, the price outrageous, so now I look for comfort, a calming spot to land each night. You know how I love the cocoon value of a canopy bed (especially when traveling) and this lovely guest suite looks just about perfect for easing into a different time zone. 

Speaking of comfort................head over to David Lebovitz's site here for the recipe for this yummy Brown Bread Ice Cream, the ultimate comfort food if I ever saw one.

Top 2 photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life
Photo 3 photo from hotel website/Photo 3 from David


  1. Dearest Sande,

    Yes, with a good book one could very comfortably cocoon there with great food right there... Not even having to get out in the cold!
    Smart idea for having the electricians build in all those special lights. We did that too, my husband designed our home and he put markings for all the lights. That's about the best thing we ever did. Never lack of reading lights or nice ambiance lights.

  2. Oh yes this canopy bed is calling me ! more and more i like the idea of dining seating in an comfortable..
    Have a great time at the show/workshop Sande !

  3. I am so hungry right now and that ice cream looks so good!!!

  4. I love this hotel you found in The Marais.
    The Marais is very special to me as that is where I found my beautiful Chinoiserie Fireplace over 10 years ago. I think it's time to go back!
    That ice cream recipe looks divine!!
    Love you,


  5. Oh Sande a girl can't go wrong with Paris, a posh hotel & ice cream; brown bread no less. Your blog is always a diversion from my mundane chores!!

    xo xo

  6. Today --- I seem to be remembering Paris - but not through my eyes but yours. This does look like a must see - I too Love the Marais area. It is wonderful and buzzy and I think the place to stay next time.
    Thank you for your images today --I will quietly tuck theses away for my next visit. x

  7. Scrumptious! And I do love David Lebovitz's cooking!

  8. This hotel looks fabulous - hopefully I'll have an opportunity to use this recommendation. I agree comfort is key - in all aspects of life- but trying to ignore this sumptuous looking ice cream.

  9. It looks lovely! The minute the opportunity arises to go to Paris I am getting in touch for all your tips and recommendations. You really do have such exquisite taste.

  10. I just love the Marais. We once had an apartment there. Thanks for this tip and have a lovely weekend.

  11. What a gorgeous and comforting place! I agree that a bit of home comfort is a good thing when one is traveling. I love the feeling after a long day of adventure of coming back to a home base where I can unwind and recharge.

    Oh, and that ice cream! Yum. His site is always dangerous for me.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Sande. xo Gigi

  12. love these images what a wonderful place to stay
    and then you add that delicious icecream and it is perfection, Kathysue

    PS Thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog this last week, I always enjoy seeing you there!!

  13. i am drooling... not sure if it is the exquisite design or david's ice cream... ok, it's both! have a wonderful weekend sande... xx

  14. Visiting you is always such an escape for me....ahhh I could crawl right into that bed with a small bowl of the yummy stuff for sure.

  15. Delicious

    + I love the hotel... I really like having some comforts when I stay in a hotel -- whether it be very modern and more minimalist or quite elegant and formal or very relaxed...

  16. This hotel is BEAUTIFUL!
    I adore those colours, it looks so cozy- especially if you were there in the winter months.
    I'd love to an aperitif in the bar, have dinner in that dining room, retire to that bed, and have the brown bread ice-cream delivered by room service.

  17. OMG - that ice cream - I have got to make that! Thanks for sharing the link to that fabulous treat!


  18. brown bread ice cream...oooo LORDY that sounds insanely delicious. Beautiful posts as always dear :-)



  19. Oh too funny darling, I had jotted down the name before I read your bit about marking it down...see I'm quick off the mark ;o

    love DJ


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