Monday, November 22, 2010

Green leaves............ fun chat and Rue-ing on a rainy day

I have been waiting months to post this autumn photo and even though it is the last part of November I am still seeing a few trees of brilliant colour in this unseasonably warm autumn. Don't you just love that green colour on the door? I had to do a little searching to remember where I borrowed this brilliant photo and that was a fine way to spend the morning on my one day off this week. It's raining outside and though I should be doing Christmas errands and buying groceries so my husband can have a meal tonight I was really in the mood to spend a few hours catching up on blogs and looking around. The POP UP store is going very well, but it does mean long days, lots of fun chat, and little time for anything else. But I had the most lovely visit when Julie, a reader from Pittsburgh showed up along with her Denver sister at my shop on Sunday. While her patient family strolled around and waited, we talked up a fast storm, laughed, and took a few pics which I hope she will send me. I like to think she just flew in to see me but you know how small this world is, she has family that lives just minutes from me and was in town for an annual visit.  Just goes to show you how cool blogging can be, Julie and her sister were a lively duo and they certainly made my day.

Anyways, back to blogs and who writes a really good one is Simply Seleta where I found both photos and there is that green tone again which seems to be capturing my attention these days. Though I should be talking about that most gorgeous chandelier and I know a warm and cosy Thanksgiving table is exactly what my American friends want to see this week. When I browsed through the new issue of RUE Magazine this morning................there was a variation of that green tone again. 

This colour and the second edition of Rue (online) is making me swoon with envy. I adore this colour and the soft glamour in this ultra feminine bedroom. I could look at this all day and actually I have been so thought you might like to see it too. 

This is only the second online issue of Rue but they are coming out strong and fabulous. Lots of blogger interiors and entertaining features on some of the blogger heavyweights like Sea of Shoes and The Adventures of Tartanscot. I just started following Scot Meacham Wood, the Tartanscot and nothing but fun in plaid. Talent too. Want a stylish holiday party theme? Go see his tartan party, nice tuxes and no socks allowed (you will see what I mean).

Rue even has some gorgeous, gorgeous holiday gift wrapping. Look at the combination of green tones, exquisite combination isn't it? Perfect for those special girlfriend gifts. I am off to find that ribbon colour. 

Rue is also offering some great gift tag downloads. They have a calligraphy one created by Hello Handmade which I think is perfect for every holiday gift. The photo wouldn't download(but you must go see it for yourself) and I am off again to go watch a few episodes of In Treatment, that HBO series that has me so intrigued. I am quite absorbed with the character Frances, an aging, semi-narcissistic actresses played by Debra Winger, yes she is back and looking quite good I might add. 

Top 2 photos from Simply Seleta/ Bottom 4 photos via Rue


  1. Your green front door image ties in beautifully Sande! The prettiest of greens - very art deco. Yes, I was up late last night checking out the new Rue - it is simply fantastic.

  2. Sande~ what a beautiful post. The pale green reminds of the beautiful boxes on the bed in yur header. I wish I were in town to stop in at the PopUp; any online sales for those of us far away...?

  3. Hi Sande,
    Love the photo of the door. My entire living room is that colour. Everyone comments on how warm it is. I have also had the chance to meet with a few far away bloggers. It's really fun to meet the face behind the words.

  4. Lovely post!! I've been out and about all day and I, too, can't wait to sit down and open this on-line issue!! Sooo fun. Love your blog!

  5. Sande - your beautiful photo takes my breath away! That might just be the most lovely autumn photo that I have seen!

    So glad your pop up shop is doing well - and yes, I can certainly understand that it lends itself to long days.

    Thanks for a beautiful post - as always your blog is so very inviting~~


  6. What a lovely contrast between the red and green. Hope you enjoyed your down day this week peeking around the blog world.


  7. I just bought a little vintage table for my workshop in that same green. It's my favorite. These photos are glorious, Sande! That top one is out of this world. Wish, wish, wish I could come to your pop up shop! xo Gigi

  8. What a stunning photo...a gorgeous green door in a blaze of color!

  9. I do love anything in green!!! Such lovely images to look at. Enjoy dreaming of green while it is cold and rainy outside, kathysue

  10. Just LOVE that first image - such a perfect photo for the holidays as well as autumn - really stunning. And that pale green is one of my favorite colors as well - also love it as it goes into celadon. Glad to hear your pop up store is going well.

  11. I remember visiting your blog well over a year ago and was inspired then and am inspired now. So glad I managed to come across your blog again.
    Your musical playlist selection is by far the best Ive heard throughout blogland.

  12. I love that green. My bedroom is that color and I feel like I am sleeping inside a robin's egg!

  13. Dear Friend,
    These photos are more than delicious on this brisk morning Thanksgiving week! The green is SO th BEST on that door framed with red leaves! I am stealing that chandy image from you:) Congratulations on your new pop up store! I know it is alot of work and time but I know you will find all the profit from it in so many ways, like meeting Julie and her sister! Life is full of surprises everyday! I hope your week is being good to you.
    Many many loves,

  14. Lovely post, the first picture is wonderful.
    Love your playlist, too.
    Have a nice week.

  15. I'm swooning over all the posts I've missed! Your pop-up shop is GORGEOUS! Wish you were nearby so I could visit. This celadon green is so elegant, so soothing...and so you. I think of you every time I see it.
    Catherine xx

  16. The first photo is breathtaking.
    Love your blog and your music selection.

  17. Sande, SUCH a treat to meet you, my sister from another mother! Michele and I enjoyed your shop as much as your blog! I will send pics as soon as I get mom to download them from the camera! Wishing you continued success always, Julie from Pittsburgh

  18. Quel univers charmant, élégant, romantique !
    J'aime ce voyage au gré de tes fantaisies...
    Thank u...

  19. Oh my goodness... for a moment, there I was, a young girl sitting at my grandmother's dressing table admiring her pink chiffon gown and having a dip into her L'Air Du Temps.
    I have heard about Rue but have not yet had a peek, however your choice of photos gives me something to look forward to reading this weekend. xo Lisa

  20. hello, my turn to visit :). am loving the red creeper on that wall, so totally caught my eye and reminds me of autumn colours in new england (lived there for a short time a long while ago). will now enjoy perusing your blog, cheers, eliza

  21. That first image with the Boston Ivy turned red is stunning.As is your wrapping with the robins egg blue and silver. :)

  22. Thanks so much for the kind mention. What a treat! And let me tell you, that chandelier is stunning in person. : )


  23. Oh what a stunning first image, that really is amazing!

    Sounds like you are still having fun with POP UP and RUE is quite wonderful.

    Happy day darling,

  24. Thanks so much for the Rue mention and support, Sande!



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