Monday, November 15, 2010

The POP UP shop..............Pop In Windsor for girly fun

As many of you know, I opened a POP Up shop on Saturday for the next month to clear website inventory from A Gift Wrapped Click here to see local details. The worse part is now over (the counting, the pricing, the packing, the unpacking) and I am settling in to the retail environment and I have to say.................we are having tons of girly fun even though my legs are so sore I can hardly walk and my husband hasn't had a decent meal in days. That aside................need some fun fur ribbon or some great storage or gift boxes.?

The "we" in having fun is due in great part to my good friend Stephanie who has been adding her clever creative touches all over the store. Not only does she spark my own creativity, she has tons of her own and I really needed her remarkable eye this past week. As one of our friends said on Saturday as she gathered her gift bounty "this is the most fun I have had in months". A couple of hours in the POP UP shop and she is all ready for beautiful gift-giving for the months ahead. Tomorrow I am going to gift wrap her purchases, then she really is ready.

The idea behind a POP UP shop can be to clear inventory at markdown prices, like spools and spools of this lovely organza ribbon with little crystal hearts. It can also be used to promote new products and many major companies are using this retail method to blitz the market with hands-on marketing. If you are local to the Windsor area, you really must POP IN and visit our POP UP don't want to miss all this girly fun or the great holiday buys. And I am not here for long, so hurry.

Rows of organza tie-on bows, such a easy and pretty way to tie up a gifts. I just realized how these ribbon spools and bows match in colours. I will have to put the two together somehow on a pretty package. If I was younger and didn't have another "idea" in the works (more about this later), I would so be keeping this store on a permanent basis, it is kind of like having a chic social evening all day long. It was positively wonderful to have a local blog reader pop in to shop and visit, so delighful to meet anyone from the blogging community. 

My GIFT WRAP WORKSHOP is set for the evening of December 2nd and some of the highlights will be video taped the next day (when it is quieter) for blog posting. Gift wrapping is one of life's creative pleasures and once you see how easy some of the techniques can be, you will be wrapping like a pro. I intend on showing some practical basics and then an over-the-top presentation just for holiday inspiration. You can email me at or pop in to the shop to register. 

There is only a few of the Cote Bastide Giroflee Gel and Soap products left but it was one of my favorite imported products, so feminine and elegant. My other favorite product for personal gifting is that blush linen photo album, I always saved it to gift my favorite women. I loved wrapping these products in pleated pink tissue with wide satin ribbon. 

The Little Prince may sleep here but my new little furry Princess was born late Saturday and put a smile on my face all day Sunday. We even a pair of furry friends named Dolce & Gabbano visit the shop yesterday and they seemed right at home with all the girly chat and fun. In fact, I think they are coming in for the day on Thursday. I will have to introduce them to my little princess in a few months time when she finally comes home, girls just love to socialize don't they? 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Dearest Sande,

    Wish I would be one of your 'local' bloggers... But it's too far out for paying you a visit. Your display with these elegant gift wraps and gifts looks stunning!

    Have a great time while there.


  2. This is wonderful! I wish I lived closer to you. You've done a fantastic job!

  3. Sande, this is total girly fun...and i love Côté Bastide too far alas, alas ! Enjoy it all !! xoxo Lala

  4. LOVE your Pop-up. It's so pretty and gives me all sorts of ideas. Wish I were close enough to visit. Hope it's a great selling season for you.

  5. I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Your display is amazing!

    xo I am a new follower.

  6. very enticing pictures. indulging. the boxes with the white outline are very classy and sophisticated.

  7. The shop looks absolutely stunning Sande.....I wish I were THERE....happy selling, happy wrapping and good luck with the workshops.....xxxv

  8. Sande,
    This POP UP shop looks like so much fun. I love the first image with the black, gray, and pink boxes! Wish I could stop in for a chat; I am sure we would have lots to talk about!


  9. Oohhh! those colours in the first photo- I just woke up!

  10. Sande Congrataltions on the birth of your new furbaby ... what will her name be? You must share some pictures.

    Also crongrats on the POP up shop.. I'm hoping to get down to Windsor to see family in the next week or so .. will definitely pop in for a visit. xo HHL

  11. Gorgeous, perhaps I can organise a trip to see you - this looks amazing. I know I would find all I want in the way of gifts in your beautiful shop.
    I have just come back from my trip and my brain is a little dead in thoughts for Christmas - it just doesn't seem possible it has come up so quickly - but it has ----I will find my mojo soon and thank you for some inspiration. x

  12. It all looks so fabulous! I would want to touch all the feathers and gorgeous ribbon...and then just pull up a chair and take it all in.

  13. Dear Sande,

    Oh What fun! Now it is my turn to say I wish I lived there! I am missing out for sure. Coming to your workshop really would be so much fun. Your items are all so beautiful. I treasure my blush linen photo album from you everyday. Did I read your got a new furry princess? Tell me more.... lots, play hard and work easy... I think the holidays are here!


  14. if only you could be set up at red ticking... a match made in heaven! your talent is beyond words sande... xx

    congratulations and wishing you a wonderful selling season...

  15. A most beautiful and exquisite shop with ultra chic gift items. You look fabulous as always and thank you for your constant kindness.

    You are a joy to us all.
    Congratulations on such a lovely adventure.

    Blessings and much love
    Jeanne Caron♥

  16. Oh my, I would really like to come and play (and purchase) with all of the wrapping goodness. It's like candy.

  17. Sande ~

    Did I just see pink satin maracas on one of those gorgeous shelves? If so, the crumb needs them.

    Such a stunning POP of perfection you offered to lucky shoppers!


  18. Sande- the photos of the ribbon and organza take my breathe away - what I wouldn't give to be able to visit the pop up shop!! You sure know how to tempt a person!


  19. Dear Sande,

    Such a fantastic idea and I'm sure it's fun. I love what you show us on these pictures, especially those pink items...I wish I could POP IN and have some fun with you :-) I can't wait to see those videos...

    Cheers: Evi

  20. My favorite part of giving
    a gift is wrapping it and
    this year I'm more inspired
    than ever. Your shop is
    bound to be a big hit ~ good
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Hope your dad is well.

  21. HI Lovely Sande, Thank-you so much for your lovely words about French Essence. So thrilled you love it and so kind of you to be 'gifting' it to your friends. Vicki and I are thrilled. I love the look of your pop up shop, I wish I was in the neighbourhood and could drop in to say hi. Loved meeting you in Paris. Much love Carla x

  22. Oh how I wish I lived close by! I would love to purchase a few of these lovely items... especially those boxes and the Coté Bastide products. Lovely!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week,

  23. Oh Sande this sounds TOO much fun, why can I not be closer to you....not not fair.
    love DJ

  24. I have had little time, following my extended vacation, to catch up with my favorite bloggers. sande, your pop us store and merchandising is amazing. You are incredibly talented. Will you keep a "stone and mortar" store as some of us ? How can I purchase boxes and ribbons from your store?

  25. wow Sande I didnt even know there was such a thing as a pop up shop how exciting, I hope it was a successfull month for you, gosh I would have had a field day there!! I wish they had something like that here in Australia we only get shopping carts to hire in our local mall.


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