Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Summer Camp Gift Wrap Challenge

Since I have been somewhat of a  delinquent blogger this summer I thought I would make it up to readers with a  Summer Camp Gift Wrap Challenge. Here are my self-imposed challenge rules; one neutral base paper, two ribbons, and any of the scrapbook supplies I bought last month at Michaels. I will post one example each day for the next 7 days. Wait a minute........give me 10 days as I am also on a self-imposed cycling challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to prove a point, you can gift wrap in a creative fashion with limited resources all purchased at one spot. This first one shown above is probably my most extravagant example, but it uses one length of black ribbon and a shorter length for the turquoise, both pulled easily through a rhinestone belt clasp. 

In presenting this challenge I am making a quality concession. This 100% polyester single face satin is not of the quality that I use on a daily basis but it is 4" wide and affordable at $14.99 for a 10 yard roll. I used approximately 1 yard of ribbon on this box. A wider ribbon obviously makes more of a statement but in this case I want to point out why I normally use a better quality ribbon. If you look closely you will see threads and a somewhat jagged cut along the ribbon edges, there is no way to prevent this that I could determine as it is simply the ribbon quality. The more expensive the ribbon the smoother the scissor cut when it comes to satin ribbon. The satin ribbons I normally use on this blog are double-faced silk satin and come from Germany. This is not likely an issue for general gift giving, but when you want ribbon perfection (as I need for orders) for a special gift you will need to upgrade the cost. 

The gift paper is a simple ivory paper referred to on the label as Craft Paper. A 30" x 20' roll was $6.69 Canadian which I think is good value. It is available at Michaels in white, ivory, and natural and has a subtle tone-on-tone stripe and a great folding weight. As a generic go-to gift wrap choice to keep handy for a variety of occasions, I think the ivory is elegant and subdued. As you will see in the next week, its subtle palette can shift in many directions. 

A reader recently asked my what type of scissors I use for my ribbon. I purchase dressmaker quality scissors (the type my drapery workroom used) and have them routinely sharpened. That is not the issue on this ribbon, my sharpest scissors couldn't cut a perfect edge. I recognize I am probably the only person in the world who would notice or care about this imperfect cut but I am funny about my smooth ribbon edges.

This heart-shaped rhinestone buckle was $9.99 at Michaels and can be reserved for a special gift where you need a bit of sparkle. This idea can be used with any ribbon or buckle material and it will simply change the nature of the gift wrap presentation. In other words, hold on to those belt buckles or look for sale or vintage finds. In this case I have used the 4" ribbon which is wider than the buckle but you can also do a flat buckle ribbon application which I will show you later this month. In the meantime.........see you tomorrow. 


  1. Sande ~
    Gorgeous color combo...elegant and vibrant!

    I'm with you on the smooth edge cuts of ribbon ~ a definite must be pretty or I get a twitch kinda thing.

    Paris in September...lucky, lucky you!


  2. Sande,
    As soon as I tell you how brilliant you are, and how much I admire your work, I am going to Michaels!
    Love everything about this, and I love the rhinestone belt buckle. Had I known they had belt buckles, I probably could have saved myself hundreds on belts for this college-going daughter of mine!
    Missed you,

  3. Sande, it is gorgeous and elegant as always but even more important than that, I am so glad to see you are up and running again, I have missed your presence in blogland, Hugs Kathysue

  4. Beautiful as always, Sande. Everything you touch, even if it is from Michael's, turns out lovely!

  5. Beautiful...I can't wait to give a gift wrapped like this.

  6. Fantastic! And thanks so SO much for addressing the ribbon fabrication, quality, etc. I do love ribbons and notice a huge difference amongst the various ones I buy. Is the double-faced satin from Germany polyester, too? I do see rayon ribbons for sale online and am not sure what the nicest ribbons are made of (besides silk, which is simply too costly for regular use)

    And yes, I agree that a neatly-cut ribbon is of the utmost importance : )

    I can't wait to see your future posts in this challenge!

  7. Oh Sande,
    What a special moment it would be to receive a gift wrapped so splendidly as this one. I can understand that you would want all of your gifts to be perfect, as it is your passion and you are giving a service to other prople but, to our not so discerning eye, it looks glorious !!
    I love the touch of turquoise which gives it a richness and that beautiful heart shaped buckle just finishes it off perfectly.
    Hope you and your family are well, Sande and enjoying the summer. We are off to Italy soon.

  8. Ooo I'm liking the sound of this challenge missy.. yay!! Oh and that wrap job is just so pretty. I'm telling you Sande you need to put out a book.

  9. Darling, I think you could make a paper sack elegant! I'm so glad you're back and posting for us again!

  10. You cant go wrong with teal and brown! The little heart is the perfect touch! LOVE this - LOVE all the things you do!


  11. How many times do people tell you that it is too pretty to unwrap? So true.
    I was amazed at your soaring summer temperatures. And still you want to hop on your that's determination!
    Have a great (cooler) week,
    Catherine xx

  12. pretty. I love the colors and the sparkle.

  13. Sande I love it and am really enjoying your classes!

    Art by Karena


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