Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting a favorite blogger(s) Paris

Bloggers will at times ask themselves "why am I doing this?" Sometimes it seems there is no answer and it becomes even harder to answer when other people are asking the question. Why do I blog every day, every week  (I know I am a bit short on that schedule this summer), sometimes with few comments, and no pay? This is my answer. Because sometimes you will get the opportunity to do the coolest things and meet the most wonderful people. Next Tuesday I will be on an overnight flight to Paris, France and will be staying in this remarkably beautiful city for 2 whole weeks.............that is the coolest thing part of this story. And this is the best people part, I will finally meet and spend time with a wonderful blogger friend.  Actually, if all works out I may get to meet more than a few of you.

When non-bloggers hear you are heading across the ocean to meet another blogger they give you a incredulous look. As in "are you crazy?" It is hard for non-bloggers to understand you can know someone even when you haven't met them personally. What you do learn from blogging is that sometimes there are people on the other side of the world that you do want to know better. Vicki Archer of French Essence is one of those people and I think it is quite cool that I will get to meet her.  It is also quite cool that we will attend the Maison et Objet Paris show, something I have always wanted to do. Note to self: This is going to be so much fun. 

The Maison et Objet Paris show attracts buyers and exhibitors from all over the world. So we figured this might present another fun opportunity that can only come about because we meet other bloggers or readers who may be in Paris that week as well. Is that you? We will be joined by the fascinating Claudia from The Paris Apartment who is also attending the show and staying nearby so  there will be at least three of us having a sparkly drink. All three of us are posting today about our informal Paris meet-and-greet so here are the links to French Essence and Paris Apartment. Do join us................. actually I have already received a few emails so there will definately be more than three of us. If you think you may join us then send me an email at or leave a comment so we have an idea of how many to expect at this lovely Parisian cafe on a cool September evening. Note to self: How cool is that?

Date: Sunday, September 5th at 7 pm
Place: Cafe des Deux Magots
6 Place des Saint Germain des Pres
75006 Paris

Since I am all the way over there and the first week is going to be a whirlwind of activity..................I figured I might as well stay a bit longer .You know, life is short and all that. For the second half of the trip I will be joined by my sisterly sister-in-law Louise who is going to join me in exploring Paris by foot and cycle. Yes, we're going to try those Paris rental bikes and see how we do, which explains my recent walking and cycling frenzy. I am almost ready. Note to self: remind very active sister-in-law that you are 10 yrs. older than her. 


  1. This is wonderful! Congratulations and enjoy! I wish I could see Paris this time of year... but we are at the stage of life where we are constrained by school schedules. Bring us back lovely photos and intoxicating stories...

  2. I am from Finland and on holiday in Sydney met fellow blogger Charlotta from Space for Inpiration some weeks ago. We had a great day with her and her daughter. She did show us around, we talked about many things, also a bit about blogging and what it gives for us.

    I am coming to Paris soon, but only on the Saturday following the meeting Cafe des Deux Magots... What a pity, this cafe is very close to my hotel.

  3. It all sounds so wishes for a lovely time together.
    Bloggers unite!

    Jeanne :)

  4. How wonderful... I can feel your excitement!
    Meeting fellow bloggers in the City of Light... I mean does it get any better?
    So happy for you :)

  5. Sande, this is wonderful!!What a grand time you will have. I did the same thing last year and this summer by meeting three ladies that blog and are in a desing chatroom. I flew from Calif. to North Carolina and I can tell you it was the time of my life. Nothing like it!!!What a wonderful bonding blog can be. We bloggers totally understand how exciting this can be. Have a wonderful time, I know you will!!! Kathysue

  6. Have a wonderful trip...I attended Maison et Objet two years ago and loved it! You girls will have a fabulous time!!!

  7. So exciting. We'll all be thinking of you on that night and wishing we were there. Bonne Chance with the cycling, Sande. Can you say - Get Out of the Way - in French?

  8. Dearest Sande~

    I am smiling SO BIG right now!

    O. M. G.!!!

    Sigh....swallow...smiling BIG again!

    I will be there too, six weeks too late:(

    I would give anything to join you beauties~~

    Well my friend, have the BEST 2WEEKS EVER in your life!!!

    Find lots of French satin bows, shinny ribbons, old faded French wrapping paper, sparkly drinks, and mostly the French Essense of your FRIENDSHIPS with the two AMAZING WOMEN!

    O. M. G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you lots!


  9. Sande, this is super cool !

    mon i'd love to meet you but i arrive in Paris on sept 8th...a bit silly i know because Maison & Objet will be over. (I'm going to show my new notebooks to some store buyers)

    I'll email you just in case you'll organize another blogging meeting on the 2nd week !

    Lots of love

  10. Sande,
    This is so exciting!!! I hope you 3 beautiful ladies have the best time ever in the most beautiful city!

    And, of course everyone else who manages to get there...oh, how I wish I was joining you!

    Look forward to reading posts on the trip.

  11. Sande- two weeks in Paris....ahhhh it will be so wonderful! And of course I love the idea of a small salon for the Blogger Ladies; taking in Maison et Objet will be such a treat. Well, the whole visit sounds like it will be full of treats! I am in Paris the 10th but only briefly, on the way to Beaune. have a lovely day...

  12. Sande, that sounds AMAZING! 2 full weeks in Paris...can I come in your suitcase? Give love to Miss C and Vickie and you 3 have a ball!

    Blogging is truly an amazing thing...

    Bon Voyage!


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  14. Sande, I hope that y'all have a great trip! Take in some beauty for all of us. look forward to posts when you get back.

  15. Have a wonderful trip. I imagine you will bring back all sorts of wonders:).

  16. Sande!
    I have already
    met three bloggers
    this summer, and
    yes, non-b's do
    NOT "get it!" But,
    we do : ) and aren't
    we glad that we do?!
    Have a fantastic time
    and come back and share...
    Your photos, your new
    energy, your memories!
    Bon Voyage!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Sande,
    I so understand why you blog, I feel the same way, when wonderful unexpected moments happen in life you do want to share then, and share them you do, thank you.

  18. Oh what fun! The other thing about blogging is that we will get to enjoy the pictures when you get home!

  19. Oh how wonderful for you!!! We were in Paris just as I started to blogg I did not yet know some of the wonderful BlogFriends I now know... But that will make my trip there next year that much more fun...can't wait to read about your meet and greet!!! ... If you have a chance do have afternoon tea at the Ritz... we had a fabulous time there!! HHL

  20. I am so pleased to have just found your lovely blog in time for your trip to Paris! What a wonderful cafe to be meeting at "Cafe des deux Margots" it's so full of history and ambiance. I can't wait to see your pics ~ have a wonderful time!!

  21. Sande - I know I will be one of many bloggers that will be wishing you great times in Paris. I'm ecstatic for you. You get to take in the city of Lights, meet the charming Vicki & Claudia and enjoy sight-seeing with your sis in law peddling about & soaking in the beauty of Paris.

    I can't think of a more special evening. Safe travels and will be waiting to hear all the news!

    Hugs to you xx

  22. fantastic. we want all the DETAILS upon your return....

  23. How fantastic. Enjoy, and safe travels to all.

  24. Have a wonderful time in beautiful Paris. How exciting my two favourite bloggers getting together. Enjoy.

  25. That is wonderful!! How fun!
    And Paris in the Fall.. so fabulous. Pack a loaded credit card!! :)


    Hugs from Sydney
    x Charlotta

  26. Sande,

    I'm jealous. Also, I am glad you posted this. I started a blog ( last spring about my adventures in learning to make jewelery. I am pretty sure that three people read it, including my husband! Your post inspired me to continue. However, any tips you can share for making a blog really great?


  27. Awww that's so great! I'm jealous, stuck here in US while all my favorite bloggers are hanging at the Deux Magots without me! And now that the dollar is stronger, your cafe creme will cost less than $10!!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip and lots of fun with all the blogger babes. Maybe I'll see you all next year...Bon Voyage!!

  28. Bonjour Sande, I can't believe I was actually supposed to be in the South of France THAT weekend, but due to starting my new job on the Monday after, I decided I didn't want to take the risk of travelling back on Sunday I wish I hadn't cancelled and could "pop in" on the way home! I hope you have a wonderful time, I love Saint Germain as a "quartier" and I'm sure you'll come back with lots of wonderful memories. Love from London xo

  29. Hi Sande

    This is such a lovely idea, I just sent a mail to Vicki. If you're happy to pull up another chair, I would love to meet you all in St Germain.

    A dimanche!

    My French Country Home

  30. Dearest Sande ~
    I am beyond ECSTATIC for you! What a divine experience it is going to be...wheeeeeee! I'm almost jumping up and down with glee I am so excited. If only I could join you lovelies!

    Luckily, I had the grand opportunity to meet wonderful Claudia when she was in San Francisco. And to think that 3 of my favorites will be together....WOW! I'll be thinking of you all and wishing you the most splendid trip ever!

    Hoping one day I get the blessed chance to meet you!


  31. Have an amazing, amazing trip. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return, Sande! xo Gigi

  32. Hi again Sande !
    I was wondering if my email got through ?
    Have a great week end...cycling and packing :-)
    à bientôt!

  33. Oh gosh how did I miss this, I'm so hopless these days.

    Well where do I start....wish I was going is what springs to mind. This will be so fantastic and I truly wish I was closer so it was possible to jump over. I will be thinking of you my dear friend and knowing you will be making the most of this trip.

    Take care honey, especially on those bikes...yikes!

  34. My work took me to Paris, five times in a row and after deciding it is my favourite city, I haven't been for ages. So I miss it a great deal. Enjoy!

  35. Two weeks! I am so jealous...I will flying in on Thursday morning and unfortunately leaving Sunday Morning for Avignon. I would have loved to meet you. I always stay in Saint Germain as late at night I am still able to browse bookstores...

  36. Oh Sande - how incredibly perfect!!! You are going to have the *most* magical time and come home with memories that you will relive over and over (and over and over and over) again. I am so envious and so happy for you at the same time. When Kasey and I were there in April we promised to live every. single. moment. to the fullest and even though it is never enough time, it is truly the best time ever.
    I can't wait to hear all about it when you return!!! Don't forget photos mon amie!

  37. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, but you have inspired me to continue on regardless of reason. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet far away friends someday...(sips a bit of wine and daydreams of Paris)

  38. Hi!

    I am so glad I found your blog! I have been asked those same questions.... It is hard for some to understand! But you are getting to meet people out there that you admire and have things in common with, and in PARIS!!!!!
    So happy for you and envious!

    Love your blog, glad to visit!


  39. How fabulous!!! Wish I could go! Having just spent a lovely day in NYC with some amazing bloggers a little over a week ago, I know exactly what you mean. Have the very best time...looking forward to reading and living vicariously thru you! Enjoy, and bon voyage!xx

  40. Sande, I can feel your heart blossoming at such an opportunity, and mine is with yours also! wow, may you have a gorgeous time and of course, extending it makes all the sense in the world!
    safe travels, and lots of fun and flair! Paris luv, Jenn

  41. French Essence was the very first blog I discovered! I was perusing your blog today (blessed 3 hours without teens) and when you mentioned Vicki Archer, I couldn't believe I was familiar with her blog. Actually, we were in France last Sept. We went to St. Remy and saw the macaroon shop Vicki mentioned in one of her blogs. How fun! (However, it was closed). I can't believe you two met up in Paris. I'll have to peruse some more and see how your time went.


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