Monday, May 3, 2010

Vintage advertiser with a cool story

~ Diamond and Gold Lion Necklace by Craft ~

When I was browsing through the website for my new advertiser, I will admit I got lost in the story behind Fabulous Facets and delightful owner Lynda Hartwell. The afternoon turned into the early evening, then the late evening and I was still opening up pages and reading all the history behind many of the pieces found in the ever changing collection of estate and costume jewelry at Fabulous Facets. As a customer of Fabulous Facets commented after receiving a vintage necklace delivery "When I put it on, I felt like I could see in the mirror all the fabulous women who had previously worn it". Though that stylish customer wore it to an Academy Awards gala, we all have events where a unique piece of fabulous jewelry can carry the evening.

As we know, anything with a bow is always going to catch my attention.....tell me more. Believe me when I tell you there are dozens of pieces where you want to know more and picturing how any of these remarkable pieces could work into your wardrobe. This Marcel Boucher Bow Brooch is from 1939 (the height of the Golden Age of American costume jewelry) and Fabulous Facet owner Lynda suggests it be used to dramatically gather multiple strands of pearls and describes the result as way sexy I think she might be right. I think it would be a most sexy showstopper and with a fascinating story to keep your admirers entertained. I have been wanting to try this dramatic idea for the longest time.

Above are the patent drawings for the way sexy Marcel Boucher Bow Brooch. Lynda Hartwell knows her stuff and it certainly contributes to the romance of owning a unique piece of jewelry with a history behind it.  Her educational background is in anthropology and archaeology and she has participated in several archaeological digs in 5 US states. She tells me she has been literally digging up stuff since she was eight, venturing into the woods to excavate old cellar holes left behind from 18th century farmsteads. She studied geology at Yale to follow in the footsteps of her wildcat oil speculator father, but developed a passion for beauty and fashion from her mother who was an interior designer.

Trifari Enamel Leaves and Gold Sculptural Necklace
1960 ~displaying what became known as frozen movement.

Self-described as a jewelry archaeologist, Lynda tells you the amazing stories behind jewelry design and the history of each piece she sells on her website. Make no mistake, she is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. Want to know what a jewelry collectible called a Jelly Belly really is and how it developed because of wartime restrictions? Want to know what the jewelry term vermeil means? Want to know what type of interesting jewelry men collect? That enamel piece gorgeous would that be with one of today's trendy jumpsuits? So Studio 54 don't you think? Big hair too.

~ Dolce &Gabbana Linked 18K Plates Cuff ~

Once in a while Lynda will list a contemporary piece if she things it is an important one. Most of her collection is from 1770- 1970. As part of the 2008 Dolce and Gabbana Couture line, this cuff is a stylish take on the punk rock style. The runway style cuff is no longer available, except this one which is waiting at Fabulous Facets of course.

Harpers Bazaar ~ a 2008 article which discusses the investment potential of acquiring vintage jewelry.
Now look below. See the bracelet?

~ Kenneth J. Kane Art Deco Bracelet ~
Mint condition. Fabulous Facets has a large collection of Kenneth J. Lane jewelry.

~ Original Pierre Bex Rhinestone Elephant Brooch ~ France

~ Diamonte & Gold Collar de Couture ~

These are a few of my favorites, but only a small part of the selection at Fabulous Facets. Go take a wonderful long browse, not only will you learn the fascinating background of quality vintage jewelry, I hope you find a few sparkly favorites of your own. And Mothers Day is just ahead....right?

Welcome Fabulous Facets!


  1. Beautiful jewellery (especially the Bow Brooch) - and vintage, that's after my own heart. Now, I know it's probably an old hat for you by now, but I simply had to pass this one on to you... Please stop by my blog to pick up a little something. Love from London, Carole x PS: What is the secret to having your pictures this large size? I've tried and failed on numerous occasions.

  2. Sande ~

    Absolutely LOVE your new sponsor! I've fallen hard for the gold cuff ~ wow!


  3. I love that bow brooch, and I love hearing the history of the pieces themselves, as well as the background of Lynda Hartwell! What a fascinating woman. I, too, spent a lot of time digging in the cellar holes of long-gone houses as a child. My brother, sister, and I were always unearthing bits of pottery and old marbles and bottles. Growing up in a family of antiques dealers, I feel like the writing I do today is deeply connected to those "archeological digs" of my youth, so I totally get why Lynda does the wonderful work she does with vintage jewelry. What an exciting new sponsor, Sande!

    xoxo Gigi

  4. I've been to her site and oh she's got the best of vintage! yes...a true jewelry archaeologist..
    Fabulous ! xoxo

  5. Boucher made some of the most wonderful pieces. One of these days I will add one to my collection.
    My mother wore pins often and I seemed to have inherited that affection.

  6. Wow-what interesting pieces!

  7. lovely pieces...I am a big cuff fan....

  8. Sande,
    WOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line! Congratulations on the sponsorship! I know this is the perfect place for Lynda to be. I am off to see what I can find. I am with Mel on that gold cuff~~I hope your week is good!

  9. Sande, these are beyond amazing what works of art!! I love your post they always make me feel as if I just stepped up a notch in life. you are a very elegant lady and it shows in all your lovely post,Happy Monday,Kathysue
    PS Love your music, this is the kind of music I have playing all day in my house, so soothing!!

  10. Oh my goodness honey, this is truly amazing. I just love history and yes it's a given too. I find this so interesting and so beautiful. What an intriguing woman behind them too.

    Will be checking this out for sure,

  11. Beautiful post. I'm in visual overload -- and very happy about it! Love the Craft diamond necklace and the D&G cuff. Totally fabulous!

  12. You must check out the June T&C. They have some amzing pieces including this insane choker Cole Porter had purchased for his wife. Blew me away considering it looks so current.

  13. I started collecting Marcel Boucher pieces after his wife Sondra started working as a designer for our gold company. I absolutely adore my 3 pieces of his and always receive wild raves when I wear them.


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