Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Pea and Grosgrain

Officially, this is my 200th post but don't tell anyone because I do want the post to be a bit more special and include a May Giveaway. Maybe something thoughtful and profound. And so this is my unofficial 200th post as sometimes life gets in the way and even blogging goes on hold. The official 200th post will be sometime in the next week, as soon as we see our Dad through a major and unexpected spinal surgery tomorrow. Before I left for the hospital this afternoon I had to get a few orders wrapped and delivered and thought I would show you one.......I call it Sweet Pea.

I know you rarely see me gift wrap in what is referred to as a monochromatic color scheme. Nor do you often see me use grosgrain ribbon as I certainly favour double faced satins for the most part. I actually do enjoy working with grosgrain, it can be simple but striking. I will try some other variations in grosgrain ribbon in upcoming posts. It is an easy ribbon for most to use, it always ties easily, makes for a crisp, neat bow and is one of the most affordable ribbons.You can't ask for too much more than that from any ribbon.

What you have heard me talk about multiple times is the use of offcuts, those leftover strips of wrapping paper that are generally long and narrow. If you look closely you will see that I used an offcut as a wide folded strip over the gift wrap for dimension and as a guide for placing my three lengths of 1" grosgrain ribbon. The offcut is taped to the bottom (with double-sided tape so nothing is visible) and also works nicely to hide the folded sides. I simply brought the ribbon under the offcut strip and positioned the trio of grosgrain bows, one on top, two to the bottom. You could do any variation you like depending on the size of the package. This was a fairly large box so using three lengths seemed to enhance the presentation because I was using narrow ribbon. Gift wrapping is all about proportion, just like home design. Then again, sometimes rules can be broken and isn't that the fun of it?

It is official, I love the name Sweet Pea. This was a gift for someone so I do look to add something cheery and pretty. I thought this die-cut card was lovely with this green gift wrap presentation, but then made a inside copy error in my rush. But as you know, I will simply cut the image off and save it for another time as a gift card. There is a few other card variations I will attempt in upcoming posts. I have a rather long and interesting list of gift wrap techniques to challenge myself with shortly so the upcoming gift wrapping posts look to be quite creative and hopefully inspirational. Many have asked me to resume my Gift Wrap 101 tutorials and they will be coming back, along with the Small Comfort Series.

And just so you don't think I have totally lost my mind by leaving out embellishments of some nature. I added these petite white flowers to see which style you preferred. Feel free to tell me your preference. Maybe all this time you would have preferred more monochromatic gift wrapping. And to the lovely follower who emailed me in the last week asking for help in selecting and buying good ribbon, I will be emailing you back with some suggestions as soon as this hectic week is over.

My blog posts may be sparse over the next week though sometimes blogging can be a nice stress-release break between hospital breaks, so who knows which way it will go. Thank you in advance for your patience and see you soon. I hope you will look forward to my official 200th  post and the May Giveaway celebrating this blog milestone. A most grateful welcome to New Followers and I am honored that you have joined me here at A Gift Wrapped Life.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. I prefer it without flowers although both are spectacular.

    Congratulations on 200 posts!

  2. My best wishes for your father and a prompt recovery....Having spent 2 weeks in my mom's hospital room in a cot next to her bed, I know how much the power of love can heal.
    Beautiful wrapping...

  3. Dearest Sande ~
    First and foremost, I surely hope your Dad sails smoothly through this very intense surgery ~ best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery.

    Secondly, I'm totally loving the grosgrain with the sweet nature embellishments ~ Simply Spring at its best!


  4. Oh hello my sweet, I thought something must be wrong. My very best to your dear Father, truly you are in my thoughts darling.

    You never fail to amaze me with your talent and this wrap is no exception. You really are the best, this is so elegant and beautiful.

    biggest hugs DJ

  5. Sweet pea wrappings...looking too pretty to open!
    Good luck and take care,
    Hugs from the Hostess

  6. This wrapping is gorgeous Sande - actually it is heaven with the lily of the valley touch. Good luck this week...xv

  7. What a striking colour! I can't make up my mind whether I like it with or without the flowers, I guess it would depend on who it's meant for... I hope your dad will make a good recovery and wish you and your family strength, courage, patience and love at this difficult time. My thoughts are with you. Love from London x

  8. I love this, you are so talented, and your blog is so creative, beautiful and lovely!!!

  9. Bonjour Sande,
    Will say a prayer for your Father, how lucky he is to have you close by. You have created yet another gorgeous package, love the name of Sweet Pea!
    All my best,

  10. SANDE! First, I love sweet peas, so to call this one sweet pea green, well, you HAD ME right away. Sweet peas are the flower of March, my daughter's birth month, so they will always be special, to me. Next, I LOVE lily of the valley, especially in the month of May and the combination is just spectacular, as are your beautiful blog ideas! Congrats on #200 and don't stop!!! xx P&H

  11. I never thought I could just stare at a wrapped package and think, "Wow, what an art!" I love the monochromatic scheme. It's very much what I had in mind with the Betty hat that you purchased. It becomes about texture. Well, thanks for expanding my art horizons and a pre congratulations for your 200th post. I won't tell a soul.

  12. MA.GNI.FIQUE! what a lovely creative theme in one shade! and the muguet, lovely. Bravo.

  13. Your father is in our thoughts and prayers today and while your posts may be sparse in the coming weeks, their loveliness will remain with us during the days. Love how the texture of the grosgrain picks up the subtle stripes in the paper - beautiful!

  14. Best wishes for your Dad and I hope he is home again with his family soon. I like it without embellishments, just the green bows but I do just love that colour!

  15. Best wishes to your father for a successful surgery and the speediest of recovery.

  16. Dear Sande,

    My heart is near and never far from you. I wish your Dad a surgery that is over in a flash, quick & easy and many warm sunshine days ahead for healing.

    And this citrus GREEN, the simplicity is so fresh and current!
    Sande, I truly can't even believe the beauty that you create. I have never in my life seen such a presentation in gift wrap that you do. You are Amazing to me.

    I slowly untied the bows and ribbon, the lid opened, I brought one gift out and truly could not go any further. I felt guilty {for some odd reason}, put it back quickly, I must wait and share this with Noele. This gift has so many emotions for me... a story for later~


  17. I love the monochromatic effect, it's always so striking!

    I hope your Dad gets through his op ok. I'll be thinking of you.

    Kat x

  18. Stunning! Your Dad will be in my thoughts & prayers; and please take care of yourself too!

  19. All the best to your Dad for a speedy recovery!
    And strength to you & your family...

  20. Sande,

    I do hope that your father is doing better and that his surgery went well.

    Thank you for sharing this post with us. I have always wondered how to use off-cuts. I hate to waste strips of good wrapping paper, so this is a perfect idea, whether used monochromatically or with coordinating prints.
    I really like the floral card that you added atop the sweet pea gift. It's the perfect size and looks so fresh.

    Take care, my friend,

  21. Sande, thinking of you and your Father and wishing him a speedy recovery.

    The wrapping and additions are beautiful. Grosgrain is one of my favorites. I just found this multi-colored striped ribbon from May Arts. 1/2" ribbon with candy colors. Nothing like the wrapping you do, but adds a colorful touch to small gifts.


  22. Very pretty. I'm working on a post right now with just this color green AND lilies of the valley! I love grosgrain on gifts. It has a homey, comfortable quality that I really like. Miles nicer than cheapo party store gift ribbons yet not as fancy as satin. Oh, and I have that same card hanging on my office wall-an old anniversary card from the husband.

  23. Sande, I hope all goes well with your Dad, I know how taxing that can be for the whole family. We will be here when you get back and you left us with such a pretty package. I love the addition of The lily of the valley,so pretty as always, Kathysue

  24. I'm in love with the very first version with the monochromatic bows. Understated and lovely!

  25. Congratulations Sande. I love waking up every morning and logging on to see your beautiful site. Best wishes to your father for a speedy recovery.

    Another delightful wrap.

  26. Sande,
    I was just talking about you over at Fab Over 50 and decided to drop in. Thoughts & prayers for you and all of your loved ones. Be strong & we will all be here when you return. xo Lisa

  27. I think you wrap looks wonderful with and without the flowers, but I might like the all green package the best. You can't go wrong either way. It is beautiful. I hope your dad make a speedy recovery and that everything goes well.

  28. Dear Sande,
    First of all and most importantly, I'm so sorry to hear of your Dad's unexpected spinal surgery. I wish him a speedy recovery and send my best wishes to him from the U.K.
    Next, many congratulations on your 200 post. That is certainly a milestone and, indeed worth celebrating. I am approaching my 100th and can't imagine reaching 200 !! Don't worry that you aren't doing your giveaway on the exact 200th post. I think that you have a lot more pressing things on your plate at the moment !! Treat it like Qheen Elizabeth 11's birthday. She has the real one and then the official one. We will just call you Queen Sande !!
    Your wrapping is just jow I like it to be. Simple and understated but so beautiful. I like the die cut card of Lily of the Valley. It looks perfect.
    Take care Sande and look after yourself. It can be difficult when a parent has had surgery. XXXX

  29. Some day, when you get the chance, would you mind please creating a post showing some ideas for wrapping a bottle of wine? I consider myself a creative wrapper, but for whatever reason, I tend to just use those nasty wine bags whenever I give a bottle as a gift.

  30. This is so springy, fresh & beautiful!
    <3 it!

  31. I will say prayers for your father. I just spent a week with my mom in the hospital as she had surgery and learned she had a rare form of cancer. It is so difficult to see your lovely strong parents in that position, but I hold a clear vision of the strength she has always carried in life, and now more than ever, her bravery....silent beautiful bravery. How befitting that your wrap is my very favorite shade of green and symbolically the color of HEALTH and WELLNESS. I love the second embellishment as I am all about texture and form. LOVELY. Take good care of yourself at your father's side. He will need your strength too. Southern California hugs to YOU!

  32. Who wouldn't be thrilled with any one of those gifts. I love to wrap things special and you have wonderful ideas. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog. Thanks!

  33. What a perfect colour...looks way too good to open! All the best. Tracey xx

  34. I hope all goes well with your dad, and that he has a speedy and complete recovery. We'll say a prayer for him, and your family to get you through. And it goes without saying that your wrapping is divine. Beautiful!

  35. congratulations on your 200 posts! and sending along warm thoughts and wishes for your father -- hope you are well,


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