Friday, May 21, 2010

A Magnificent Surprise

Today I got the most lovely surprise.......

To say I am a peony lover would be an understatement. I went around and counted all the peony buds today and can expect a few hundred blooms in varying colours over the next few weeks. A few years ago I planted a second round of peony plants which I thought were a deep pink. Well, they are and were to begin with........ until they opened this morning and presented me with this most magnificent surprise. This first one that opened literally took my breath away. Isn't she a beauty? And look closely to the middle right, a bold little ant trying to get in my photo for evolutionary credit (he is also at the bottom of the top photo). Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all your kind support for my father. Even though he still isn't sure what this blogging thing is that his daughter is doing, he was tickled pink that so many of you sent your good wishes, thoughts, and prayers. XO

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. i love love love peony! what a surprise! Really a beautifull image! Have a nice week end!

  2. WHAT a beauty! I am not surprised that you love peonies, as they are grace and loveliness epitomized! I must have missed the post about your dad; I will go back and take a look. Goes without saying that we are all keeping him ~ and you ~ in our thoughts and prayers, sweet friend.
    Hope your weekend is full of more peony moments!
    xx P&H

  3. Lovely! I too love the peony... they are breath taking intheir splendor!!! Have a great week-end, happy gardening!

  4. What lovely, lovely pictures, and, of course, an ant would be posing. Without them, no peonies.

  5. I love peonies. This must be one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen!

  6. I have seen huge bouquets of these in stunning arrangments....I cannot bear to pick mine...they last so much longer on the bush.
    But truly magnificant...I heartily agree...and it's a tonic to stop to smell the flowers...

  7. What a beauty. We had the opposite thinking ours were light pink and ended up with deep bright pink.

  8. Omigosh! My favorite flower. So lucky that you have your own Yesterday I was at the flower mart and spent $18 for 6 hot pink peonys. I wish, oh I wish I woke up to a garden full of them!

  9. Beautiful Sande~~ You weren't kidding when yuo said you have Peonies in your garden. These are perfection!

    The gift you send mom was out of this world. She was kind enough to wait for me to open everything. You should have seen the smiles on her face. Your work in person is stunning! Fine details and attention down to every detail. And thank you for my Opera lip balm.. it's soooo yummy.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend~


  10. I love them too
    Love all you share
    I hope your Dad is well♥

  11. Sande - How beautiful and I love the fact that you see a little ant peeking its little head into your picture on the right hand side. Our peonies are still budding, not blossoming yet but am counting the days! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  12. You are so lucky to have so many peony´s, I have to wait some years before I have so many.
    Have a lovely week end

  13. Your peonies are gorgeous! And I am glad your dad is in good spirits!

  14. Just beautiful!! Mine look just like yours however a violent rain storm pummeled them to the ground :(

    Check out the website Khlems Song Sparrow - they sell over 100 varieties of peonies! Swoon!

  15. absolutely beautiful. a friend gave me a bunch last week and I was overwhelmed at the beauty and lovely scent. I don't know how I missed the post on your dad but I went back and re-read. I trust all is well and please include me in those sending best wishes for his speedy return to good health....

  16. Fantastic! I love it!
    greetings from Holland,

  17. I will join the club of being a peony lover. These are just magnificent. You're so lucky to have a garden with them and your photos are stunning!

  18. What a beautiful flower. I had peonys in my wedding bouquet, I love them. What kind is this one - I've never seen anything like it!

  19. Sande,
    I've been catching up on my blog reading the past few nights...see I've missed a lot. I hope your father is doing well after his surgery.

    Tell him lots of ladies are sending him lots of blog love!!!

    Your peony pictures are truly stunning...put mine to shame. These need to be turned into cards!!!

  20. What a surprise for The Gift Wrapped Life!!! No one deserves this one like you do~ Isn't is amazing how God gift wraps? One would never know what was inside of these sweet peony buds, they are like surprise balls! Beautiful Sande! Have a good weekend!

  21. Beautiful, Sande, really beautiful. We cannot grow peonies in Texas, too they must be imported...they sell out instantly in every store, market, flower shop, etc. just because everyone loves them. Wonderful photos. xx's

  22. I believe sumptuous is really the only word that describes the bloom. My severe addicition has suffered greatly here in Arizona, so I thank you for a blush of plushness. The ant popping in screams a jovial Hi!! Delightful!!
    Have a wonderful weekend & wishes of comfort to your father too.

  23. Lovely photos, lovely peonies...a real fave of mine as well. Sending along more warm good wishes for your father! :)

  24. dear sande... i completely understand your feelings on these amazing blossoms.. this one is beyond gorgeous (and i know MUCH better in person when you can actually touch - to make sure it is acually real!)

    i have planted many all over my yard and they are like wonderful surprises as they open.. cannot imagine yours...

    i am sorry i missed the post on your father ... my thoughts and prayers are with you, your sweet father and family... i will go back and look now.
    sincerely, pam xx

  25. Sandi, what a beautiful blossom – and so timely, I might add :) I will have to find that last post that you are referring to...

    Wishing you the loveliest weekend,


  26. Absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful surprise.
    I love peonies, too. I purchased a new variety this year 'Buttercup' and I can't wait to see the first bloom next year.

    I once read you should share starts of your favorite peony plants with your closest family and/or friends. Reason - when you see your plant bloom, you will know your family/friends will share the same thing at the same time. I have a friend who has a start from one of her great-grandmother's peony plants. Her grandmother, mother and three sisters also have starts from the same plant. She says it's so special when her plant blooms in the spring, because she thinks of her deceased great-grandmother, her grandmothers, mother, and sisters, and knows they are enjoying the exact same plant/blooms where they live. It sounds like a wonderful tradition.

  27. My favorites and when in full bloom I love shaking the ants out of them!

  28. Dear Sande,
    What a beauty of a peony. I think that many of us love peonies. I have some in my garden, but nowhere near the amount that you have. With that many, you can afford to pick some and bring them indoors. I haven't got enough to warrent bringing any indoors. Our house is Victorian and I think that a few of my plants are from that era !
    Have a lovely Sunday. We are having hot and sunny weather today. XXXX

  29. Sande,
    Just beautiful! I just got a new "big girl" camera and passed my other one down to Taylor.
    Of course the first thing I took a picture of was a flower! You have inspired me to post them today! Keeping your sweet dad in my thoughts!

  30. What an amzazing and beautiful surprise, that peonie is just sooo stunning. Thanks for sharing and I hope your dad will make a full recovery soon. You and your family are in my thoughts. Love from London x

  31. Beautiful, Sande. I have never seen one exactly like this one. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Happy Spring!

  32. BIG HUGS coming your way today sande... xx pam

  33. Absolutely stunning! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong w/my peony plants but they just don't bud? I've tried different locations but the same problem...lots of deep green leaves and no buds.

    Wow, to have hundreds of peony blooms...what a dream! xoxo Beth

  34. Dearest Sande ~

    So happy to read your father is doing well...such a relief to you and yours.

    And this peony, oh my heart it is gorgeous! What a magnificent thing a Bug's life, non? How up close and personal that little ant can be to the glory of this bloom!

  35. I adore peonies ! I wish I had a garden to fill it with peonies!
    You are so lucky!
    have a great week!

  36. what a beautiful image you have over here... you are making me wish i had a garden but apartment living is not good for it...


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