Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Website is open......Giveaway Winners are.....

Introducing A Gift Wrapped Life last!

Pretty Boxed Gifts to ship to wonderful and special women anywhere........

I think you will love the new Wrap Room ~ a unique gift wrap concept and a
gorgeous gift.
Watch for more styles as we move along...... Wait until you see the Versailles collection! I'm working on it now.

Gorgeous gifts to add to your Wrap Room collection........

Petite treasures........

......larger ones too.

More pretty boxed gifts......... and still more to come.

The most patient Thank You Giveaway winners are:

Beach Cottage Studio

Nicole - Kirei Nest

Simply Mel - Reverie

Go to The Gift Wrapped Life website ladies and pick your favorite
Wrap Room - gift wrap ensemble and email me
at your choice and address.
Please, please pick your favorite (don't worry about the price- now who says that?).

You are going to have so much wrapping fun!

Thank you to everyone who entered and all your
lovely comments and support ~ I truly have the most wonderful
readers and followers.

Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life
All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Congrats, Sande! I'm sure you are glad the new site is up and running. Congratulations to the winners too! It looks like you have added even more lovely things, so I will have to do some "window shopping" today!

  2. Hi Sande!

    I have been reading for a while and have to tell you how much I love your blog and all your gorgeous gift wrap! You are so creative. I have been anxiously awaiting for your new website to open! It is beautiful! I LOVE everything! When I was in high school one of my jobs during the Christmas break was working as a gift wrap girl at a high end department store. It was one of my favorite jobs ever-a little stressful, but I loved it!

    Congrats on your new website! It's a feast for the eyes!


  3. Sande-Congratulations-it looks wonderful-much success.

  4. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL site (of course!) Congratulations!

  5. Simply lovely! I always enjoy visiting, everything is always picture perfect. Congratulations to the lucky winners.


  6. There is only one problem I see, this could be dangerous.
    I want one of there a box to click for that?

  7. WOW! What an accomplishment! Now you can come to Paris :)
    I have a two bedroom, get the ticket for the weekend, you deserve it!

  8. SANDE!

    Oh my goodness - never in a million years did I expect to win this giveaway! I'm over the moon! So many gorgeous things to choose from, and it will take me a day or so to decide! :)

    Thank you so, so, so much!

    And big CONGRATS on the website launch! A perfect way to begin September~


  9. Hi Sande, CONGRATULATIONS!!! will be going right now to have a look I bet you are so glad it's all launched, have great fun & enjoy it all now :)

  10. Yay! Sande!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new site. I couldn't stop pouring over all of the gorgeousness that it is!!! :)It is perfection! All of that hard work has paid off, you are such an inspiration!
    Bravo!!! :)

  11. Sande~
    OMG OMG OMG SO STUNNING!! I adore every detail big and small! You should be very proud. Your website is the most beautiful I have ever seen! Congratulations my dear friend!

  12. Congrats on your new website Sande. These colors are so warm and fresh. Love this! I am always inspired by your dedication to always keep going. Your hard work shows in every creation.

  13. congratulations on such a lovely are so very talented! I am sure some of my pennies are going to come your way and I can't wait!

  14. Many congratulations Sande, your website is stunning! Good luck! Congrats too, to the lucky winners!!

  15. Oh honey I was in giftwrap HEAVEN at your website, it was fantastic and the gift section was totally awesome. You are just the BEST.

    Huge congratulations to the wonderful winners!

  16. Here from A Thousand Clapping HAnds ~Catherine's place. Well worth the stop! Glad she sent me over.

  17. Back again, I have been dreaming about my first gift wrapped purchase from you! Everything is lovely!

  18. Congratulations on your new website! It is just as gorgeous as I imagined it would be!!! Worth the wait~

  19. Sande!
    Magnigique comme toujours!
    Congratulations to your lucky winners! I can't imagine how hard it would be to make a selection in your Wrap Room. ALL of it is gorgeous!
    I just love your new site. Your merchandise is beautiful and irresistable, and it is so easy to navigate. Oh, and great idea on the "May We Suggest" portion!
    Bravo! Bravo! I am so proud of you!

  20. Hi,
    its a very lovely post. I like it. Keep it up!!!!!!

  21. Congratulations on your new website :) I will have to go and take a look around...

    Also, a congratulations to the three lucky winners -- I'm certain they are very excited!


  22. Congratulations for this new website !!

  23. So so lovely...I am flying off to check out the new website...can't wait...more inspiration..I need all the help I can get from you! xoxox

  24. Just me again....just visited your lovely shop....I am so in love with it...stunning papers and ribbons etc....I am going to add you to my wish list on my blog sidebar...and would love to feature your shop on my blog sometime!

  25. Sande, CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new website--it is stunning. Your ensembles are every bit as lovely as any one of us would have imagined. Worth the wait!! Also congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of your Thank You Giveaway--lucky ladies!! Brigitte

  26. Sande, congratulations on your new site! It looks fabulous! So clean and easy to navigate. I know the stresses of launching a site...all of the headaches and waiting, waiting, waiting. Well, it was worth the wait! Congrats and I wish you the best success!! Lynn

  27. Sande,

    I love your new website! Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the winners! Your blog is just the best ever!!

    Beach Cottage Studio

  28. The new site is simply stunning! Congratulations on your successful launch – it’s a beauty! I have been mesmerized by everything in the wrapping room all morning. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the holiday season!

  29. It's certainly wonderful coming over here and seeing your fabulously wrapped presents! Thank you for the eye candy!

  30. What lucky ducks, that is so awesome.

    Sande do you know if Pattee received her gift yet, I can't tell on that UPS site. Maybe you know.

    Also woot woot for your son that is fantastic.

    Love Renee xoxo


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