Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking for Embellishments

Besides the ribbon, besides the gift wrap, and besides the gift products, I absolutely love embellishments as you may have noticed. My little wired paper roses, my voluminous silk flowers, the gorgeous new paper flowers from Fanciful Designs, these little crystal hearts. It has gotten to the point where a gift package isn't complete unless I add something to top off all the ribbon. I know the ribbon is enough and I admit to my overly-embellished state of mind. But I just love the layering and execution of a beautifully wrapped gift and there is no stopping me now. This was a gorgeous custom gift that made it's way to a California customer last week and the customer liked our crystal heart detail. So I added one to every gift in this lovely turquoise and ivory gift ensemble, how could I not?

My embellishment supply has been keeping me fairly content, but I hunting down some new possibilities this weekend. My mind is wide open and I hope I find what I am picturing in my head. In website terms, Christmas is just around the corner so I have to get in the holiday mode now. I will leave Sunday with my hairdresser (who has her own buying to do, but how good is that to have your hairdresser with you on a 3-day trip?) to scout the Toronto Gift Show. Trade shows always have the effect of putting my creativity into overdrive and I'm ready for a bit of that.

I adore the colour and elegance of this silk photo album that went into this custom ensemble. I do prefer to match up the gift wrapping to the box products. I found this luscious turquoise colour to be inspiring so I added lots of the hand-dyed silk that has such a unique, special nature. It is whisper-soft and ties like a dream.
This album proves I am not the only one who loves embellishments!

Parlez-moi d' Amour (Speak to my of Love) is my personal candle of choice and I will be looking to re-stock this beauty at the show. Though I am highly-fragrance sensitive, this France import doesn't seem to bother me as it burns and releases it's soft fragrance in my office for hours on end. I am careful with my candle selections in fragrance and burn quality, I truly believe there is nothing worse than a cheap and overpowering candle scent. Parlez also has a Pillow Mist in the same fragrance and I use it quite liberally on my bed linens, sweet REM dreams and all that.

It has been wonderful to see the response to the Thank You Giveaway and meet all the new followers. I will be working my way to your blogs in the next few weeks to say hello. You still have time to post a comment if you haven't done so as I have delayed the website launch for another week (Note: Do not try to launch a website in the summer, it is definitely a winter job). Nothing like a meltdown (just a small one) to tell you that you are moving and pushing too fast. In the next 6 days I have overnight guests, dinner out, a big party, cooking, packing, 2 hair appointments, some shopping, some banking, proofs to check, meals to leave, a 3-day trade show, and people to catch up with without stressing about a website going live and me not being here. What was I thinking? It's obvious I wasn't thinking, hence the meltdown (just a small one) and I will be back next Wednesday. Have a fabulous weekend. XO

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. What is that saying?, something like 'Keep calm and carry on'...I know, easier said than done! Good luck with it all and be sure to have fun! :o)

  2. I have to say that each layer you do with these lovely embellishments just makes the gift that much more special. I love that journal and the colors you have shown in the wrappings above.

  3. Love these beautiful embellishments. These packages are like little works of art.

  4. Have a wonderful time at the gift show ~ I am so jealous! The crystal hearts are so pretty and I adore that photo album. I look forward to seeing what you get at the show.

  5. Such divine are the Queen of Beautiful wrapping!

    I'm still going ga-ga over the stunning photo album!

    Enjoy your Toronto inspirational 'shopping'!

  6. If I were ever lucky enough to receive such a beautifully wrapped gift, I would never find actually find out what was inside for fear of disturbing the wrapping. You have such an eye and talent!


  7. I shall now think of these embellishments as hair accessories and as for the melt down, thank goodness it is summer. Give yourself a pat on the back, I know it will be stunning and I for one cannot wait until you launch your new site.
    Best of luck with all you have to do,"SuperSande!" ta da!!

  8. Oh so much fabulousness in that top picture, love, love it. The satin, the colours, those embellishments wow!

    Did I hear hairdresser ... that hairstyle honey, you can give it a go ... lol.

    Best of luck with the next week, remember to breath slowly and one step at a time :)


  9. I agree you are the Queen of embellish and beautify. We all lay our paper down under your chair!!!! I love your talent!

  10. I was on your blog last night and almost fell asleep reading it. I came back today when I got home from work. I am in AWE over your packages. I am a new store and you have inspired me to do preetier things then I was going too. Thank you so much. I have just opened a store and have lots to still do. Please come see me and check me out and leave me a note when you ge home. Kath' at

  11. Snade,
    I'm amazed that you added all the other stuff in with the Gift Show. Going to NY, Atlanta & Dallas, I never had time for anything beyond sleep. You are a superwoman extraordinaire.
    I heard TAG has some great tiny ornaments that naturally would double as pkg pretty. I still have a couple of boxes of their petite mercury pinecones. :)
    Good luck!!!

  12. Wow! Those little touches really transform each gift into something special. Your friends and family are so lucky to have someone to put so much time and effort into making them smile!

  13. I hear you Sande .....Good Luck and remember it will all happen so don't stress too much and enjoy the process, xv.

  14. Gorgeous as always Sande. The turquoise is stunning. Have a fun (although busy) six days. The Toronto Gift Show would be incredible. If you pull your hair having design over-load, you have your HD there to put you back together!
    Safe travels,

  15. Sande,
    Just reading your To Do List stresses ME out!
    However, it all sounds like an exciting kind of stress/anxiety. You've added another lovely touch to your gift wrap. Those crystal hearts are beautiful.
    Have a great day, mon amie. Oh, and thanks for adding Amelia and me to your sidebar...That face she's making in that photo always makes me laugh!

  16. Wow...what a lovely blog you have,as soon as I saw you were in Ontario I had to come and see!!I simply adore your header,so unique! All the best,from another Canadian blogger! Chrissy

  17. I just had a light bulb moment after I struggled forever with the packaging for my new candle line! I should have asked YOU, the queen of packaging to help.

  18. That's just about the most beautiful gift wrapping job I've ever seen. Makes me want to redecorate my bedroom.

  19. Good luck with everything Sande! I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully in the end - like everything you do.

  20. Hi!
    Your blog and your website are the most beautiful things I've ever seeing. Since I was a little girl, I have being the "designated gift wrapper in my family. But you have taken that Art to another level.
    Thank your for your inspiration.
    best regards,
    Wanda Contreras

  21. Miss Sande~
    Something Special Again! I just want to say this post is BEAUTIFUL and I think You are just too good! The ribbons look like candy! How did I almost miss this post??.... my computer has died... I feel very sad & disconnected lately... Though right now I am sneaking at work to do my weekend post and visit a few favorites, like your page, I feel right at home finding you and you've made me smile again~

  22. Where do you get your energy? You are amazing. I love the hearts and the color combo too. Have a fabulous, creative weekend, Sande.

  23. How dreamy Sande, they all look so dreamy.

    Thank you for your love.

    Love Renee xoxo

  24. Hi Sande~

    Oooo...I love the soft and pretty turquoise bow and all your new little sparkles! I understand how everything all seems to come at once...I breathe a bit...and somehow everything seems to come together. I hope you enjoy your company and the lovely trade show. I can't wait to see all your new goodies!!!

    ~Miss Kris~

  25. Absolutely inspiring packaging. I do love the color combination and the addition of the crystal heart is the icing on the cake.

    I too am getting ready for Christmas gift wrapping and I found some great embellishments at a flea market today. Vintage velvet ribbons in rich red and navy blue and some sparkly clip on earrings. I am looking forward to creating some beautiful packaging.

  26. Sande-Lovely-I can't wait to see Noel's paper flowers.

  27. I absolutely agree with you -- nothing worse than a smelly, overpowering, cheap candle! I've never tried Parlez-moi d'Amour but it sounds like a need to!

  28. Can't wait to see your new site, Sande. I hope you had a good trip to Toronto. XO

  29. Soooo glad I found you! I love your ideas...just beautiful!

  30. What an amazingly lovely post...your images are beautiful...oh how I love really must be in Heaven around that time! Your packages are the jewels!

  31. I love gifts that give before the wrapping paper even comes off - I still have little trinkets and ornaments from "pre-gifts" on boxes and things. They make it an extra-special experience.


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