Friday, August 28, 2009

My Very Own .....PVE

Cottage with Potager Garden by Patricia van Essche.
It's mine!

Don't you just love the portrait of this talented artist? The former design director for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Liz Claiborne has her own unique and personal style.

It was my turn to receive a gift! And what a beautifully wrapped gift it was! It's fabulous to be on the receiving end! I was the winner of the PVE giveaway a few weeks back, so I knew something special was coming this week and the timing was perfect. If you don't know PVE artist Patricia van Essche by now, and I think everyone in the blogger world does (she is one of our most social, supportive, and well-connected bloggers) you really must take the time to visit her blog and website. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist, she really is one of the most lovely bloggers . Another thing you should know about Patricia is that we share a passion..........she absolutely loves to gift wrap. I loved all the green wrapping theme, a colour I associate most often with her work. The artichoke gift wrap, the green iridescent ribbon, the green organza bag, the green PVE logo ribbon..........I was expecting the framed watercolour, but then she had all these extra treasures that came tumbling out. A gorgeous set of watercolour note cards & envelopes, a wood bamboo pen (how did she know I love those?) and a green organza bag with flower seeds. Why the seeds? This thoughtful lady remembered I was without my garden this year due to major road construction.......I know she is giving these to me for next year when I plan to make up for lost planting time. It is this type of thoughtfulness that makes someone feel so special.

My own potager garden drawn by Patricia van Essche.
She sent it framed (how gracious!) and I am deciding
where this lovely reminder should hang. Somewhere very special.

Don't you just love her calling card? It was tucked into the seed packets.

I have found a new favorite set of note cards. Patricia's fountain illustration is simply exquisite and printed on a gorgeous quality of card stock. I hope she sells more of these, I will run out quickly.

Here is another of PVE's drawings. She has immense talent

and a very big heart.

Thank you Patricia! I will treasure my garden. XO

Speaking of giveaways..........I am busy entering all the giveaway entries for A Gift Wrapped Life. There is quite a few of you so stayed tuned, my next post is to announce the winners!

First, second and last photo from PVE. Remaining photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life.


  1. Sande-Her work is so whimsical and charming. She has done headers for several blogs I follow. I know you will enjoy these.

  2. What a lovely gift you have received. I too follow her blog and continue to be amazed with her talents!


  3. So very beautiful!!! Enjoy!

  4. Congratulations on your win! Gorgeous portrait of her! Love the wrapping papers and ribbons. So pretty. You must be feeling pretty special, right now.

  5. How gorgeous {and I do like her portrait picture}! She does sound like a very thoughtful person, especially to remember that you are without a garden this year, and sending you the seeds. I'm sure it will be difficult to decide where to hang your beautifully framed potager garden artwork.

  6. Sande,

    As you already know, you are one very lucky lady to receive such beautiful PVE treasures!

    No doubt you will enjoy for many years to come!


  7. Sande,
    How beautiful. I love her expression. Thanks for sharing this talented woman with us.

  8. Sande, what a beautiful gift and how wonderful to receive such a lovely package. I hope you had a relaxing weekend, xv.

  9. Oh I'm so so happy you got a gift wrapped present, you deserve it.

    What a totally gorgeous present, Patricia is just so talented and obviously super sweet as well.

    btw love those Louboutin's in the sidebar and thank you so much for the lovely mention there for DJ :)xxxxx

  10. Sande I just looked at the new shop you did an incredible job.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. Sande,
    That is such a special win for you! What a beautiful gift! Congratulations.. I am going to her website now~

  12. What a thoughtfull gift Sandra I am so pleased for you I will definetly go & have a look at Patricia's blog, thanks for the link hope to see how your seed's grow after you get chance to plant them :)

  13. Sande,
    Each and every time I visit "a gift wrapped life" ~ I am quickly reminded of the abundance of grace and beauty in each of our gifts. May you enjoy your very own garden of gifts. You bestow such lovely ways, wraps and make each one of us feel like a recipient!
    Thank-you for such a gracious post.
    pve (Patricia)

  14. A treasure indeed to own one of Patricia's artwork. Just when I think I have a favorite she comes up with another. You are one lucky gal- Enjoy the illustration!! xoxox

  15. Those drawings are fabulous ! Can she do dancers by any chance ? I would love to see them !

    Hello - I had to leave a note for your to say how wonderful your blog is and how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. They are creative, interesting and unique - and your photo's are divine too ! Best wishes and thank you for sharing them ...

  16. I love this story. What a sweet and thoughtful person! I will most definitely visit her site. Her work is beautiful and makes me happy in a way I can't explain...


  17. I love Patricia's artistry & style. I wish I had the garden to have her design cards but I have a feeling once I open the boutique she'll be doing notecards for me.

  18. Well good luck on that! Hope you will win a give away. Have a nice day!

  19. Love these paintings by pve. I haven't been to her blog - (How did I miss that one?) - so Merci for the introduction.
    I loved hearing about your encounter with D. Browning!
    Okay - I'm off to visit the new, gorgeous (I'm certain) website and I will return.

  20. thank you for introducing me to this lovely artist and yes, that is a wonderful photo of her! if I painted in it, horrors, but obviously some of us can keep it on the paper instead of themselves and the floor, shoes and the dog all in one swipe!

    i have enjoyed your blog for many months and thought i would say hello.

  21. Lucky you!!! I LOVE Patricia's work. What a treasure.


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