Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gone Fishing.......with the Guys

If you really did think I have gone fishing, you don't know me very well by now. I went fishing, but purely in a gift wrap manner. The clean, fun kind of creative fishing, I went looking for "guy" type of gift wrapping. It occurred to me and other people as well that I really ignore the men when it comes to gifting and gift wrap too. My gift website is 99.9% designed for women's gifting and between you and I...... I don't think that will change. I simply am not very good at men's gifts, for good reason, I don't have to do it very often.

But it only seemed fair if I was going to offer gift wrap ensembles on my new website, I better offer you some selections for the men in your life. Gifting for men is not something I do too often on a personal level. The guys around here are quite good at self-gifting with a steady flow of new golf equipment and other guy things. They are both low-maintenance in this regard but maybe it's a way to get off the hook? Personally, I think buying a return gift for me scares the living daylights out of both of them so they have opted out of the gifting and claim we can all buy our own gifts. Fine by me, I am really, really good at doing my own self-gifting. You should see all the "gifts" those two buy me when I go shopping. But if I did have to wrap them something, I would use this Gone Fishing gift wrap, I think it is a pattern that men would enjoy.

I love, love this Tan solid gift wrap and all the masculine possibilities. There's a tendency (on my part) to not give guy gift wrapping as much thought and detail. I must think they don't care or notice, or even worse be embarrassed by anything too fussy. If you are gift wrapping a special guy gift, I would think you are also looking to impress, this flat wrap and label technique would do the trick.

I do get called upon to send men gifts so I keep a limited supply of masculine products in their own special spot. Usually it is a job related occasion, a promotion, sometimes a condolence. It is a challenge for me to put together a male-gender gift, but I am going to try harder to search out products at the upcoming trade shows. You usually have to look ten time harder for 1/10 the selection. I often wonder if men even like gifts or do they just smile and indulge the female love of gifting? Though I must say, I think this is a great looking pen.

I do notice men like things they can attach a memory to, something they can look at and say "my son gave me that" or "I got that when I got my promotion". This cigar paperweight would look handsome on a cigar-lovers desk. So tell me...........what gifts do the men in your life like?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. I find it a challenge to buy the men in my life anything let alone wrap it. I quite like the tan paper with black ribbon and label. It is very elegant and just masculine enough not to make them uncomfortable.

  2. Sande,
    I am the WORST at selecting gifts for the men, especially my father! My husband always seems to have already "bought" his Christmas, Father's Day, and birthday gifts a month before the occasion...I won't take it as an insult though:) Actually, that is really so easy, isn't it?
    One thing I know is that the majority of men seem to love war memorabilia- old war metals/badges, photos, and weapons, of course. Many seem extremely fascinated by World War II. I would love to see you wrap a gift in this theme...Perhaps around Christmas time...

    The masculine gift wrap that you've done on this post is wonderful as always! I love that bold fish print and that turquoise patterned paper is nice. However, my favorite is the ivory and black! I really have missed visiting your blog this last couple of weeks.

  3. Oh I knew you were my guru for a reason, awesome post! I totally relate on a number of things you mentioned in this post!

    You amaze me with your ideas, they are JUST so fabulous and stylish!xxxx

  4. Men can be so difficult to wrap for let alone gift. My greatest challenge is for a friend, cosmopolitan, so not into fish or plaids. Ive bought the The Financial Times & used black ribbons. I may need to try your Parisian labels next.
    Pity because the fish are stunning!!!

  5. I could never picture you holding a fishing pole...ha! But if you did, I know it would be the prettiest one available with lots of ribbons and bows!

    My amore loves to receive pigments for painting or books about painting...so wrapping them up is always a fun challenge!

    And yes, that photo is of us! Thanks for noticing!

  6. Dear Sande~
    Oh oh oh! I think I love love that tan and black with you my sweet friend! How do you make it all look So good? You make me actually want to buy a guy gift... I bet Austin helped with this one~ Great Job on this post!

  7. yes I am the same all girly love that fish wrapping it would go down great in QLD all the men are big fishers over here, that paper weight is fab :)

  8. My husband adores the gifts that remind him of his kids. For Christmas one year, I gave Big Cheese Tiffany Bean cufflinks with each of the French Fries's names engraved on them.

  9. Sande, Absolutely love the tan, black combination with the labels--so sleek and sophisticated. We do have good friends that would be thrilled with the fishing wrapping though. As far as gifts for the men in my house BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. "So many books, so little time." I can see many books all sizes and shapes wrapped up elegantly in that tan and black! And maybe some turquouise for fun! Wonderful post as usual.

  10. Oh loving it!! The black set are so crisp and beautiful. Here's to to your unfailing genius eye for the beautiful!!

  11. I love the fish wrap. If you have a chance later this week Sande could you send me a picture of the wrapped gifts.

    Love Renee xoxo


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