Friday, July 3, 2009

A Bit of Monday Glam

~ Photo by Polly Wreford ~

I feel refreshed today, took some time out from this intense website project and did my favorites things. Took the hose to my house, veranda, and driveway to bring some semblance of order to all this construction mess (almost over), read the Toronto Saturday papers on my clean veranda, cycled away about 4 lbs I think and had a speed breakthrough, enjoyed a luscious grape ice-cream cone on a cycle break, and then made Sunday dinner for my Dad and in-laws and told them we were on our way to their lakeside location. I can be quite intense when I have a task at hand, but even I know when I need a break. You can also tell I am a woman of simple pleasures. To make it even more perfect is to have a little dose of blog glam (which I miss) and pass it along with a big hug to all the readers and new followers who commented in the past few weeks. You are simply the best.
My four friends and I always do the movie-and-dinner night for our birthdays. The dates are nicely spaced throughout the year and the birthday girl gets to pick the movie. Off we went to see The Proposal and it was one of those chic movies that require no effort to watch and a peek at some great clothes. Sandra Bullock wears this severe, but stylish mix of clothes quite well (and carries some great bags) and that had me going in a black fashion direction for days. I like chic movies for what they make me do.......inspire me to get back on track with a bit of fashion style and pay a bit more attention to my choices

~ Photo by Sandra Lane ~

I'm a blond so thankfully I wear black fairly well. I say thankfully because I have a great deal of it handing in my closet. There is a bit more colour hanging these days, like everyone else I've been influenced by the fashion lust for colour the past few seasons. And I love colour ( like no one else I know) but black still gives a more polished look to the styles I wear daily in my home studio. My style of clothing has changed dramatically in the past few years and limited clothing funds mean I need to be more practical so I'm heading back to black. It just seems to work for me.

This is a look I would wear all winter long. Comfy but stylish, this Yves Saint Laurent Cap Sleeve Cardigan and sleek pants would look really good with............

............the Circus Cutout Bootie by Christian Louboutin that captured my eye for fall fashion. They would go with any of the outfits I've picked today. Like I could wear these......sigh. Maybe if I keep cycling.

I am more than intrigued by any creation by jewellery designer Ranjana Khan. This draped Crystal Bib has me hunting down the black outfit (just for fun) that would highlight this work of art. There's nothing better than accessorizing black outfits.

Remember me mentioning the black Wedding dress by Vera Wang? This is it and I still don't get this idea, I don't care how many times someone is being married.......sorry Vera.

I sure do get this Vera Wang Rosette Necklace. Oh my! How fabulous!

I love a white blouse or shirt and especially this wraparound one by Donna Karan. I'm going to need another speed breakthrough to wear this great belt.

I know I am due for a hair makeover. Something a bit less maintenance as well. I had this older Carrie Bradshaw photo in my haircut file and I like the easy look, something simple to go with all this black and white I see in my future wardrobe. Mind you, if I had her hair it would never be this short.

~ Fashion Illustration by David Downton ~

Though I can't quite believe it, I am coming up to my 100th post really quick. So just in case you think I'm not as much fun these days, I'm going to add some fun with a lovely giveaway. Something beautiful to enhance your Gift Wrapped Life. Stay tuned.
1st and 3rd photo from Sarah Kaye/Clothing photos from Neiman Marcus


  1. After all the trouble I went through to add color to my wardrobe this year, you've made me want to go back to black!


    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  2. There there.... NOW.. I am feeling back to normal~ My Sande is back! Y e a! Love this glam post YOU! And I want that Vera Wang necklace! Did you get one? Beautiful post and inspiring as always! I am so glad you are feeling the load behind you:)

  3. Black is my favorite and I can prove it with one glimpse into my closet! Great post!

    And that grape ice cream cone sounds divine! yum!

    Happy to have you back!

  4. Yay!! Glam Monday! It just doesn't feel like a glam week without it! You've been missed, I can't believe the big 100 is rapidly approaching! That was quick! :) I am so glad you took a much needed break but I am eager to see your end results as well. Have a great week and enjoy the lake!

  5. Please buy those CL booties....they're amazing.

  6. Thanks for the Glam monday oh I am loving those outfits, & one day I will own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!! Hope you enjoyed your break Elaine :)

  7. Glam Monday always reminds me of what I'd love to have my life like, if that pesky reality wouldn't ooze through the corners of my fantasies.
    Grape ice cream sounds yummy & the opening pillow is such a treat.
    I can't wait for your debut!!!

  8. I would hire you to wrap for me and dress for me if I were filthy rich....oh - a girl can dream!

  9. just new to your gorgeous blog and love it, love it, love it. Especially glamour Monday!
    Your gift wrapping pictures are so inspiring and beautiful. Thankyou so much for sharing your talent with a newbie wrapper in the land down under!

  10. Sande-You can never go wrong with black. I love that Vera Wang necklace. I just checked and I have had almost 350 posts in the less than 6 months I've been blogging. I didn't know until way after the fact that you were supposed to do something special at 100. Oh well, maybe at 500! I especially enjoy your Glam Monday posts.

  11. OMG Sande...Yes to the movie, yes to the dresses, yes and yes again to the CB booties and yes three times over to the RK necklace. Guess what? I love your choices here, xv.

  12. This is my first time stopping by. Your black photos are so stylish! I need to remember to try for a bit more glam in my wardrobe. And wasn't The Proposal a cute movie? It's good to meet you.

  13. I love Vera Wang, the necklace is stunning. Have a happy weekend. H


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